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Australia v England - Fourth Test

Australia v England - Fourth Test

  • Over 96 - England 243/9 (Anderson 1, Panesar 0)
    Anderson off the mark, flashing an edge down to the fielder at third man.
    Had he been up catching, the innings would be over. Had that been Cook and England in the field, the skipper would be getting vilified right now for lacking attacking intent. Just sayin'
    12/27/2013 12:07:01 AM
  • [twitter]

    12/27/2013 12:08:36 AM
  • Over 97 - England 246/9 (Anderson 4, Panesar 0)
    That Broad lbw keeps getting worse with every replay.
    How can you hope to hit a yorker when you're head is another set of stumps over to the off, and then your feet are also in the air? Anyways, Monty continues to show how to do it, getting in line and defending comfortably. Anderson gets runs in the Johnson over with two pushes past the man at short cover.
    12/27/2013 12:12:56 AM
  • Over 98 - England 250/9 (Anderson 8, Panesar 0)
    Change in pace - Lyon on.
    Anderson's eyes light up when he gets one floated up to him, allowing the left-hander to pump the spinner over the top of mid-on for a one-bounce four. That boundary brings up England's 250.
    12/27/2013 12:14:50 AM
  • Over 99 - England 252/9 (Anderson 8, Panesar 2)
    Sickening moment for Monty.
    A delivery from Siddle nips back in and targets the crown jewels. Poor Panesar takes a second or two to fully react to the blow, eventually kneeling and wincing in pain. Of course, the crowd find it quite amusing and the replay on the big screen draws gasps when viewed from those in attendance. Still, the number 11 leaves the next ball outside off stick in the style of Sobers, then gets off the mark with a flick past short leg for a couple of runs.
    12/27/2013 12:20:58 AM
  • [wicket]WICKET! Panesar b Lyon 2

    I did say Monty was making this look easy.
    Sadly, he's got so relaxed batting that he forgot to offer a shot at a delivery from Lyon that doesn't turn a jot, instead continuing on with the arm and hitting the top of middle stump. England's innings over at 255.
    12/27/2013 12:23:34 AM
  • How it all began this morning: Tim Bresnan falls for a single

    12/27/2013 12:27:06 AM
  • Shane Warne's guide to the MCG

    12/27/2013 12:27:34 AM
  • Athers reflects on a morning to forget for England:
    [mikeatherton] It’s a repetitive story isn’t it? It’s been happening all summer, Johnson getting the tail. He bowled superbly this morning. That first ball to Bresnan was fantastic, then the outrageous slog from Pietersen and then Broad, Anderson and Panesar couldn’t offer much. 255 isn’t a complete disaster but you’d say it’s 100 runs below par here at Melbourne and Michael Clarke will be happy.

    12/27/2013 12:28:51 AM
  • Over 1 - Australia 1/0 (Rogers 1, Warner 0)
    Big appeal for leg-before first ball as Anderson shapes one nicely to strike Chris Rogers on the pad. Not out is the decision, and after a chat England opt against review. Can only be for the ball pitching outside leg, which replays confirm it did. Good call from England, and encouraging signs for Anderson. Don't know how involved he was in the decision, but also an early DRS tick for new keeper Jonny Bairstow. Rogers off the mark with a straight drive that Anderson can only half-stop in his follow-through.
    12/27/2013 12:37:12 AM
  • Over 2 - Australia 1/0 (Rogers 1, Warner 0)
    Good maiden over from Broad to Rogers. Bit of shape back into the left-hander. STRAW CLUTCHING: Australia's top-order have got themselves into a bit of a tangle in this series in easier batting conditions than these.
    12/27/2013 12:42:23 AM
  • Nasser praises Johnson but questions Pietersen's approach:
    [nasserhussain] Johnson was absolutely unbelievable last night and this morning. What must be infuriating for England fans, though, is it’s the same story time after time and they’re not learning from their mistakes. I was disappointed with Pietersen a little but today because he went from block mode to slog mode and didn’t give himself a chance this morning. There is a little bit in the pitch but it’s not a 255 all out wicket.

    12/27/2013 12:43:49 AM
  • Over 3 - Australia 10/0 (Rogers 5, Warner 5)
    Anderson overpitches in the quest for swing, and with mid-off wide there's a big target for Warner to punch his drive through. He finds it effortlessly to pick up the first boundary of the innings. A clip off the pads brings a single before Rogers too gets a straight boundary, this time past a diving mid-on. Again, the fielder's set too wide for a bowling looking to pitch the new ball up and find some swing.
    12/27/2013 12:45:52 AM
  • Over 4 - Australia 14/0 (Rogers 5, Warner 9)
    Warner gets four with a glorious punch through cover off the back foot and then has an almighty swish at the next ball and makes no contact. Close to shot-a-ball stuff here from Warner, who tries to pull a quick short ball from Broad and is late on it. Gets it high on the bat and almost offers a return catch to the bowler.
    12/27/2013 12:50:46 AM
  • Over 5 - Australia 14/0 (Rogers 5, Warner 9)
    That early swing in the first over already seems to have gone for Anderson now. But he keeps Rogers honest with a maiden over where all six balls land on a sixpence. And best of all, that sixpence happens to be on an ideal line and length. A couple of thick inside edges into the legside from Rogers, but he's solid enough.
    12/27/2013 12:55:33 AM
  • Over 6 - Australia 19/0 (Rogers 9, Warner 9)
    Slightly streaky four for Rogers, nicked along the ground wide of the slips. Warner, meanwhile, still playing loosely outside off stump against Broad. Looks determined to dominate.
    12/27/2013 1:00:34 AM
  • WICKET! Warner c Bairstow b Anderson 9

    [wicket]Not a huge surprise this. Shot-a-ball stuff from Warner this morning, and he's gone now trying to pull a ball that wasn't short enough. Top edge goes straight up and gives Bairstow a simple yet nerve-jangling first catch as a Test keeper.
    12/27/2013 1:02:49 AM
  • Over 7 - Australia 23/1 (Rogers 9, Watson 4)
    Watson off the mark in glorious style, threading the ball through a small gap between midwicket and mid-on as Anderson errs a touch too full.
    12/27/2013 1:06:19 AM
  • Benedict reminisces...
    [benedictbermange] In 2006/07 England were 3-0 down in the series and changed their wicket-keeper by replacing Geraint Jones with Chris Read. However, that didn’t help as the series was lost 5-0 and Read hasn’t played Test cricket for England since then.

    12/27/2013 1:07:31 AM
  • Over 8 - Australia 27/1 (Rogers 13, Watson 4)
    Another four for Rogers to third-man, again from a controlled outside edge wide of the slip cordon and all along the ground.
    12/27/2013 1:10:57 AM
  • Over 9 - Australia 31/1 (Rogers 13, Watson 8)
    Second classy boundary for Watson as he back-cuts off the front foot and again finds a small gap, between backward-point and gully this time. England spent an awful lot of their innings hitting balls straight at fielders. Already noticeable how many Australian shots are just beating diving fielders.
    12/27/2013 1:14:51 AM
  • Over 10 - Australia 33/1 (Rogers 15, Watson 8)
    Ben Stokes into the attack and starts with two good yorkers to Rogers. Big lbw shout from the first one, but there's a healthy inside edge there. The fielders behind the stumps didn't see it, but Stokes did. Rogers pushes to cover for two before a slippery short ball has the left-hander in a bit of trouble as he fends it away into the legside.
    12/27/2013 1:19:13 AM
  • Ben Stokes discusses the series so far

    12/27/2013 1:21:08 AM
  • Over 11 - Australia 36/1 (Rogers 16, Watson 10)
    Double-change with Bresnan also into the attack. Big innings for him, this. England will expect him to get something out of this MCG wicket, as he did three years ago. Moderate first over, bit inconsistent, and three singles off it.

    12/27/2013 1:22:45 AM
  • WICKET! Watson c Bairstow b Stokes 10

    [wicket]Another big wicket for England, and success for Stokes in his second over. He's bowled a better length this morning, and this one tempts Watson into a loose drive outside off stump. He gets a thick inside edge, and Bairstow takes a routine catch.
    12/27/2013 1:26:15 AM
  • Over 12 - Australia 38/2 (Rogers 16, Clarke 2)
    Michael Clarke off the mark first ball with a clip through midwicket before ducking under a couple of bouncers. Cracking stuff from Stokes this.
    12/27/2013 1:29:34 AM
  • Lunch: Australia 38-2 (Rogers 16*, Clarke 2*). England were earlier bowled out for 255. #ashes #stayup #catchup
  • Over 13 - Australia 38/2 (Rogers 16, Clarke 2)
    Obligatory Over Of Spin Before Lunch from Monty. Starts by reminding Rogers of the time he got out to a massive full-toss at Lord's. This time the left-hander just blocks it. Five more orthodox deliveries complete a session where six wickets have fallen for 67 to move the game along nicely.
    12/27/2013 1:33:20 AM
  • During the interval we relive one of England's most famous #Ashes wins - The Boxing Day Test here at the MCG in 2010/11
  • Lunch
    [lunch]Bit of fight with the ball from England but still a poor session for England after losing their last four wickets in short order to, yes, Mitchell Johnson. Careless shots from Warner and Watson have kept the tourists in the hunt. Australia still trail by 217 runs, so one imagines the conversation over lunch for England will be whether or not to enforce the follow-on after taking these next eight wickets.
    12/27/2013 1:35:29 AM
  • Betting
    [betting]Australia went as short as 1/4 with Sky Bet after finishing off England's first innings in quick time this morning, but they've drifted slightly to 1/3 after losing those two wickets before lunch. England are 4/1, the draw out to 9/1 after the game moved forward so dramatically this morning.
    12/27/2013 1:45:30 AM
  • [twitter]

    12/27/2013 1:47:10 AM
  • Bumble reflects on a bad session for the batsmen

    12/27/2013 1:56:12 AM
  • Talking of Bumble...
    12/27/2013 2:01:43 AM
  • In case you missed it yesterday, here's the latest Idiot Abroad episode

    12/27/2013 2:01:47 AM
  • Over 14 - Australia 40/2 (Rogers 16, Clarke 4)
    Broad with the first over after the break.
    Clarke begins the afternoon with a firm push down the park for an easy two, giving Panesar the chance to stretch his legs with a chase out into the deep. He looks less effective when having a horrible, HORRIBLE waft outside off stump; looked like his feet were stuck in treacle as he reached out with his hands. Play-and-a-miss to finish the over.
    12/27/2013 2:15:29 AM
  • [twitter]

    12/27/2013 2:16:25 AM
  • Over 15 - Australia 40/2 (Rogers 16, Clarke 4)
    Stokes is rewarded for his wicket before the break with the chance to continue on after lunch, albeit from the other end.
    He starts with a maiden to Rogers, who averages just a fraction under 33 in his Test career. Poor fella always gets nailed as a stop-gap selection.
    12/27/2013 2:20:32 AM
  • Over 16 - Australia 41/2 (Rogers 16, Clarke 5)
    Rogers groping away like a desperate man on a nightclub dancefloor knowing the lights are going on in about five minutes.
    Clarke scores the only run off the over, though it's just the solitary run due to a fine diving stop by Carberry at point. At least 36 England fielders then rush to congratulate him for his efforts.
    12/27/2013 2:25:19 AM
  • Over 17 - Australia 41/2 (Rogers 16, Clarke 5)
    Back-to-back maidens from Stokes - he's helped out in this one by a good stop at mid-on to cut off a Clarke drive.
    Australia trail by 214 and this game is beautifully poised.
    12/27/2013 2:28:18 AM
  • Ouch! Concern out in the middle for Rogers after copping a fierce blow to the grill from a Broad bouncer. A cut on the side of his head...
  • Over 18 - Australia 41/2 (Rogers 16, Clarke 5)
    Rogers takes a nasty blow to the right side of his head, failing to avoid a good short ball from Broad that seems to slip through the side of the helmet and catch the batsman around the cheekbone.
    Physio comes out and patches up Rogers, who swaps helmets and then duly gets another bumper from the bowler straight away to follow. Doesn't look completely happy with the new piece of equipment but at least the last one did the job required.
    12/27/2013 2:36:15 AM
  • Over 19 - Australia 46/2 (Rogers 19, Clarke 8)
    Clarke gets the first runs off Stokes during the afternoon, placing a cover drive wide of the fielder in that position for three runs. Rogers duly clips a couple more through wide mid-wicket, then calls for another helmet. Other one always looked a little loose.
    12/27/2013 2:40:38 AM
  • Chris Rogers takes a nasty blow whilst batting

    12/27/2013 2:45:20 AM
  • Over 21 - Australia 50/2 (Rogers 22, Clarke 8)
    Change for England: Stokes off, Bresnan on.
    He immediately draws a loose shot out of Rogers, the leftie wafting outside off stump at a tempter thrown out wide. Maiden from BresiLad to start with. Intriguing stuff now that the crash, bang, wallop pairing of Warner and Watson have been dismissed.
    12/27/2013 2:49:08 AM
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