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England v India - Fourth Test

Live from Old Trafford

  • Over 30 - England 105/2 (Ballance 33, Bell 43)
    As in the first innings, batting looking way easier once the new ball is gone. Unlike the first innings, England are in a position to capitalise.
    8/7/2014 5:35:55 PM
  • One final look at Bumble's waistcoat

    8/7/2014 5:37:59 PM
  • Over 31 - England 111/2 (Ballance 36, Bell 44)
    Ballance punches Aaron through the covers for two before a big appeal for a catch down the legside is halted only by Erasmus' call of no-ball. Replays confirm that is the correct call, while the ball came off thigh-pad rather than bat on its way through to Dhoni. Aaron goes past Ballance's outside edge before overstepping again and being clipped away for a single on the legside. Aaron struggling with his line here, bowling on the right-handed Bell's pads after making the same error with Ballance. Another single clipped away.
    8/7/2014 5:41:46 PM
  • Over 32 - England 112/2 (Ballance 36, Bell 45)
    Just a single from Ashwin's over as a hugely satisfying day for England meanders towards the close.
    8/7/2014 5:44:57 PM
  • Over 33 - England 112/2 (Ballance 36, Bell 45)
    Bell calmly plays out a maiden from Aaron with the air of a man who could have scored plenty of runs had he wanted to, but it's pleasant enough in the sunshine and there's no need for all that running around.
    8/7/2014 5:49:30 PM
  • Umpires checking if a return catch has carried to Ashwin. Ballance then man who faces a nervy wait... Eng 112-2
  • Not out! Clearly bounced before. Worth a check.
  • Over 34 - England 113/2 (Ballance 37, Bell 45)
    Ashwin claims a caught-and-bowled off Ballance but replays - and even an unusual use of Hot Spot - confirms the ball bounced comfortably short of the bowler. Ballance picks up a single off a full-toss, and there will probably be two more overs today. Which means seven will be lost.
    8/7/2014 5:55:04 PM
  • JOB DONE [davidlloyd]
    "You just sense that it's job done for England, who are playing for tomorrow."
    8/7/2014 5:56:00 PM
  • Good day of test cricket in Manchester. Only disappointment was the small crowd. Saw more people in budgie smugglers on the beach in Spain !
  • Ballance lbw b Aaron 37

    [wicket]That 'catch' irrelevant now as Aaron pins Ballance in front of off stump and earns an lbw verdict from Erasmus. Good decision.
    8/7/2014 5:58:25 PM
  • Day one close: England 113-3, trailing India (152ao) by 39 runs #EngvInd
  • Over 35 - England 113/3 (Bell 45, Jordan 0)
    Jordan in as nightwatchman, and successfully negotiates the final few deliveries while mucking about enough to ensure that this will be the final over, leaving the public short-changed by eight as the players stride off in bright sunshine. Not really good enough, that.
    8/7/2014 6:01:53 PM
  • So 13 wickets have fallen on an eventful first day. Here's how we stand at stumps. #EngvInd
  • Close
    [close]Superb day for England despite the late disappointment of that Ballance dismissal. But the game has moved forward as it had to given the high likelihood that time will be lost over the next few days. Anderson and Broad were superb, while Bell has come through a slightly sticky start to make a typically eye-catching 45 not out.
    8/7/2014 6:04:21 PM
  • Outstanding spells from @StuartBroad8 & @jimmy9 enabled England to boss day one of #EngvInd , says Andrew Strauss:…
  • Joining Charles tonight on #theverdict are Bob Willis, Ravi Shastri & Dominic Cork to reflect on a great start for England in the 4th test.
  • We will be chatting swing bowling as @jimmy9 nears the England wicket taking record, and reflecting on @StuartBroad8 3rd best test figures.
  • PODCAST: @BumbleCricket assesses England's battery of seamers & says the Old Trafford pitch will get quicker… #EngvInd
  • that's what a midweek Larwood lunch will do for you!! @StuartBroad8 #6 -25 #EngvInd #climbout
  • Long day ...early to bed for a tweet in ...'Vipers' out with chum...probably gone to a Youth Club
    Good morning everyone. The commentary team are gradually making their way in to Old Trafford via tram and taxi respectively and preparations for day two are under way. A bit of an iffy forecast for this afternoon in Manchester but hopefully we get lucky after losing eight overs yesterday.
    8/8/2014 7:12:30 AM
  • The story of day one at Old Trafford

    8/8/2014 7:29:07 AM
  • Chris Woakes will be hoping this is his only bat today

    8/8/2014 8:38:55 AM
  • Moeen Ali signs an autograph then heads to the nets

  • Michael Atherton says it's a day to be a swing bowler...

    8/8/2014 9:15:49 AM
    Talking of swing bowlers... [benedictbermange]
    "James Anderson has now bowled more deliveries (21,920) than any other England bowler in Test cricket, having edged past Derek Underwood on the first day."
    8/8/2014 9:25:06 AM
  • India arrive under gloomy skies earlier this morning

  • Stuart Broad reflects on his six-wicket haul yesterday

    8/8/2014 9:41:33 AM
  • ...And he and Anderson discuss their formidable partnership

    8/8/2014 9:55:43 AM
    We are almost ready for the morning session to get under way on day two. England will resume on 113-3 under overcast skies in five minutes. Ian Bell and nightwatchman Chris Jordan will be at the crease.

    8/8/2014 9:57:06 AM
  • Over 36 - England 117/3 (Bell 49, Jordan 0)
    Three slips and a gully are in place as Bhuvneshwar Kumar takes the first over of the day. Bell is not tempted by his probing line outside off stump and opts to leave the first two balls. Kumar then adjusts his line in towards the stumps and the batsman blocks back three more before cutting away a loose delivery behind square for four runs.
    8/8/2014 10:05:28 AM
  • BOWLING DAY [shanewarne]
    "It's definitely got the feel of a bowling day. There is swing already and some zip in the pitch."
    8/8/2014 10:05:46 AM
  • Over 37 - England 123/3 (Bell 50, Jordan 5)
    [50]Pankaj Singh is the other opening bowler. Jordan takes a watching brief at first but then pulls away a short one to get off the mark in fine style with a four down to deep square leg. A single then brings Bell on strike and he manages to scamper through for a single which brings up his half-century.
    8/8/2014 10:09:58 AM
  • Over 38 - England 125/3 (Bell 52, Jordan 5)
    Kumar again keeps a tight line but Bell manages to flick one off his pads and run through for two. There is no further scoring from the over.
    8/8/2014 10:14:25 AM
  • Bell past 50... Need him to bat big for my @SkyBet tip. England also looking good to win - now 1/3

  • 8/8/2014 10:18:24 AM
  • Over 39 - England 133/3 (Bell 52, Jordan 13)
    Jordan is deceived by Pankaj's movement through the air but his inside edge misses the stumps and trickles away past wicketkeeper MS Dhoni and away to the boundary for four more runs. The bowler keeps an accurate line outside off stump thereafter but Jordan does manage to steer one away through third man for another boundary.
    8/8/2014 10:19:36 AM
  • LOCAL KNOWLEDGE [twitter]

    8/8/2014 10:23:20 AM
  • Over 40 - England 133/3 (Bell 52, Jordan 13)
    Kumar continues and goes up for a half-hearted lbw shout as he swings one into Bell's pads, but it was going down the leg side and there was also an inside edge involved for good measure. The rest of the over is solid from the bowler, who records the first maiden of the day.
    8/8/2014 10:23:55 AM
  • Over 41 - England 133/3 (Bell 52, Jordan 13)
    Pankaj gets some swing on a good length as he twice fizzes the ball past the edge of Jordan. The nightwatchman is unfazed, however, blocking and leaving well for the rest of the over, which is another maiden.
    8/8/2014 10:28:41 AM
  • Bell reached his 42nd Test 50 early on day two

    8/8/2014 10:30:31 AM
  • WICKET! Jordan nails a pull shot off Kumar to midwicket but Aaron pulls off a stunning low catch. The nightwatchman goes for 13. Eng 136-4
  • Jordan c Aaron b Kumar 13
    [wicket]Bell flicks Kumar away through the leg side for a well-run two before pulling to deep midwicket for a single. Jordan then tries to do the same thing but gets his timing all wrong on the short ball and Varun Aaron takes a good diving catch to remove the nightwatchman.
    8/8/2014 10:33:20 AM
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