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England v India - Fourth Test

Live from Old Trafford

  • WICKET! Vijay c Cook b Anderson 0 [wicket]

    And another one! Anderson now has 1-0 after Vijay is tempted to poke at his 14th delivery, resulting in an outside edge being taken by a crouching Cook at first slip.
    8/7/2014 10:51:28 AM
  • WICKET! Kohli c Cook b Anderson 0 [wicket]

    AND ANOTHER ONE! Carbon copy of the Vijay dismissal - Anderson away swinger, Kohli pushes at it, Cook takes the catch at first slip, albeit this time lower down as the ball dies as it comes towards him.
    8/7/2014 10:53:55 AM
  • GOOD TOSS TO LOSE [michaelholding]
    "James Anderson is making this ball talk! He's got the perfect line and length going. This does not look like a good toss to have won..."
    8/7/2014 10:54:46 AM
  • Over 5 - India 8/3 (Pujara 0, Rahane 0)
    Not a bad over, that.
    Anderson now has figures of 2-0 through three. He's also just 11 wickets back of Sir Ian Botham's record for Test scalps by an Englishman, too.
    8/7/2014 10:57:06 AM
  • WICKET! Pujara c Jordan b Broad 0

    Four down! What is this? And what have you done with England's seamers that have played during the rest of the summer? Broad gets Pujara now, the right-hander rather walking into a drive and ending up providing an edge to Jordan in a heavily-packed slip cordon.
    8/7/2014 10:59:37 AM
  • [ianbotham] "This is getting seriously embarrassing for India."
    8/7/2014 11:01:51 AM
  • Over 6 - India 8/4 (Rahane 0, Dhoni 0)
    So out walks skipper Dhoni, just an hour after winning the toss and naming a team that was set up to win the game on days three and four.
    Now, they might not even make it that far. The captain - promoted back to number six after Rohit Sharma was left out - attempts to feed the slips when he wafts at his first delivery, but then is much more circumspect after that. India in a serious hole, having not even reached double figures yet. They've lost four wickets with the score stuck on eight!
    8/7/2014 11:02:51 AM
  • Bang, bang, bang, bang! Broad celebrates the first wicket of the day

    8/7/2014 11:04:52 AM
  • Over 7 - India 11/4 (Rahane 3, Dhoni 0)
    India get off the dreaded eight - and break Anderson's run of dot balls - when Rahane steers a short delivery backward of point for a comfortable three runs.
    The over ends with Dhoni taking a short ball on the back of his helmet. T'was a glancing blow. If I'm being hyper critical (and I am) that was too short from Anderson in that over. Dhoni was able to leave far too much alone.
    8/7/2014 11:07:08 AM
  • [ianbotham] Sir Ian Botham: England will win series 3-1
    Ahead of the fourth Test at Old Trafford, Beefy expects another England win.
    Beefy tipped up three winning selections in the last Test. Find his Old Trafford tips here
    8/7/2014 11:08:12 AM
  • Dhoni batting after half an hour. Hard to believe.
  • Over 8 - India 15/4 (Rahane 7, Dhoni 0)
    Lovely shot from Rahane, learning from the mistakes of his team-mates as he gets right forward to cope with the swing from Broad.
    the decisive footwork allows him to drive down the ground for four welcome runs. England take the ball back to the umpire but they're hardly going to complain about it, just want a bit of work done under the watchful eye of the official.
    8/7/2014 11:11:46 AM
  • [benedictbermange] Benedict ponders the unthinkable...
    "Australia (53 in 22.3 overs at Lord's in 1896) was the last team to be dismissed before lunch on the first day of a Test match in England."
    8/7/2014 11:13:34 AM
  • Over 9 - India 19/4 (Rahane 7, Dhoni 4)
    Dhoni off the mark, albeit with a thick edge squirting past fourth slip and gully to run away for four.
    It was a safe enough shot, played all along the floor.He's also beaten in the Anderson over, and you just get the feeling it's only a matter of time until a full delivery takes the India skipper's outside edge.
    8/7/2014 11:15:44 AM
  • Over 10 - India 19/4 (Rahane 7, Dhoni 4)
    Rahane ends up on his backside after being forced to take evasive action to cope with a Broad bouncer.
    Good ball, but well played in the end despite the trip to the turf. The next delivery is pitched much further up, and Rahane is rather stuck with his feet. It strikes him on the front pad but umpire Erasmus doesn't agree with the loud appeals for leg before. Broad looks absolutely distraught at the decision, as if someone's just told him his car has been towed away and crushed.
    8/7/2014 11:20:37 AM
  • Over 11 - India 23/4 (Rahane 7, Dhoni 8)
    Anderson now appealing loudly for an lbw decision.
    ..that ends up going for four runs! Bowler thought it was pad then bat, and replays show that's correct. Only problem was Dhoni got his front leg well outside off and was playing a shot, as clearly demonstrated by the fact it went all the way to the rope (despite a desperate and rather risky dive by the chasing Moeen Ali). The 11th over ends with a play-and-a-miss, yet again, by India's skipper.
    8/7/2014 11:24:54 AM
  • 'Good decision' says Bumble as England have a strong lbw appeal on Rahane turned down.19-4

  • Over 12 - India 23/4 (Rahane 7, Dhoni 8)
    Rahane hanging back a bit in the crease - he's beaten by a beauty from Broad that somehow doesn't take the outside edge before going through to Buttler behind the stumps. Opening pair through six overs apiece now for England - Cook has no intentions of introducing anyone else just yet.
    8/7/2014 11:29:37 AM
  • MOVE YOUR FEET [davidlloyd]
    "Looking at all the dismissals there was very tentative foot movement from the right-handers moving forward and that is fatal when the ball is swinging."
    8/7/2014 11:30:25 AM
  • Over 13 - India 24/4 (Rahane 7, Dhoni 9)
    After wearing a bouncer on the arm and then surviving a loud leg before appeal when struck on the pad by an inswinger, Dhoni decides to take on another Anderson short ball.
    He rather cloths it out towards deep square leg, picking up a leisurely single for his efforts. That's the end of the first hour at OT, and what an eventful one it has been. Time for a drink to take stock of what we've seen so far.
    8/7/2014 11:33:36 AM
  • You beauty! Anderson celebrates his 273rd Test wicket - 10 shy of Ian Botham

    8/7/2014 11:37:49 AM
  • Over 14 - India 30/4 (Rahane 8, Dhoni 14)
    Woakes into the attack, but things not getting any easier for Dhoni who flashes at one outside the off stump and sends the ball flying over Jordan's head and away for four. Jordan got fingertips to it but never looked like clinging on. A couple of legside nurdles bring singles.
    8/7/2014 11:41:30 AM
    [andrewstrauss] "Chris Woakes will be feeling the pressure. He went wicket-less at the Ageas Bowl but bowled well. They'll be expectation on him here with the ball zipping around."
    8/7/2014 11:42:16 AM
  • NO PLACE LIKE HOME... [twitter] 

    8/7/2014 11:43:32 AM
  • Over 15 - India 32/4 (Rahane 10, Dhoni 14)
    Anderson snakes another one past Rahane's outside edge before the batsman lands a blow of his own with a controlled push past point for two.
    8/7/2014 11:46:22 AM
  • Over 16 - India 36/4 (Rahane 10, Dhoni 18)
    Dhoni attempting to launch a very necessary counter-attack, and getting it under way in decent style as he flashes a cover-drive off Woakes on the up through the covers.
    8/7/2014 11:51:04 AM
  • Over 17 - India 43/4 (Rahane 13, Dhoni 22)
    An outside edge from Rahane, but a controlled one wide of fourth slip and it brings him three runs. This the ninth and surely final over of Anderson's stunning new-ball spell, and it finishes with Dhoni edging another boundary down to third-man.
    8/7/2014 11:55:06 AM
  • [mikeatherton] "I'd quite like to see Finn come on now..."
    8/7/2014 11:56:35 AM
  • [nasserhussain] "You can't play 12, Ath..."
    8/7/2014 11:56:48 AM
  • Over 18 - India 47/4 (Rahane 16, Dhoni 23)
    Jordan into the attack for the first time. Key moment. Struggled horribly at the Ageas Bowl and perhaps fortunate to retain his place here ahead of Steven Finn. First bowl doesn't augur well, fired way outside Rahane's off stump and fumbled by a tumbling Buttler. Rest of the over is better, though, despite Rahane getting a drive through point for three and Dhoni scampering a quick single after defending off the back foot.
    8/7/2014 11:59:52 AM
  • RHYME TIME [benedictbermange]
    A poser from Benedict: Obviously Varun Aaron rhymes. So – sort of – does Ronnie Irani (well kind of). Any other cricketers? Tweet @skycricket
    8/7/2014 12:05:32 PM
  • Over 19 - India 52/4 (Rahane 20, Dhoni 24)
    Batting definitely getting easier since that first half hour. It could scarcely have got harder. Rahane and Dhoni rebuilding solidly and impressively now, with the former thumping a sweet drive back down the ground for four.
    8/7/2014 12:06:06 PM
    [betting] India are fighting back in the Test after their disastrous start. Check out the latest odds and bet in-play.
    8/7/2014 12:09:48 PM
  • Over 20 - India 52/4 (Rahane 20, Dhoni 24)
    Dhoni throws everything at a wide one from Jordan and makes no contact. Maiden over.
    8/7/2014 12:09:50 PM
  • Over 21 - India 53/4 (Rahane 20, Dhoni 24)
    Maiden over for Woakes, but India get a run after a fumble from Buttler. Untidy morning for England's keeper.
    8/7/2014 12:13:40 PM
  • Not everyday you receive a pork pie in your fan mail, unless you're Beefy...

    8/7/2014 12:15:37 PM
  • Over 22 - India 57/4 (Rahane 24, Dhoni 24)
    Good over from Jordan, going past Rahane's outside edge twice before finding it only to see the ball fly wide of the slip cordon and away for four.
    8/7/2014 12:19:03 PM
  • India continue to rebuild after winning the toss at the start of the day

    8/7/2014 12:21:55 PM
  • Over 23 - India 62/4 (Rahane 24, Dhoni 24)
    Another four byes against Buttler, but the keeper blameless on this occasion as Woakes spears one down the legside and it swings further still to beat the despairing dive.
    8/7/2014 12:23:18 PM
  • Rahane c Bell b Jordan 24

    [wicket]Jordan makes the breakthrough! Same recipe as the earlier success. Full, swinging, loose drive, safely pouched at slip.
    8/7/2014 12:25:49 PM
  • [shanewarne] "A Manchester reception for Ravi Jadeja..."
    8/7/2014 12:26:50 PM
  • Over 24 - India 62/5 (Dhoni 24, Jadeja 0)
    Lovely Manchester welcome for new batsman Ravi Jadeja, who almost gloves his first ball down the legside and has to survive a big lbw shout from the final ball of a fine Jordan over. Swung back in to strike the pads, but would've missed leg.
    8/7/2014 12:29:41 PM
  • LUNCH: A fantastic morning for England, who reduce India to 63-5 after the first session of the fourth Test #EngvInd
  • Over 25 - India 63/5 (Dhoni 25, Jadeja 0)
    Conditions so seamer-friendly there's not even the obligatory over of spin before lunch. Dhoni takes a blow on the arm from Woakes and still manages to look cool before picking up a quick single from the last ball of a session that has gone very much England's way.
    8/7/2014 12:33:48 PM
  • Lunch
    [lunch]Superb new-ball spells from Anderson and Broad put England bang on top before a slight recovery from Rahane and Dhoni was halted by Jordan, who has bowled far better than he did last week in Southampton. Batting definitely easier since that first half-hour, but India deep in trouble and perhaps already looking to the weather forecast for salvation.
    8/7/2014 12:35:19 PM
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