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Champions Cup - Live!

All the action from around the grounds as Round Three of the European Rugby Champions Cup continues.

  • Ospreys 12-19 Racing Metro [drop-goal-league]
    Racing are back in the Ospreys half and HGoosen decides a drop goal is the best option..and he nails it. 

    12/6/2014 4:54:51 PM
  • Ospreys 19-19 Racing Metro [try]
    TRY! This game is not over as Tipuric takes a quick lineout throw, some good hands from Biggar and Webb sees the ball back to Tipuric who pops it back to Webb out of the tackle. Webb finds Josh Matavesi who is over! Biggar makes it all square. 
    12/6/2014 4:57:44 PM
  • Ospreys 19-19 Racing Metro
    Racing have a chance to go ahead as Ospreys are penalised at the scrum. Goosen lines it u p-well within his range but has he got the accuracy? NO! 
    12/6/2014 5:02:21 PM
  •  Ospreys 19-19 Racing Metro
    Goosen looks to make amends with a massive drop-goal attempt from inside his own half - but it has not got the legs. 
    12/6/2014 5:04:08 PM
  •  Ospreys 19-19 Racing Metro
    Racing throw everything into one more attack but are penalised at the breakdown for holding on. And that's it. A great draw for the Ospreys!
    12/6/2014 5:08:00 PM
  • Next up we have Munster v Clermont Auvergne. It should be a cracking game! 
    12/6/2014 5:08:27 PM
  • Clermont arrive at Thomond Park

    12/6/2014 5:09:12 PM
  • Josh Matavesi scores for Ospreys

    12/6/2014 5:14:31 PM
  • Something to get you in the mood for Munster v Clermont!

    12/6/2014 5:18:59 PM
  • Munster: 15 Felix Jones; 14 Gerhard van den Heever, 13 Pat Howard, 12 Denis Hurley, 11 Simon Zebo; 10 Ian Keatley, 9 Conor Murray; 1 Dave Kilcoyne, 2 Duncan Casey, 3 BJ Botha; 4 Dave Foley, 5 Paul O’Connell; 6 Peter O’Mahony (capt), 7 Tommy O’Donnell, 8 CJ Stander

    Replacements: 16 Kevin O’Byrne, 17 James Cronin, 18 Stephen Archer, 19 Billy Holland, 20 Sean Dougall, 21 Duncan Williams, 22 JJ Hanrahan, 23 Johne Murphy

    Clermont Auvergne: 15 Nick Abendanon; 14 Noa Nakaitaci, 13 Aurelien Rougerie, 12 Wesley Fofana, 11 Napoloni Nalaga; 10 Camille Lopez, 9 Ludovic Radosavljevic; 1 Thomas Domingo, 2 Benjamin Kayser, 3 Clement Ric; 4 Jamie Cudmore, 5 Sebastien Vahaamahina; 6 Damien Chouly (capt), 7 Julien Bonnaire, 8 Fritz Lee

    Replacements: 16 John Ulugia, 17 Vincent Debaty, 18 Davit Zirakashvili, 19 Julien Pierre, 20 Alexandre Lapandry, 21 Thierry Lacrampe, 22 Brock James, 23 Jonathan Davies

    12/6/2014 5:28:52 PM
  • Munster
    0-0 Clermont

    Clermont get off to a great start! Camille Lopz kicks us off and somehow Clermont get the ball back. Felix Jones puts Munster under pressure as he runs the ball out about 5metres out giving Clermont an attacking lineout.

    12/6/2014 5:32:40 PM
  • Munster 0-5 Clermont
    A great take at the line out and Clermont drive for the line with Fritz Lee getting the try! What a start from the visitors who have to silence the Munster faithful as soon as they can! Lopez cannot add the extras though! 
    12/6/2014 5:34:31 PM
  • Munster 0-5 Clermont
    First scrum of the game and Clermont get a penalty as munster go down. 

    12/6/2014 5:36:00 PM
  • Munster 0-5 Clermont 
    It's about 50 metres out - Lopez checks the wind with a bit of turf thrown into the air and decides to go for it! He knows he has not got it though and lets out a little shout of frustration. 
    12/6/2014 5:37:26 PM
  • Munster 0-5 Clermont
    Munster going for the high ball game for their runners to chase, working nicely at the moment for the home team. Wesley Fofana and Nick Abendanon then do some brilliant work for Clermont on the counter attack and race well into Munster's half. A little bit of argy-bargy going on and referee Wayne Barnes has to sort it out. 
    12/6/2014 5:41:44 PM
  • Munster 0-5 Clermont
    Some nice work from Munster as Tommy O'Donnell breaks clear but a great tackle from Rougerie  cuts him down. Munster recycle the ball and kick into space but Nakaitaci does well to cover it.
    12/6/2014 5:47:52 PM
  • Munster 3-5 Clermont [penalty-rugby]
    Despite Clermont's great start, Munster win a penalty as Clermont attack the maul from the side. Ian Keatley slots it to narrow the gap to just two points. 
    12/6/2014 5:49:53 PM
  • Lee scores to give Clermont an early lead

    12/6/2014 5:50:13 PM
  • Munster 3-5 Clermont
    Clermont should have got their second try there! Murray's kick is charged down in his 22 and Clermont claim it - flanker Julien Bonnaire ignores Abendanon hitting the line at pace and opts to cross-field kick for Nalaga, who can't hold onto it and knocks on. Scrum for Munster
    12/6/2014 5:53:10 PM
  • Munster 3-5 Clermont
    Munster win a free kick and Keatley hoofs down to the halfway line. 
    12/6/2014 5:54:14 PM
  • Munster 3-5 Clermont
    Clermon's throw in is certainly not straight but it's play on - that's a great double hit on Rougerie from Pat Howard and Denis Hurley.

    12/6/2014 5:56:05 PM
  • Munster 3-10 Clermont [try]
    TRY! Munster give away a free-kick for closing the gap at the  line out and they tap and go. Rougerie does well to get over the gain line. Fritz Lee does well before offloading to Fofana - that's a great hand-off on   Peter O'Mahony and Fofana is over. Great try! Lopez cannot make the conversion - that's three he has missed now. 
    12/6/2014 5:58:44 PM
  • Munster 3-10 Clermont
    Clermont are penalised for going straight to ground at the scrum. barnes has a word with both captains about a few niggly bits of play. 
    12/6/2014 6:01:13 PM
  • Munster 6-10 Clermont [penalty-try]
    Not the best of kicks from Keatley but it bounces of the post and over. The Munster fans will take credit for that one! 
    12/6/2014 6:02:47 PM
  • Munster 6-13 Clermont
    It is Clermont's turn to win a penalty at the scrum, just outside the Munster 22. Lopez lines it up...and finally gets one over! 
    12/6/2014 6:05:25 PM
  • Munster 6-16 Clermont[drop-goal-league]
    Wow! Lopez is certainly making amends for his missed kicks - that is a wonderful drop goal from just inside the Munster half. 
    12/6/2014 6:09:02 PM
  • Munster 6-16 Clermont
    Munster finally get hold of the ball as they win a penalty and they go for the corner. Time for the Munster forwards to flex their muscle...they get the drive on but knock it on as the get the drive on! 
    12/6/2014 6:10:46 PM
  • Wesley Fofana goes over for Clermont's second try!

    12/6/2014 6:11:09 PM
  • Munster 6-16 Clermont
    Paul O'Connell looks to get some go forward for Munster, but he is cut down by his old sparring partner Jamie Cudmore. Clermont want this! 
    12/6/2014 6:15:09 PM
  • Half-time: Munster 6-16 Clermont
    Whistle goes for the break. Clermont will be delighted by their performance in the first 40 minutes  but this is Munster. At Thomond Park. Stand-bye for a massive second half! 
    12/6/2014 6:29:45 PM
  • Munster 6-16 Clermont
    We are back for the second half. Keatley kicks us off and Cudmore gathers for Clermont. 
    12/6/2014 6:31:01 PM
  • Munster 6-16 Clermont
    Not the best territorial kicking from Munster  - Keatley's kick goes over the dead ball line and Clermont have a scrum all the way back in Munster's half. 
    12/6/2014 6:34:25 PM
  • Munster 6-16 Clermont
    It's a good scrum from Clermont whop attack through Rougerie and Fofana. Scrum-half Ludovic Radosavljevic chips it over into Munster's 22 but Zebo takes the mark.
    12/6/2014 6:36:32 PM
  • Munster 6-16 Clermont
    Another poor kick from Munster sees them concede territory and give Clermont an attacking scrum. Fritz Lee knocks it on at the back of the scrum though...
    12/6/2014 6:37:56 PM
  • Munster 6-16 Clermont
    A bit of concern as Munster skipper Peter O'Mahony has some treatment.  
    12/6/2014 6:40:26 PM
  • Munster 6-16 Clermont
    He's up and ready to play on though as Munster  throw in at the line out. Keatley goes high for Zebo to chase but Abendanon does well to to claim it and Clermont attack through Noa Nakaitaci and Fofana. Munster's cover defence does well to get across and take Rougerie into touch. 
    12/6/2014 6:43:32 PM
  • Munster 6-16 Clermont
    BJ Botha will be happy with that scrum as he gets the better of Thomas Domingo and wins a penalty for Munster. A good lineout gives Munster an attacking platform but Clermonts defence holds firm.
    12/6/2014 6:45:43 PM
  • Munster 6-16 Clermont
    Another penalty for Munster and Keatley finds the corner - a great attacking position here which ignites the crowd. 
    12/6/2014 6:46:45 PM
  • Munster 6-16 Clermont
    That's a wasted opportunity as Munster knock-on again trying to get the driving maul going. 
    12/6/2014 6:47:36 PM
  • Munster 6-16 Clermont
    Munster looking to really attack the Clermont scrum but the visitors do well to hold them out and then win a penalty to clear their lines. 
    12/6/2014 6:51:19 PM
  • Munster 6-16 Clermont
    Munster on the attack again as they barge into Clermont's 22 through their forwards - some great carries here. 
    12/6/2014 6:53:05 PM
  • Munster 9-16 Clermont [penalty-rugby]
    Clermont go off their feet and Keatley slots it over to narrow the scores. is this the start of the Munster comeback? 
    12/6/2014 6:54:05 PM
  • Munster 9-16 Clermont [ouch]
    A great kick from Murray for Felix Jones to chase. Abendanon is under it and gets ball and Jones at the same time. Munster steam over him - Abendanon looks hurt. 
    12/6/2014 6:56:54 PM
  • Munster 9-16 Clermont
    Abendanon is off for a head assessment. Jonathan Davies is on and Rougerie moves to fullback. 
    12/6/2014 6:58:49 PM
  • Munster 9-16 Clermont
    Lopez puts a ball up high after a Clermont scrum - Jones is under it and Rougerie gives him a bit of his own medicine with a crunching tackle. 
    12/6/2014 7:00:43 PM
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