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ATP World Tour Finals live!

ATP World Tour Finals live!

  • 11/15/2014 7:20:59 PM
  • FED v WAW
    If you coach, or fancy being a coach one day, Sky+ this match. Because technically, and aesthetically we are going to see the best two single-handed backhands in the world this evening. Federer's everyone knows about - the greatest stroke in the game. But Wawrinka's is not far behind, genuinely. A glorious, natural swish, powerful but graceful at the same. What is it about the Swiss and one-handed backhands, very much bucking the global trend. Anyway - kids - if you want to learn a one-handed backhand, watch this match. Watch how they take the racquet back, get in the perfect position, then drive through the ball with a flick of the wrist for a bit of top spin, then follow through with a glorious arc, staying absolutely balanced, with their head completely still. They make it look easy. It's not. 
    11/15/2014 7:26:55 PM
  • FED v WAW
    I'm just trying to think who else has a brilliant single-handed backhand. The best of the rest is probably Richard Gasquet. 
    11/15/2014 7:28:24 PM

  • 11/15/2014 7:28:36 PM
  • [price-boost]Stanislas Wawrinka faces Roger Federer for a chance to play defending champion Novak Djokovic in Sunday's ATP World Tour final. Federer is a huge favourite so Sky Bet have Price Boosted Wawrinka to win a set from 6/4 to 7/4.
    11/15/2014 7:30:00 PM

  • Thanks for coming fellas... 
    11/15/2014 7:30:13 PM

  • Yep, we are AWESOME!
    11/15/2014 7:34:41 PM
    The head-to-head stats don't give Wawrinka much of a chance. 16 times they've met, and Waw has won just twice. The last time they clashed was at Wimbledon this year, Fed winning in four. Wawrinka's two victories came in the same tournament - the Monte Carlo Masters, so on clay. They came this year, in the final, and back in 2009. The scary thing for Waw is that 10 of his 14 defeats have been in straight sets. In 16 matches, he has won just eight sets. But here's the silver lining....he has either beaten, or taken sets off Federer in their last four meetings. So he has closed the gap....
    11/15/2014 7:48:01 PM
  • FED v WAW
    What can we say about Federer? Well, let's all be honest, last year most pundits and 'experts' had written him off, in fact most wrote him off probably two years ago. The most astonishing thing, for me, is that despite winning all those Grand Slams, despite already being one of the greatest of all time, he decided that - at the age of 32 - he was going to change his racket. That takes a certain amount of courage, doesn't it? The result - ten finals in 2014, of which he won five, taking titles in Dubai, Halle, Cincinnati, Shanghai and Basel, to add to the 77 he won before 2014. Wawrinka is only four years younger but has won just seven titles in his whole career, three of them this year - Chennai, the Australian Open and Monte Carlo.
    11/15/2014 7:55:48 PM

  • 11/15/2014 7:56:50 PM
  • FED v WAW
    Here come the players - Wawrinka comes first....and an ALMIGHTY cheer, comes the great man, Roger Federer. Holding a ball boy's hand, he walks into the O2 Arena.
    11/15/2014 8:04:40 PM
  • FED v WAW
    Well, the arena is jumping I can tell you. There are loads of Swiss fans in, and normally when Fed plays Waw they cheer for Federer. And the London crowd loves Federer of course, always will. I think it's fair to say that neutrals would probably want to see a Djokovic v Federer final tomorrow night. 
    11/15/2014 8:08:40 PM

  • Enter, stage left, the King...
    DeleteEdit Image
    11/15/2014 8:12:14 PM
  • [betting]SKY BET ODDS
    Bet in-play on Federer v Wawrinka now. Roger Federer starts as 1/6 favourite with Stanislas Wawrinka a 4/1 shot to play Novak Djokovic in tomorrow's final. Find all Sky Bet's in-play odds here.
    11/15/2014 8:13:06 PM
    Federer to serve,
    11/15/2014 8:14:23 PM
    Impressive start from Federer, holding for the loss of just one point. Wawrinka looks a little nervous out there. Waw does have quite a big serve when he gets it right, and he needs it to go very right tonight...

    11/15/2014 8:16:16 PM
    Waw survives there. Fed had him in trouble at 30-30 with a superb lob volley, but a couple of big serves and an unforced error sees Stan win his opening service game to level it.
    11/15/2014 8:20:44 PM
    Wawrinka breaks! Great game, Federer's backhand against Wawrinka's forehand for most of it, and it's a clubbing forehand from Waw which wins the game to 30 - hey, did not see this coming.
    11/15/2014 8:26:09 PM
  • 11/15/2014 8:26:53 PM
  • [betting]SKY BET ODDS
    Wawrinka gets an early break and is now 4/7 to win the opening set. Federer, who remains odds-on favourite to win the match at 4/11, is 9/2 to win the set 7-6. Find all Sky Bet's in-play odds here.
    11/15/2014 8:27:16 PM
    Wawrinka holds to 30 - there is really not much between these two once the serve is back in play. That game could have gone either way but again, it's an unforced error from Federer which hands Wawrinka the final point. He looks cross with himself...
    11/15/2014 8:28:42 PM
    That's more like it from Federer - a straightforward hold to 15. His mixing up the serves nicely, power, then slice, then booming top-spin, and Wawrinka could not find a rhythm at all. A little fist pump from Fed at the end of the game too...he likes it.
    11/15/2014 8:31:11 PM
    Boom! Some absolute thunderbolt serving from Wawrinka there - 135mph. He's going for it. He is only getting 50 per cent of his first serves in, which is woeful at this level. But there's a reason - he has won 100 per cent of the points when he has got his first serve in. So, he might as well keep going for it. He holds to 15...not a lot Roger can do there. 
    11/15/2014 8:35:17 PM
    Wawrinka breaks again! There was a massive, massive point you feel, at 30-30 there. It was a long rally, Fed was bossing it, he went for an attacking forehand shot, hit hit the top of the net, the ball bounced up - the Arena held it's breath - and back down on Fed's side. 30-40. Fed drops a second serve too short, and Wawrinka powers a winner. 
    11/15/2014 8:38:54 PM
    Federer hits back! Actually, it's more a case of Wawrinka throwing the game away. Not sure he got a single first serve in there, his percentage has dropped below 40 per cent now . But there are some wild groundstrokes too - he's going for it just a little too much and he needs to calm down. 
    11/15/2014 8:43:18 PM
    Federer waltzes through that service game - big pressure on Wawrinka now. He could not put any pressure on the Fed serve there. He's serving for the set, but his first serve percentage is just 36 per cent....that cannot give him much confidence.
    11/15/2014 8:46:09 PM
    Game and first set to Wawrinka! - boy he made hard work of it, but get there he does, holding to 30. Fair play, 40-30 up there he was under big pressure. Federer threw up a huge lob, which had him backpedaling back past the service line. Most would have let it drop, but he goes for it on the smash, Federer fends it back, but it's an easy volley for Wawrinka - and he leads this semi-final, one set to love.
    11/15/2014 8:50:49 PM

  • 11/15/2014 8:51:02 PM

  • Federer - under the cosh at the O2
    11/15/2014 8:52:28 PM
  • [betting]SKY BET ODDS
    Can Federer respond to his first set defeat? He is 2/7 to win the second set and 4/5 to come back and win the match. Wawrinka is now evens to be Djokovic's opponent in tomorrow's final. Find all Sky Bet's in-play odds here.
    11/15/2014 8:54:15 PM
    Good, solid hold to 15 for Federer in the first game of the second set. He needed that. Wawrinka is going for it, but he surely can't keep it up for another set. If Fed just hangs in, he can get back in this match, no problem.
    11/15/2014 8:54:36 PM
    Very nervy hold from Wawinka, whose first serve percentage continues to plummet towards 30 per cent. Might has just well start on the second serve - it's as bad as I've ever seen at this level. And yet. He clings on, Federer helping by framing a backhand into Row Z at 30-30. I don't see how Wawrinka - who still hasn't lost a point when his first serve has gone in - can stay this lucky for much longer.
    11/15/2014 8:59:48 PM
    Good again from Federer, holding to 30, but he is not playing anywhere near the level we saw him at against Andy Murray the other night. Wawrinka is hurrying him and he's not found his mojo at all. But I still fancy him to win this second set.
    11/15/2014 9:02:10 PM
    More like it from Wawrinka - a powerful hold, and he even got two first serves in there too, almost doubling his total for the set. There's a sublime backhand pass for Federer in the game, but he is blow away in the rest of it. 
    11/15/2014 9:06:01 PM
    Best game of the match so far, some high quality stuff there and I may be wrong but Federer appears to have slightly changed his tactics. He's been quite passive so far but he definitely tried to be more aggressive there, twice serving and volleying and winning both points. He came in a third time, but Wawrinka passed him with a cheeky cross court volley. But Federer holds again - no breaks in a tight and tense second set.
    11/15/2014 9:09:30 PM

  • 11/15/2014 9:15:43 PM
    Incredible game - Wawrinka saves four break points, two with aces, but he really is living on the edge. Federer just cannot break him, and he is having no luck either. It can't go on surely - Wawrinka will be broken, I'm confident....if Fed just keeps the pressure on, something has to give.
    11/15/2014 9:19:39 PM
  • [betting]SKY BET ODDS
    Still nothing between these two in the second set and Federer is 100/30 to win the set 7-6. However, Wawrinka is now odds-on to win the match at 4/5 with Federer available at evens. Find all Sky Bet's in-play odds here.
    11/15/2014 9:20:38 PM
    A stunning, stunning game. Nip and tuck all the way - at 30-30 Wawrinka looked like he'd passed Federer with a bullet forehand down the line. Fed somehow stretches out and volleys a winner. Next point Wawrinka does pass him with brilliant backhand. At deuce, there's an incredible rally of over 20 shots, which ends with Waw - going for glory - driving an inch long. Federer's superb second serve, right on the line, wins the game. Fist-pumping galore from Federer, he wants this badly. He's won the 'vital seventh'...but can he break?
    11/15/2014 9:24:25 PM
  • *FEDERER 4-6 4-4  WAWRINKA
    Unbelievably, Wawrinka holds again, in a game he faced further break points, a few more deuces - tell you want, he's gutsy is our Stan. But Federer is not helping himself. Unforced errors are keeping Wawrinka in it. He keeps driving his backhand a foot long on big points, just trying a bit too hard, which is most uncharacteristic of the great man.
    11/15/2014 9:32:51 PM
    An easy hold for Fed, to 15. No pressure applied on his serve there, pinpoint accuracy puts Wawrinka exactly where he doesn't want to be, and Federer finishes the points with ease in that game. Very contrasting service games - Wawrinka clinging on to his, Fed waltzing through his. Pressure time for Wawrinka, serving to stay in the set.
    11/15/2014 9:35:27 PM

  • 11/15/2014 9:36:10 PM

  • 11/15/2014 9:38:02 PM
    He's done it again! He holds, under big, big pressure at 30-30, and maybe it's just going to be his day. Has any player on the tour even beaten anyone with a first serve percentage hovering around 35 per cent. Let alone Roger Federer.
    11/15/2014 9:39:58 PM
    Federer holds to love - that game took about 30 seconds I reckon. Wawrinka to serve to stay in the set - again. Surely...surely he can't survive another cliffhanging service game....
    11/15/2014 9:41:36 PM
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