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Champions Cup - Live!

All the action from around the grounds as Round Three of the European Rugby Champions Cup continues.

  • Munster 9-16 Clermont
    Munster under pressure as Murray kicks it straight out just outside his 22. Clermont cannot claim the lineout though 
    12/6/2014 7:03:11 PM
  • Munster 9-16 Clermont
    Hmm, Lopez looks like he is back in the pocket for a drop goal attempt but then kicks it high for Nalaga to chase. well taken by Johne Murphy who takes the mark.
    12/6/2014 7:04:43 PM
  • Munster 9-16 Clermont
    A lovely run from Zebo who fields Rougerie's kick in his 22 and dinks and darts well into Clermont's half.  Fritz Lee does well to to smash back Munster in the tackle. Murray gets the ball and kicks for the corner but it's too long. 

    12/6/2014 7:08:28 PM
  • Munster 9-16 Clermont
    Good to see Nick Abendanon back on the pitch.
    12/6/2014 7:09:16 PM
  • Munster 9-16 Clermont
    Clermont concede a scrum penalty just inside Munster's half  - Keatley finds touch just outside Clermonts 22. 
    12/6/2014 7:10:49 PM
  • Munster 9-16 Clermont
    Denis Hurley gets Munster into the 22 with a crash ball down the centre. But Clermont turn it over and Fofana runs it into contact before Rougerie tries to clear - it's well fielded by Keatley who kicks back into Clermont's territory before Lopez hoofs it out. Munster can attack from here. 
    12/6/2014 7:12:56 PM
  • Munster 9-16 Clermont
    Munster attacking hard here but Clermont standing firm. Jonathon Davies gets hold of Zebo and drives him back, but Tommy O'Donnell does well down the flank to get Munster back on the front foot. 
    12/6/2014 7:14:55 PM
  • Munster 9-16 Clermont
    Munster get a penalty for a high tackle as one of their passes goes forward. Ian Keatley goes for the corner - Munster are about 10 metres out. 
    12/6/2014 7:16:05 PM
  • Munster 9-16 Clermont
    Munster attacking the line through O'Connell and O'Mahony. Slowly inching their way closer to the Clermont line. Zebo has a go but then it's back to the big men to drive it up. 
    12/6/2014 7:17:30 PM
  • Munster 9-16 Clermont
    Still Clermont hold firm with some disciplined defence. Murray looks for Zebo on the inside with a clever pass but Lee is there to stop him. 
    12/6/2014 7:19:06 PM
  • Munster 9-16 Clermont
    Another penalty for Munster as Clermont go off their feet. Keatley goes for the corner again. Last throw of the dice for the home side. 
    12/6/2014 7:19:46 PM
  • Munster 9-16 Clermont
    Damien Chouly leaps high and steals the ball from Paul O'Connell! It's all over, Clermont have recorded a historical win here! 
    12/6/2014 7:20:43 PM
  • Welcome to Sunday's coverage of the European Champions Cup! First up we have Castres v Wasps. Wasps will be looking for maximum points today at Stade Pierre Antoine, as Castres have made it clear that their sole focus is staying up in the Top 14. The action starts at 1pm on Sky Sports 2HD
    12/7/2014 12:49:11 PM
  • Castres: 15 Julien Dumora, 14 Sitiveni Sivivatu, 13 Thomas Combezou, 12
    Remi Lamerat, 11 Remi Grosso, 10 Daniel Kirkpatrick, 9 Rory Kockott, 8 Johnnie
    Beattie, 7 Yannick Caballero (c), 6 Ibrahim Diarra, 5 Benjamin Desroche, 4
    Piula Faasalele, 3 Yohan Montes, 2 Mathieu Bonello, 1 Saimone Taumoepeau

    Replacements:16 Marc-Antoine Rallier, 17 Florian Houerie, 18 Ramiro
    Herrera, 19 Victor Moreaux, 20 Mathieu Babillot, 21 Romain Martial, 22 Max
    Evans, 23 Cedric Garcia

    Wasps: 15 Rob Miller, 14 Sailosi Tagicakibau, 13 Ben Jacobs, 12 Alapati
    Leiua, 11 Tom Varndell, 10 Andy Goode, 9 Charlie Davies, 8 Nathan Hughes, 7
    James Haskell (c), 6 Ashley Johnson, 5 Kearnan Myall, 4 Bradley Davies, 3
    Lorenzo Cittadini, 2 Edd Shervington, 1 Matt Mullan

    Replacements: 16 Tom
    Lindsay, 17 Simon McIntyre, 18 Jake Cooper-Woolley, 19 James Gaskell, 20 Guy
    Thompson, 21 Tom Bliss, 22 Alex Lozowski, 23 Andrea Masi

    12/7/2014 12:57:36 PM
  • Castres 0-0 Wasps [kick-off]
    Andy Goode gets us underway at Stade Pierre Antoine.
    12/7/2014 1:02:13 PM
  • Castres 0-0 Wasps
    Early penalty for Wasps as Castres come in from the side - an easy three points on offer here but Goode goes for the corner. 
    12/7/2014 1:04:11 PM
  • Castres 0-0 Wasps
    Ball tapped back from the line out, Goode looks to spin wide for Sailosi Tagicakibau but final pass is not great.
    12/7/2014 1:05:50 PM
  • Castres 0-0 Wasps
    That is a great run from Castres centre Remi Lamerat who bounces Goode off and gets the home side onto the front foot. 
    12/7/2014 1:06:45 PM
  • Castres 0-7 Wasps[try]
    TRY! Goode intercepts a poor pass from Castres and attacks - a long pass from Ashley Johnsonfinds james haskell who releases to varndell who races down the touchline.he chips it over the last line of defence and full-back Rob Miller gets the try. Goode converts. 

    12/7/2014 1:08:54 PM
  • Castres 0-7 Wasps
    A great attack from Castres who attack through Julien Dumora and then Sitiveni Sivivatu who races through the Wasps defence. Kocckott then takes it up but pulled down just short. 
    12/7/2014 1:14:03 PM
  • Castres 7-7 Wasps [try]
    TRY! Castres straight back into this game as the ball is recylced quickly and given some real width. Castres have some of their front row out on the wings but they do well and hooker Mathieu Bonello is over! kockott makes it all square.
    12/7/2014 1:16:55 PM
  • Rob Miller goes over for Wasps first try!

    12/7/2014 1:17:43 PM
  • Castres 7-12 Wasps [try]
    Wasps hit right back through lock Nathan Hughes who avoided three Castres tacklers to go over in the corner. Some great hands from Ashley Johnson who got the ball going quickly to Hughes who was out on the wing. Goode misses the conversion.
    12/7/2014 1:20:16 PM
  • Castres hit back through Mathieu Bonello

    12/7/2014 1:22:35 PM
  • Castres 7-12 Wasps
    Rory Kockott has the chance to close the gap after Wasps concede a penalty at the breakdown - it's off the crossbar though and Wasps are able to clear their lines.
    12/7/2014 1:24:53 PM
  • Nathan Hughes scores a great try for Wasps

    12/7/2014 1:25:18 PM
  • Castres 7-12 Wasp
    Wasps get the shove on at the scrum and win a penalty. Great work from Lorenzo Cittadini, Edd Shervington and  Matt Mullan.
    12/7/2014 1:26:47 PM
  • Castres 7-12 Wasp
    Castres on the attack but that is a poor option from Kockott who opts to kick for Sitiveni Sivivatu to chase - the winger was involved in the move before and Varndell deals with it easily. 
    12/7/2014 1:29:20 PM
  • Castres 7-12 Wasps
    Wasps are penalised as James Haskell is pinged for not releasing. Kockott steps up but sends it wide. not a great  kick from him at all. 
    12/7/2014 1:30:50 PM
  • Castres 7-15 Wasps [penalty-rugby]
    Andy Goode shows Kockott how it is done after some attacking pressure gives Wasps a penalty. 
    12/7/2014 1:32:54 PM
  • Castres 7-15 Wasps
    Castres on the attack, well in the Wasps 22 - not sure why prop Saimone Taumoepeau kicked that ball but it is well marshalled by Varndell into touch. A bit of a scrap on the floor but nothing serious. 
    12/7/2014 1:36:56 PM
  • Castres 14-15 Wasps [try]
    A great catch and drive from the lineout and Castres centres get i9nvolved in the driving maul...they are over the line and centre Remi Lamerat is the man with the ball. Kockott narrows the gap. 
    12/7/2014 1:38:51 PM
  • Castres 14-15 Wasps [boxing]
    Ashley Johnson and Mathieu Bonello square up to one another after Bonello has a go at Charlie Davies. Touch judge  speaks to the ref - who calms things down. No cards! 
    12/7/2014 1:41:18 PM
  • Castres 14-15 Wasps
    A good run from Castres flanker Ibrahim Diarra who makes good yards off the line out. They rumble into the Wasps 22 but great work from Wasps centre Ben Jacobs keeps the ball up off the ground and Wasps win the scrum. 
    12/7/2014 1:44:20 PM
  • Half-time: Castres 14-15 Wasps
    Castres are pemalised for driving in at an angle and Goode kicks the ball off which signals the end of the half. A great first 40 minutes! 
    12/7/2014 1:45:22 PM
  • Forget where Castres are in the Top 14, this is going to be a real tussle. The thing that has overwhelmed us all in the studio is how much rugby both teams are playing. Especially Castres in their own half - they are really chancing their arm. Both teams are to be applauded for a fantastic game of rugby.

    Shaun Edwards
    12/7/2014 1:52:18 PM
  • Tensions run high in Castres

    12/7/2014 1:52:49 PM
  • Castres 14-15 Wasps [kick-off]
    Right we are back for the second half - who would have expected such a first 40 minutes? Hold on for the second half! 
    12/7/2014 1:59:38 PM
  • Castres 14-15 Wasps
    Well taken by Bradley Davies and then James Haskell take the ball into contact but the ball pops up and it's a scrum to Castres. However they concede a free kick. 
    12/7/2014 2:01:29 PM
  • Castres 14-15 Wasps
    Game opens up a bit and centre Thomas Combezou gets well over the gainline. Something is on here and Castres looking dangerous, however Sivivatu knocks on. He took his eye off the ball there! Wasps can breathe a sigh of relief. 
    12/7/2014 2:03:12 PM
  • Castres 14-15 Wasps
    Castres are pinged for hands in the riuck and Goode takes Wasps deep into Castres territory.
    12/7/2014 2:04:17 PM
  • Castres 14-15 Wasps
    A bit of an overthrow at the line out back Johnson picks it up at the back and races fro the line. An inside pass to Haskell sees Wasps get within 5 metres. 
    12/7/2014 2:05:36 PM
  • Castres 14-15 Wasps
    Wasps have the ball but going backwards, thats a loose pass from Goode but wellpicked up by Miller who straightens it up and gets Wasps back in the Castres 22. Sailosi Tagicakibau then does very well to break through but he has no support and Castres win the turnover. 
    12/7/2014 2:07:06 PM
  • Castres 14-15 Wasps
    That is a superb up and under from Kockott. Varndell does well to claim it but the pressure is too much and he kicks it straight out in his 22. 
    12/7/2014 2:08:40 PM
  • Castres 14-15 Wasps
    Castres making hard work of this as they look to rush the passes, somehow they still have the ball as they look for someway through. Great defence from Wasps though. Remi Grosso eventually knocks on trying to get pass Varndell. 
    12/7/2014 2:10:26 PM
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