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    Saracens 6-5 Sale
    Good carries from Kruis, Billy Vunipola and Burger get Saracens back into Sale's 22. But Will Cliff does well at the breakdown and turns over the ball and they can clear.

    12/13/2014 5:56:14 PM
    Saracens 11-5 Sale [try]
    Great wide work from Taylor and Ashton who combine well to get Saracens into the Sale 22 - Wigglesworth looks to pass to Ashton who over runs slightly but Alex Goode is there and is over for Sarries first try. Farrell can't add the extras.
    12/13/2014 5:59:06 PM
    Saracens 11-8 Sale [penalty-rugby]
    Sale look to get back into contention and put together some nice phases after a good line out. Saracens are penalised for hands in the ruck and Nick MacLeodslots the penalty.

    12/13/2014 6:04:26 PM
    Half-time: Saracens 11-8 Sale
    Still all to play for at the end of the first half. Saracens will be looking for three more tries in the second forty...can they do it? 
    12/13/2014 6:05:29 PM

    Nathan Hines scores for Sale

    12/13/2014 6:06:12 PM
    Saracens 11-8 Sale
    We are back into the action as MacLeod kicks us off.

    12/13/2014 6:21:30 PM

    Saracens will be looking for a few more of these in this half

    12/13/2014 6:22:10 PM
    Saracens 11-8 Sale
    Nice pick up from the base of the scrum from Billy Vunipola, he takes two defenders and offloads to Burger who makes good yards into the Sale half. 
    12/13/2014 6:25:42 PM
    Saracens 11-8 Sale
    A good line-out steal from George Kruis and Saracens look to spread it wide - not a great pass from Chris Wyles and the ball goes out. 
    12/13/2014 6:30:58 PM
    Saracens 11-8 Sale
    Duncan Taylor really getting stuck in this game and makes a good break to put Sarries right on the front foot here. 
    12/13/2014 6:34:47 PM
    Saracens 14-8 Sale [penalty-rugby]
    Saracens still in Sales' 22 - Saracens win a penalty after Sales infringe and the breakdown. Farrell extends Sarries lead.
    12/13/2014 6:36:24 PM
    Saracens 21-8 Sale [try]
    TRY! What a great try! Sale kick the ball away, Ashton launches up the right hand side. The ball goes wide to Billy Vunipola at pace who makes great yards.he passes to Wyles who then sends Ben Ransom over in the corner. Farrell converts
    12/13/2014 6:41:31 PM
    Saracens 21-8 Sale
    Billy Vunipola is penalised for coming in from the side and Sarries launch to the corner. They get a driving maul going, Saracens defence doing a lot of work. 
    12/13/2014 6:44:21 PM
    Saracens 21-8 Sale [missed-chance]
    Sale look to have some space to score outwide - Haley has Tom Brady outside of him but his pass is not the best and it allows Goode to scramble across and put pressure on Brady and force him into touch.
    12/13/2014 6:46:31 PM

    Ben Ransom scores for Sarries after great work from Billy Vunipola

    12/13/2014 6:47:32 PM
    Saracens 21-8 Sale
    Sale putting pressure on Sarries again, ref playing advantage to Sale and finally blows Sarries up. has a chat with Kelly Brown who is not happy about Sale's tactics of holding onto players at the ruck. 
    12/13/2014 6:51:55 PM
    Saracens 21-8 Sale
    Sale go for the corner, looks like Sarries have disrupted any clean ball for their visitors  it  but ref says Kruis knocked it on. Scrum to Sale...but Saracens drive them backwards and win a penalty. 
    12/13/2014 6:53:26 PM
    A great response from Ospreys against Racing Metro - they were 15-0 at the break but have scored two tires to get within a point! 
    12/13/2014 6:54:54 PM
    Saracens 28-8 Sale [try]
    TRY! After soaking up plenty of Sale pressure, Saracens finally get the ball and launch their attack from just outside their 22. James Johnston, Jackson Wray and George Kruis take it up even further. Great combination between backs and forwards before big Billy Vunipola crashes over! Farrell makes it 28-8

    12/13/2014 6:58:24 PM
    Saracens 28-8 Sale
    Sarries have five minutes to get their fourth try and that all-important bonus point. 
    12/13/2014 7:00:19 PM
    Saracens 28-8 Sale
    But it is Sale who go on the attack through Josh Beaumont who takes Sale into Saracens 22. replacement hooker Brett Sharman is then yellow carded to make matters worse for Sarries. 
    12/13/2014 7:03:42 PM
    Clermont 0-0 Munster [kick-off]
    And we are off at the Stade Marcel Michelin as Lopez kicks off for Clermont.
    12/14/2014 3:17:29 PM
    Clermont 0-3 Munster [penalty-rugby]
    Munster may not have had much territory but they win a penalty and Ian Keatley gives them the lead! 
    12/14/2014 3:24:45 PM
    Clermont  0-3 Munster
    Munster building something nicely here in Clermont  22 but a great tackle from AurĂ©lien Rougerie on Keatley but he knocks the ball on in the tackle and it's a scrum to Munster

    12/14/2014 3:28:42 PM
    Clermont 0-3 Munster
    Munster looking to really attack this scrum just under the Clermont posts. After a couple of re-sets the ball goes out to JJ Hanrahan who is held up just short of the line, penalty to Munster as Clermonts props popped out at the scrum. 
    12/14/2014 3:32:47 PM
    Clermont 0-6 Munster
    Keatley has an easy kick right in front of the posts - a great start for the visitors. 
    12/14/2014 3:33:35 PM
    Clermont15-6 Munster [half-time]
    Munster had a good start but Clermont woke up and really took their game up to another level. Can Munster find another gear in the second-half? 
    12/14/2014 4:08:20 PM
    Clermont15-6 Munster 
    And we are back to the action - Keatley kicks us off for the second half - Parra clears for Clermont.
    12/14/2014 4:22:07 PM

    Nakaitaci swerves his way to the try line

    12/14/2014 4:22:35 PM
    Clermont 15-9 Munster [penalty-rugby]
    Fritz Lee is penalised for hands in the ruck and Keatley narrows the gap. 
    12/14/2014 4:23:37 PM
    Clermont 15-9 Munster [video-ref]
    Clermont attack from their 22 through Rougerie, the ball comes to lopez who chips and looks to chase but is taken out by Felix Jones. A yellow card? 
    12/14/2014 4:25:07 PM
    Clermont 15-9 Munster [yellow-card]
    Jones is off for ten minutes and Clermont get a penalty where the ball lands.
    12/14/2014 4:26:47 PM
    Clermont 18-9 Munster [penalty-rugby]
    Lopez extends the lead for Clermont - this could be a costly ten minutes for Munster 
    12/14/2014 4:28:25 PM
    Clermont 18-9 Munster 
    Munster look to keep hold of the ball while they are a man down - their forwards really do well and then JJ Hanrahan finds a nice touch. 
    12/14/2014 4:30:02 PM
    Clermont 18-9 Munster
    Another penalty for Clermont after they put Munster to the sword at the scrum. This should be another three points for Lopez...but he pulls it wide! 

    12/14/2014 4:33:57 PM
    Clermont 18-9 Munster
    Munster back to 15 men - they will be very happy with that  - they only conceded the three points.
    12/14/2014 4:37:48 PM
    Clermont 18-9 Munster[ouch]
    That is one heck of a double-tap on Paul O'Connell. Benjamin Kayser and O'Connell's old pal Jamie Cudmore smash the Munster man back but Munster still have the ball and Zebo is just hauled down when it looked like space would open up.
    12/14/2014 4:39:51 PM
    Clermont 21-9 Munster [penalty-rugby]
    Another chance for Lopez to extend the lead for Clermont  - it's a long one but it's over. 
    12/14/2014 4:42:26 PM
    Clermont 21-9 Munster
    They get the driving maul going - but great defence from Munster and Clermont knock it on; Munster nab it. Keatley clears but only to his 22. 
    12/14/2014 4:52:26 PM
    Clermont 21-9 Munster
    From the line out Clermont rumble into the Munster 22. The ball comes back to Lopez who dinks it over the top for Fofana to chase - Fofana is taken out , the home fans think he was taken out off the ball but Nigel Owens wants to look at the maul area where we see O'Connell being taken out around the neck so it is a penalty to Munster. 
    12/14/2014 4:55:42 PM
    Clermont 21-9 Munster
    Clermont are making far too many unforced errors - this time Zac Guildford guilty of trying to force the off-load and ends up knocking the ball on. Scrum to Munster.
    12/14/2014 4:57:31 PM
    Clermont 21-9 Munster
    The ball is not even in and Clermont win the penalty as BJ Botha is pinged for not staying on his feet. 
    12/14/2014 4:58:59 PM
    Clermont 26-16 Munster
    So Munster have something to fight for now -  a losing bonus point. Both sides looking to run from their own territory. 
    12/14/2014 5:05:34 PM

    Chouly get his second try for Clermont

    12/14/2014 5:06:58 PM
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