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Australia v England - Fifth Test

Australia v England - Fifth Test

  • @FredBoycott : Just back from t'nets. 'Ave I missed owt' ?” Young uns doing fine , Fred
  • Over 46 - England 103/6 (Stokes 41, Bairstow 16)
    Two singles from Lyon's over. Stokes with a calm clip to leg, Bairstow in less secure fashion via a big mow. No harm done, though.
    1/4/2014 3:17:54 AM
  • @FredBoycott : @BumbleCricket How did the old uns' do? Did KP play a determined responsible innings or was he out sloggin'” Nicked off ...
  • Over 47 - England 106/6 (Stokes 43, Bairstow 17)
    Siddle picked off for three singles. Such an impressive effort again from Stokes here.
    1/4/2014 3:22:35 AM
  • [davidgower] Ben Stokes continues to enhance his reputation match by match. He's been a real positive for England on this tour

    1/4/2014 3:24:07 AM
  • Over 48 - England 111/6 (Stokes 47, Bairstow 18)
    Whack. Stokes down on one knee to absolutely hammer a sweep shot to the midwicket boundary off Lyon. Close to being a one-man show this.
    1/4/2014 3:26:34 AM
  • Bairstow c Bailey b Siddle 18

    [wicket]Painfully soft dismissal. There's a man catching at close mid-on. Bairstow chips the ball straight to him. It actually looks like he's trying to do it.
    1/4/2014 3:27:38 AM
  • Stokes b Siddle 47

    [wicket]Two in the over for Siddle as Stokes, who has batted so well, inexplicably leaves a straight one. Hits the inside of off stump. As bad a leave as Cook's. Follow-on right back in the equation now if Australia fancy a stab at wrapping this match up today.
    1/4/2014 3:33:33 AM
  • Over 49 - England 112/8 (Borthwick 1, Broad 0)
    In between those dismissals, Scott Borthwick scored his first Test run. So... every cloud.
    1/4/2014 3:34:32 AM
  • [davidlloyd] One brings two for Australia. I'm baffled at the number of batsmen who leave straight balls. The Stokes dismissal came from nowhere. Why would you want to leave that?

    1/4/2014 3:34:35 AM
  • Over 50 - England 112/8 (Borthwick 1, Broad 0)
    Borthwick plays out a maiden over from Lyon. England need 15 to avoid the follow-on. Don't think Clarke will enforce it but, given England's woes, he'll surely be sorely tempted.
    1/4/2014 3:36:33 AM
  • Over 51 - England 113/8 (Borthwick 1, Broad 1)
    Of all the many disasters befalling England in this series, one of the most alarming has been the total disintegration of Broad's batting. Currently a genuine tailender, and not just when Johnson's bowling. He may be the only batsman in the world who tries to play the yorker and the bouncer in exactly the same way: by jumping up in the air for some reason. Does manage to get a single here, flicking the ball into the legside. Borthwick plays out the over in more orthodox manner.
    1/4/2014 3:39:53 AM
  • Over 52 - England 125/8 (Borthwick 1, Broad 13)
    Lyon stays on even with Broad on strike. Like a condemned man scoffing his last meal, Broad - with an air of desperation - smacks over long-on for six, slogs over midwicket for four and slices over gully for two.
    1/4/2014 3:44:42 AM
  • Borthwick c Smith b Harris 1

    [wicket]Regulation edge from Borthwick is held by Smith at third slip. England still need two more to avoid the follow-on, and it's a while since Mitchell Johnson bowled. This is the first over of Harris' spell. I wouldn't rule it out.
    1/4/2014 3:48:07 AM
  • Siddle celebrates the wicket of Stokes, who made 47

    1/4/2014 3:48:23 AM
  • Over 53 - England 125/9 (Broad 13)
    Rankin strides out to join Broad. No obvious discomfort from that hamstring injury.
    1/4/2014 3:49:54 AM
  • Rankin drives England past the follow-on target with a boundary down the ground off Lyon! Eng 130-9 #ashes #stayup
  • Over 54 - England 130/9 (Broad 14, Rankin 4)
    Broad takes a single from the third ball of Lyon's over. England need one run to avoid the follow-on. Rankin gets four with a biff down the ground. That's that settled anyway.
    1/4/2014 3:51:58 AM
  • Over 55 - England 135/9 (Broad 19, Rankin 4)
    Broad on the slog now. Might as well. Smears a short ball from Harris over midwicket for four, and swipes to deep square-leg for a single to leave Rankin one ball to survive, which he does by ducking underneath it.
    1/4/2014 3:55:59 AM
  • Over 56 - England 143/9 (Broad 26, Rankin 5)
    Fair play to Broad here. It's not elegant, it's not subtle, but it is effective. Lyon smashed through square-leg for four before a flick through midwicket brings another three runs. Rankin keeps the strike after edging the last ball of the over wide of slip.
    1/4/2014 4:00:19 AM
  • Over 57 - England 146/9 (Broad 26, Rankin 8)
    Australia right on the back foot now.  Rankin's hitting the ball over the top. Carnage. Only gets two runs for it. But still. Adds another single as, clearly growing in confidence, he once again farms the strike.
    1/4/2014 4:03:51 AM
  • Come on England declare ... You have got enough.... #Ashes
  • Over 58 - England 155/9 (Broad 30, Rankin 13)
    Might be the end of Lyon in this innings here. Rankin slog-sweeps him for four and then takes a single. Broad smears the last ball of the over down the ground for four more.
    1/4/2014 4:07:35 AM
  • Rankin b Johnson 13

    [wicket]Johnson back into the attack. Takes him five balls to end Rankin's entertaining resistance with a full delivery that tails in and ricochets into middle stump off the pad. That will be tea, as Rankin walks off with one more run than Cook, Carberry, Bell and Pietersen managed between them.
    1/4/2014 4:11:24 AM
  • Tea
    [tea]So a first-innings lead of 171 for Australia to build at their leisure over the next four or five sessions if they wish. If Clarke really is a funky captain, he'll forfeit his second innings. They've plenty. That 155 all out actually represents a fairly significant recovery by England is a damning indictment of the top order.
    1/4/2014 4:13:15 AM
  • Nasser bemoans the latest England batting no-show

    1/4/2014 4:15:52 AM
  • [shanewarne] England's only hope is if they can bowl Australia out for 150 or less in this second innings

    1/4/2014 4:32:12 AM
  • Over 1 - Australia 4/0 (Rogers 4, Warner 0)
    James Anderson takes the new ball for the final time in the series. Rogers prods around for four balls and then smashes the fifth behind point for four. Short and wide, asking to be hit.
    1/4/2014 4:34:19 AM
  • Nasser takes an aerial view of proceedings at the SCG

    1/4/2014 4:35:12 AM
  • Over 2 - Australia 12/0 (Rogers 4, Warner 8)
    Stifled appeal for caught behind down the leg-side against Warner from Broad and Bairstow. Replays show it was just thigh pad. Warner latches onto the first short ball he sees, rolling his wrists on a pull to send it racing away behind square for four and then gets four more via an inside edged pull that evades Bairstow.
    1/4/2014 4:39:58 AM
  • Over 3 - Australia 17/0 (Rogers 5, Warner 12)
    Warner has three boundaries already, the latest of them punched down the ground between bowler Anderson and mid-on.
    1/4/2014 4:44:19 AM
  • Over 4 - Australia 23/0 (Rogers 11, Warner 12)
    Too short again from Broad and this time it is Rogers pulling for four. No swing for either of England's new-ball bowlers.
    1/4/2014 4:48:19 AM
  • Over 5 - Australia 26/0 (Rogers 11, Warner 15)
    Good running turns two into three after Warner works off his hip. Anderson has again been generally too short, just as he was in the first innings.
    1/4/2014 4:51:56 AM
  • Over 6 - Australia 27/0 (Rogers 11, Warner 16)
    Warner has to jam the bat down late to keep out a Broad delivery that didn't bounce as much as expected. Diving stop from Anderson at extra cover prevents Warner getting more than a single for a well-timed drive.
    1/4/2014 4:56:30 AM
  • Over 17 - England 63/3 (Carberry 29, Ballance 0)
    Another change of bat for Carberry. Don't know what's gone wrong this time, but it's far less dramatic than the last one. New one seems fine as a short ball from Lyon is cut over cover-point for four.
    1/5/2014 3:58:09 AM
  • [shanewarne] Carberry has played well here. He has got half a tick he just needs a big score here to get a full tick. He's had a good series but just not yet got that big score. This could be the innings...

    1/5/2014 3:59:00 AM
  • Over 18 - England 68/3 (Carberry 33, Ballance 1)
    Ballance off the mark with a tuck off his hip as Harris gets his line wrong by a good six inches. Almost unheard of. Then he repeats the error, allowing Carberry to work him away for a couple before a push past cover brings two more.
    1/5/2014 4:00:40 AM
  • Over 19 - England 70/3 (Carberry 33, Ballance 3)
    No gully for Lyon even after Ballance is beaten twice. Sure enough, an outside edge goes in the air through that gap and brings two runs. Not sure Australia really need a man at midwicket given the match situation.
    1/5/2014 4:03:32 AM
  • Over 20 - England 82/3 (Carberry 42, Ballance 3)
    Carberry on the charge here. Races into the 40s off the returning Johnson with a flowing drive wide of mid-off and a slashed cut wide of the slips. Both go for four, before a clip off the toes brings a single. Ballance picks up two leg-byes as Johnson fires one down the legside.
    1/5/2014 4:09:03 AM
  • Over 21 - England 87/3 (Carberry 42, Ballance 7)
    Carberry works Lyon down to mid-on for an easy single before Ballance strokes a pleasing cover-drive to the fence as England continue to hurtle along at better than four an over even as inevitable defeat looms large.
    1/5/2014 4:12:14 AM
  • Tea
    [tea]Cracking run-rate for England in that session. But of more importance are the three wickets to fall. All three senior batsmen have come and gone, Cook and Bell to poor shots and Pietersen to a superb catch from Bailey.
    1/5/2014 4:13:48 AM
  • Talking of cracking... Take a look at Carberry's forward defence earlier today!

    1/5/2014 4:28:08 AM
  • [wicket]Carberry c Haddin b Johnson 43

    Carberry carves an edge through to Haddin in the first over after tea. Was short and wide but bounced more than he expected.
    1/5/2014 4:32:39 AM
  • [wicket]Ballance lbw b Johnson 7

    Johnson strikes again in the same over, trapping the left-handed Ballance lbw playing back to one that kept a bit low.
    1/5/2014 4:37:04 AM
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