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Australia v England - Fourth Test

Australia v England - Fourth Test

  • 50! Yet another half-century for Haddin. He's challenging @MitchJohnson398 for player of the series. Aus 181-9 - 74 behind #ashes #stayup
  • Over 79 - Australia 181/9 (Haddin 50, Lyon 10)
    Haddin hits the first ball of the Anderson over down the park for a long single, taking him to his 16th Test half-century.
    It's also his fourth of this series, along with a hundred as well. With Lyon on strike Anderson digs in plenty of short stuff, yet Cook hasn't initially got a third man to protect against the uppercut. Eventually the fielder goes back. I know it's a bit of a funky idea these days, but you could just try bowling at the stumps to a number 11
    12/27/2013 11:53:40 PM
  • Change in the attack, and a late decision to make a change too. Stokes takes over from Broad.
    12/27/2013 11:54:58 PM
  • Over 80 - Australia 189/9 (Haddin 57, Lyon 11)
    Not sure the Stokes experiment quite worked.
    Eight runs come from it, seven of them to Haddin including back-to-back twos to finish. New ball now available for England and Lyon is on strike. England's first-innings lead diminishing a little faster than they would like. Anderson to continue...and he's going to have the new cherry in his hand.
    12/28/2013 12:00:05 AM
  • Haddin and Lyon continue to frustrate England, who take the new ball. Aus 189-9 #ashes
  • Over 81 - Australia 193/9 (Haddin 57, Lyon 15)
    First five balls of the over all dug in short by Anderson.
    Lyon steps back to four of them, only to make no contact attempting to play the uppercut even with a third man in place. The fifth sees him change tactic and step across his stumps, allowing him to attempt the pull. Again, no contact. The final ball is actually pitched up, and this time Lyon smokes it over the top for a one-bounce four that looks like it could have been hit with a pitching wedge. Broad now back on after that one-over stint from Stokes.
    12/28/2013 12:04:54 AM
  • What a treat to have Bill Lawry in the commentary box! #legend
  • [davidlloyd] England have lost the plot this morning

    12/28/2013 12:09:32 AM
  • Over 82 - Australia 202/9 (Haddin 63, Lyon 18)
    Bill Lawry a welcome guest in the Sky Sports commentary box: "I'm like a Yorkshireman, I know everything".
    He's bemused as the rest of us why England seem to have given up on getting Haddin out and then just pepper Lyon with bouncers. Anyone for a yorker? Do you have to be wearing coloured clothing these days to remember they can be used? Australia's last-wicket pair have now added 38 and pushed their side's total beyond 200. They now trail by 53.
    12/28/2013 12:11:02 AM
  • WICKET! Australia 204 all out! Anderson takes the final wicket of Haddin for 65, Bairstow with his fourth catch. England lead by 51 #ashes
  • [wicket]WICKET! Haddin c Bairstow b Anderson 65

    And finally, the innings is over.
    It is Haddin that is the last man out in the end, Anderson digging in a short ball that follows the right-hander as he backs away. It looks like he's going to have a pull at it, then in the end it's too close and he can only get a top edge up into the air for wicketkeeper Bairstow to pouch. Australia all out for 204, meaning England will begin their second innings 51 in front.
    12/28/2013 12:15:19 AM
  • Anderson finishes with 4-67. That first 45 minutes didn't go quite according to plan for England, but the match was always going to hinge on how they performed in their second innings. For once, Australia's bowlers are under a little bit of scoreboard pressure.
    12/28/2013 12:16:21 AM
  • Australia's last pair added 40 for the last wicket. Nasser's view:
    [nasserhussain] England overdid the short stuff, especially to Lyon. He's a number 11, try and pitch the ball up and hit the stumps! They've probably seen how Mitchell Johnson bowled to them and want to give some back. England have now got to bat well. It looks a quicker wicket today, which is good for batting and scoring, but Johnson will be steaming in and some guts need to be shown.

    12/28/2013 12:20:30 AM
  • While we await England's second innings, watch our feature on the bio-mechanics of bowling

    12/28/2013 12:23:06 AM
  • Over 1 - England 7/0 (Cook 6, Carberry 1)
    Positive start for England; Cook whips the first ball of the second innings past a diving square leg for three.
    Should've been an all-run four, especially with Carberry out there. The other opener gets off the mark with a thick edge through the covers for one when he was aiming to clip it through mid-wicket. He's also beaten trying to drive the final delivery from Harris. Still, seven runs on the board. Here comes Mitchell the Moustache from the Great Southern End.
    12/28/2013 12:28:33 AM
  • [benedictbermange] In passing fifty this morning, Brad Haddin has broken the record for most runs by a wicketkeeper in an Ashes series surpassing Alec Stewart (1993)

    12/28/2013 12:31:24 AM
  • Over 2 - England 10/0 (Cook 9, Carberry 1)
    Cook goes on the pull when Johnson bangs one in, timing it nicely for a couple out to the man at deep square leg.
    The next delivery is both a fraction quicker and shorter, forcing the England skipper to fend it off from in front of his face. A short leg in and that would've been a great chance. Carberry ducks under a bouncer to finish the second over. England's lead now stands at 61.
    12/28/2013 12:32:49 AM
  • Over 3 - England 16/0 (Cook 15, Carberry 1)
    Swift start for England and their skipper here. Harris overpitches looking for swing, and Cook pops a drive through cover for a couple and then picks up four with a sweet piece of timing straight back down the ground.
    12/28/2013 12:37:50 AM
  • Michael Carberry looks to go on the drive in the third morning

    12/28/2013 12:39:47 AM
  • [twitter]

    12/28/2013 12:41:33 AM
  • Over 4 - England 20/0 (Cook 15, Carberry 1)
    Four more for England as Johnson fires one way down the legside. No chance for Haddin as four harsh byes go against his name.
    12/28/2013 12:41:52 AM
  • Over 5 - England 21/0 (Cook 16, Carberry 1)
    Lyon into the attack in just the fifth over. Could be some trademark Funky Captaincy from Clarke. More likely the fact Harris has gone off for some strapping on his ankle is behind it. Anyway, just a single nurdled on the legside by Cook from the over.
    12/28/2013 12:44:59 AM
  • Another milestone for Alastair Cook, who becomes the sixth Englishman to reach 8,000 Test runs. Eng 24-0 #ashes #stayup
  • Over 6 - England 24/0 (Cook 19, Carberry 1)
    Siddle into the attack now. He beats Cook's defensive shot before Cook flips him through square-leg for three runs to join KP in the 8000 club. There are now six English members of the gang. Five of them - Gooch, Gower, Boycott, KP and Cook - are on the ground. Stewart absent. At 29 years and four days, Cook is the youngest man to reach the landmark, beating Tendulkar by 21 days.
    12/28/2013 12:50:59 AM
  • Over 7 - England 32/0 (Cook 27, Carberry 1)
    Cook goes on to 8009 Test runs with a pair of superb boundaries off Lyon. The first is deliciously late cut to the third-man fence, the second a drive threaded between extra-cover and mid-off.
    12/28/2013 12:53:36 AM
  • Beefy reflects as Cook and Pietersen pass 8,000 runs this series:
    [ianbotham] For England to have two men with currently over 8,000 Test runs that's exactly the experience that you want in your line-up. Who knows how many Cook will end up with. You would expect him to go on, and on, and on...

    12/28/2013 12:53:55 AM
  • Over 8 - England 32/0 (Cook 27, Carberry 1)
    Good over from Siddle, landing a couple of blows on Carberry and going past the outside edge. Hits the batsman on forearm and thigh with good back-of-a-length deliveries.
    12/28/2013 12:57:20 AM
  • Over 9 - England 34/0 (Cook 29, Carberry 1)
    Harris patched up, back on the field, and back into the attack. Goes past Cook's outside edge before the England captain works him past a diving midwicket for an easy two.
    12/28/2013 1:01:22 AM
  • Over 10 - England 38/0 (Cook 29, Carberry 1)
    Four more to England, but Carberry still stuck on just a single run from his 31 balls faced as the ball runs away to the fine-leg fence via thigh rather than bat.
    12/28/2013 1:05:18 AM
  • Over 11 - England 44/0 (Cook 35, Carberry 1)
    He may be the youngest man to 8000 Test runs, but in terms of innings played Cook's 181 puts him 18th out of the 26 to get there. Kumar Sangakkara (152) heads that particular list from Tendulkar (154) and Sobers (157). Cook on 8013 now as he squirts a thick outside edge along the ground for two. England now lead by 91, as they did at the start of the day. And make that 95 as Cook edges wide of the slips to the third-man fence. He's rattled along to 35 at a run a ball. Carberry offering something of a contrast.
    12/28/2013 1:09:14 AM
  • Over 12 - England 44/0 (Cook 35, Carberry 1)
    Carberry blocks out another maiden over. He's set solid. Going nowhere, literally and figuratively.
    12/28/2013 1:13:56 AM
  • Alastair Cook watches on as Mitchell Johnson bowls at 'The G'

    12/28/2013 1:18:10 AM
  • Over 13 - England 49/0 (Cook 36, Carberry 5)
    Here's the answer to one question for this innings: Will Shane Watson bowl. Yes. He's doing so now. He's looking even more reluctant than usual, which is very reluctant indeed. He can barely run up to the wicket, and the ball once released his having a job getting to the other end. Cook punches him away for a single. Before a 73mph lollipop of a long-hop proves too temptingly easy to put away even for a man on one not out off 37 balls. Carberry races to five as the ball beats two fielders to the fence at cover. England, in the obligatory phrase, are now effectively 100/0.
    12/28/2013 1:19:10 AM
  • Over 14 - England 53/0 (Cook 40, Carberry 5)
    Four more to Cook as he chops Siddle down to the third-man fence off the toe of the bat. Fifty partnership is up. Cook just marginally the dominant partner.
    12/28/2013 1:21:39 AM
  • Over 15 - England 53/0 (Cook 40, Carberry 5)
    Watson adding "Ginger" to the standard "Reluctant" descriptor of his bowling. Somehow, though, he manages to induce a genuine edge from Carberry. Less surprising: the ball fails to carry to Clarke at second slip. Less surprising still: it's a maiden over.
    12/28/2013 1:27:15 AM
  • Over 16 - England 54/0 (Cook 41, Carberry 5)
    Johnson back for an over before lunch. Cook pulls him to deep square-leg for a single and Carberry sees out the rest despite Johnson switching his angle between over and round the wicket.
    12/28/2013 1:30:55 AM
  • Lunch
    [lunch]Good session in the end for England. They were sloppy with the ball this morning, allowing Australia to add 40 for the 10th wicket. But that has been wiped out plus 14 more as the England lead climbs to 105 with all second-innings wickets in hand.
    12/28/2013 1:32:11 AM
  • Coming up at the break, our latest Modern Classics feature. Today's star: @glennmcgrath11
  • Betting
    [betting]England now 4/7 with Sky Bet to win this Test and cut their series deficit to 3-1. Australia are out to 3/1, with the draw coming back in to 5/1 on a pitch that looks pretty good for batting now. PRICE BOOSTS: A wicket in the first over after lunch is 16/1, with 12/1 on offer for Cook to score 100 and Carberry 50.
    12/28/2013 1:39:37 AM
  • Michael reviews a mixed morning session for England

    12/28/2013 1:43:13 AM
  • [twitter]

    12/28/2013 1:50:06 AM
  • Some uncomfortable viewing for Nasser and Atherton during that lunch break... #ashes #stayup #catchup
  • Australia prepare to head out to the field for the afternoon session...

    12/28/2013 2:08:18 AM
  • Over 17 - England 54/0 (Cook 41, Carberry 5)
    Watson continues after lunch - didn't look particularly comfortable bowling before the break but has obviously been cajoled to have another go.
    He starts with a maiden to Cook.
    12/28/2013 2:14:54 AM
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