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Champions Cup - Live!

All the action from around the grounds as Round Three of the European Rugby Champions Cup continues.

  • Sale 15-19 Saracens
    Of course Sale go for the corner! And this time they do get the driving maul going! However kelly brown is penalised and Sale win another penalty - they go for the corner again. Ref warns Brown; next time someone is going to the bin. 
    12/6/2014 2:46:13 PM
  • Sale 15-19 Saracens
    Massive defence from Saracens keeps Sale out. The hosts pick and drive as they look to get over through the forwards. 
    12/6/2014 2:47:15 PM
  • Sale 15-19 Saracens
    Still Saracens hold firm as the Sale forwards batter at them - superb breakdown work from George Kruis who wins a penalty for Sarries. Farrell takes the game to the half-way line but that is is; Sarries win. 
    12/6/2014 2:48:58 PM
  • Sale came really close to winning this game thanks Andrei Ostrikov

    12/6/2014 2:49:22 PM
  • Next up for us is Ospreys v Racing Metro from the Liberty Stadium! 
    12/6/2014 2:52:10 PM
  • Kruis relieved with Saracens win

    12/6/2014 3:04:40 PM
  • Ospreys: 15 Dan Evans; 14 Tom Grabham, 13 Ashley Beck, 12 Josh Matavesi, 11 Eli Walker; 10 Dan Biggar, 9 Rhys Webb; 1 Marc Thomas, 2 Scott Baldwin, 3 Dmitri Arhip; 4 Lloyd Peers, 5 Alun Wyn Jones (capt); 6 James King, 7 Justin Tipuric, 8 Tyler Ardron

    Replacements: 16 Sam Parry, 17 Gareth Thomas, 18 Daniel Suter, 19 Rynier Bernardo, 20 Sam Lewis, 21 Martin Roberts, 22 Sam Davies, 23 Hanno Dirksen

    Racing Metro Paris: 15 Benjamin Lapeyre; 14 Adrien Plante, 13 Casey Laulala, 12 Alexandre Dumoulin, 11 Marc Andreu; 10 Johannes Goosen, 9 Mike Phillips; 1 Eddy Ben Arous, 2 Dimitri Szarzewski (capt), 3 Luc Ducalcon; 4 Juandre Kruger, 5 Francois van der Merwe; 6 Wenceslas Lauret, 7 Bernard le Roux, 8 Antonie Claassen

    Replacements: 16 Virgile Lacombe, 17 Julien Brugnaut, 18 Walter Desmaison, 19 Luke Charteris, 20 Camille Gerondeau, 21 Maxime Machenaud, 22 Yoan Audrin, 23 Benjamin Dambielle

    12/6/2014 3:12:55 PM
  • Ospreys 0-0 Racing Metro [ kick-off] 
    Racing gets us started as Johan Goosen kicks off. 
    12/6/2014 3:16:47 PM
  • Ospreys 0-0 Racing Metro
    Mike Phillips has a point to prove here against Rhys Webb who started ahead of him for Wales - Phillips spots some space and dinks the ball along the ground for Marc Andreu to chase. Plenty of space for Andreu but the ball beats him inot touch. 

    12/6/2014 3:19:21 PM
  • Ospreys 0-0 Racing Metro

    Racing's pack are carrying well and are looking very dangerous. Ospreys are let of the hook after flanker Bernard Le Roux drops the ball 5 metres out. 

    12/6/2014 3:20:53 PM
  • Ospreys 0-3 Racing Metro
    Racing Metro get another powerful driving maul going and rumble into the Ospreys 22 and win a penalty. Johan Goosen puts the first points on the board. 
    12/6/2014 3:23:09 PM
  • Ospreys 0-3 Racing Metro [penalty-rugby]
    Eli Walker comes in at pace to hit the line but Racing Metro defence is well up for it - a good tackle from hooker Dimitri Szarzewski.
    12/6/2014 3:26:04 PM
  • Ospreys 0-3 Racing Metro
    Walker knocks on trying to gather a high ball from Goosen just outside the Ospreys 22. Racing Metro pounce through prop Luc Ducalcon, but racing then knock it on themselves and the ref blows for a scrum to Racing. 
    12/6/2014 3:28:56 PM
  • Ospreys 0-6 Racing Metro [penalty-rugby]
    The visitors win a penalty at the scrum - Dmitri Arhip is pinged for not binding properly. Goosen makes it two out of two. 

    12/6/2014 3:31:42 PM
  • Ospreys 3-6 Racing Metro [penalty-rugby]
    Ospreys on the attack and they win a penalty after racing Metro come offside. Dan Biggar gets Ospreys onto the scoreboard. 
    12/6/2014 3:33:58 PM
  • Ospreys 3-6 Racing Metro
    Goosen is playing very well today - his tactical kicking is spot on and  another great kicks puts Opsreys on the backfoot. 

    12/6/2014 3:35:43 PM
  • Ospreys 3-13 Racing Metro [try]
    TRY! That is a very well worked try from racing Metro. They use their big forwards up the middle to draw in the defence and lock Francois van der Merwe out on the win uses his power to get over. A quick  discussion with his touch judge and the ref awards the try. Goosen converts.
    12/6/2014 3:38:30 PM
  • Ospreys 3-13 Racing Metro
    Racing are all over their hosts at the moment. They have an attacking line out well in the Ospreys 22 but they knock on and Ospreys can relieve the pressure. 
    12/6/2014 3:39:52 PM
  • Ospreys 3-13 Racing Metro
    A rare attack from the Ospreys as centres Ashley Beck and  Josh Matavesi combine well. But racing are dominant at the breakdown and turn the ball over. 
    12/6/2014 3:41:54 PM
  • Ospreys 3-13 Racing Metro [yellow-card]
    More woes for the Ospreys as flanker James King is sent to the sin-bin. King was deemed to be illegally trying to bring down the driving maul. 
    12/6/2014 3:43:32 PM
  • Ospreys 3-16 Racing Metro [penalty-rugby]
    Goosen extends the lead for Racing. 
    12/6/2014 3:44:27 PM
  • Ospreys 6-16 Racing Metro [penalty-rugby]
    Ospreys get a rare chance in racing's half and when Szarzewski is penalised, Biggar points to the posts and claws three points back for the Ospreys.
    12/6/2014 3:47:50 PM
  • Francois van der Merwe scores for Racing Metro

    12/6/2014 3:48:26 PM
  • Ospreys 6-16 Racing Metro 
    Racing Metro skipper Dimitri Szarzewski is not having the best few moments as he knocks on and gives the ospreys a scrum to attack 
    12/6/2014 3:50:08 PM
  • Ospreys 6-16 Racing Metro
    Racing attack as Wenceslas Lauret claims Biggar's kick and breaks up the middle. The ball comes back and fullback Benjamin Lapeyre races into the line - he has a two man overlap but opts to kick it through and it goes over the deadball line.
    12/6/2014 3:52:31 PM
  • Ospreys 6-16 Racing Metro [missed-chance]
    Ospreys back up to 15 men as King comes back on. But Racing are back on the attack as Andreu races up the touchline, he somehow gets through a couple of tackles as he cuts back inside and offloads the ball straight into Alexandre Dumoulin's arms - but the big centre knocks it on with the try line begging! 
    12/6/2014 3:58:19 PM
  • Ospreys 6-16 Racing Metro
    Really good work from the Ospreys pack who win a penalty at the scrum. They take it quickly and attack through Beck who then grubbers it through for Tom Grabham to chase. Racing do well to get back and they then win a penalty as Webb comes offside. 
    12/6/2014 4:01:13 PM
  • Half-time: Ospreys 6-16 Racing Metro
    Racing go into the break with a good lead - it could have been a bigger margin but the ospreys will also be disappointed not to have made more of their rare chances. 
    12/6/2014 4:02:46 PM
  •  Ospreys 6-16 Racing Metro
    We are back for the second-half. Biggar kicks us off. 
    12/6/2014 4:14:31 PM
  •  Ospreys 6-16 Racing Metro
    Early chance for Ospreys as Alun Wynn Jones charges down Goosen's clearance. racing look to have it covered though but then a forward pass gives the Ospreys a scrum in racing's 22. 
    12/6/2014 4:15:58 PM
  •  Ospreys 6-16 Racing Metro
    From the scrum Opsreys get a penalty almost in front of the posts. Should be no problem for Dan Biggar...but he's missed it! 
    12/6/2014 4:17:37 PM
  •  Ospreys 6-16 Racing Metro[missed-chance]
    Webb shows and goes from the back of a ruck and he is away - he grubbers the ball fro Eli Walker to chase but the racing defence get there first and take the ball into touch! 

    12/6/2014 4:19:33 PM
  •  Ospreys 6-16 Racing Metro
    Opsreys have a penalty after racing pull the driving maul straight to ground. The hostsm opt for a scrum about 5 metres out. 
    12/6/2014 4:20:51 PM
  •  Ospreys 9-16 Racing Metro [penalty-rugby]
    A scrappy scrum but the Opsreys get the ball out, they look to attack through Biggar. Another penalty to the Ospreys and Biggar takes his time with this one and nails it. 
    12/6/2014 4:22:51 PM
  •  Ospreys 9-16 Racing Metro
    That score has really got the Ospreys' tail up. They have the momentum and look to attack and off-load. Some lovely passing out wide to Eli Walker who is just nabbed by Casey Laulala.
    12/6/2014 4:24:51 PM
  •  Ospreys 9-16 Racing Metro
    Racing Metro putting in some huge defence here - Ronan O'Gara spoke about dealing with the osprey's purple patches and they are certainly having a patch here. 
    12/6/2014 4:26:20 PM
  •  Ospreys 12-16 Racing Metro [penalty-rugby]
    That purple patch results in another chance for Biggar as Racing are penalised at the breakdown. A good strike from the Opsreys No.10. 
    12/6/2014 4:28:43 PM
  •  Ospreys 12-16 Racing Metro
    Racing have got some territory of their own now as Mike Phillips looks to get his forwards on the front foot. Goosen goes for a drop goal but it is wide. 
    12/6/2014 4:32:44 PM
  • We have lost a bit of control and Ospreys look like the dominate team, hopefully we can get more control of the ball and some field position because the result looks like only going one way at the moment. 
    Racing Metro coach Ronan O'Gara
    12/6/2014 4:39:09 PM
  •  Ospreys 12-16 Racing Metro
    O'Gara has obviously got his message onto the pitch as Racing get then nudge on in the scrum and they get solid ball that allows them to attack the wider channels through Lapeyre.
    12/6/2014 4:43:36 PM
  •  Ospreys 12-16 Racing Metro
    The pressure tells as Ospreys concede a penalty - it's a pretty straightforward kick but Goosen fluffs it. Justin Tipuric has to clear it from behind his lines.
    12/6/2014 4:45:03 PM
  • Ospreys 12-16 Racing Metro
    Racing have a great attacking line out but the make a real meal of it and Ospreys get the ball and clear their lines. 
    12/6/2014 4:46:16 PM
  • Ospreys 12-16 Racing Metro
    Racing once again on the attack through their forwards - they look unstoppable but King smashes into Dimitri Szarzewski and stops the move dead. 
    12/6/2014 4:47:36 PM
  • Ospreys 12-16 Racing Metro
    To make matters worse - for racing anyway - they concede a free-kick at the scrum. Ospreys look to make the most of this and attack down the centre. 
    12/6/2014 4:49:46 PM
  • Ospreys 12-16 Racing Metro
    Great work from the Ospreys who are looking for space and width. Beck runs a beautiful angle off a ruck but the pass to him from Webb is forward. 
    12/6/2014 4:50:23 PM
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