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England v India, Second Test

Live from Lord's

  • Over 53 - India 145-4 (Vijay 42, Dhoni 9)
    Broad raps the pads and sets off on his celebratory dash but once again it's premature, the ball angling past Vijay's leg stump. Dhoni then presses forward and drives powerfully back down the ground for four. Cracking shot
    7/19/2014 4:52:41 PM
  • Over 54 - India 148-4 (Vijay 45, Dhoni 9)
    Vijay works Plunkett for three runs through the leg-side, a well-ran two and then a routine single. Just a hint of reverse swing for Plunkett and Broad, who are attacking the stumps at pace. India lead by 124
    7/19/2014 4:55:12 PM
  • 50: Vijay reaches his half-ton with back-to-back fours. Important knock for his side.

  • [andrewstrauss] These are the sorts of innings that people remember – under pressure on a wicket that is doing a little bit. A hundred from Vijay would put India in a brilliant position in the game.

    7/19/2014 4:59:44 PM
  • Over 55 - India 156-4 (Vijay 53, Dhoni 9) [50]
    50 for Vijay! A vital contribution so far for his team under immense pressure. He gets there with back-to-back boundaries off the returning Anderson, the first driven uppishly through mid-off, the second clipped fine to bring up his milestone, coming off 162 balls and including seven fours
    7/19/2014 5:00:37 PM
  • Over 56 - India 156-4 (Vijay 53, Dhoni 9)
    A double change for England as Stokes returns. Fine effort from both Plunkett and Broad. He pins Dhoni back and then squares him up with one that just leaves the India captain off the seam. So close to the edge. Maiden
    7/19/2014 5:04:05 PM
  • Over 57 - India 157-4 (Vijay 54, Dhoni 9)
    A mix-up between Vijay and Dhoni but a single is still added off Anderson. Vijay was right to call his captain through, but Dhoni was on his heels and a direct-hit from sub fielder Alex Barrow may have had him in trouble. There are still 11 overs scheduled to be bowled today but the cut off is 6.30pm and we can't play past then. Slow over-rate once again from England
    7/19/2014 5:09:44 PM
  • Over 58 - India 158-4 (Vijay 55, Dhoni 9)
    Vijay continues to farm the majority of the strike and adds another single to deep point. India look to have one eye on stumps, they will want these two back in the middle tomorrow
    7/19/2014 5:12:32 PM
  • Kit corner - a treasure trove of equipment - comes up trumps again as Ben Stokes changes his socks, taking more time out of the game...

    7/19/2014 5:16:58 PM
  • Over 59 - India 163-4 (Vijay 56, Dhoni 9)
    Another harsh four byes conceded by Prior as Anderson misdirects a bouncer which drifts further and further away from the weary 'keeper and away to the boundary. Vijay then pinches a single from a ball homing in on middle stump, and his pads... Lead is 139
    7/19/2014 5:17:11 PM
    [betting]The odds have been swinging back and forth all day, but as the minute it’s England who hold favouritism at even-money (1/1), with India out to 6/4. A draw seems increasingly unlikely at 9/2. Bet in-play here.
    7/19/2014 5:22:13 PM
  • Over 60 - India 164-4 (Vijay 57, Dhoni 9)
    Both teams seem to have given all they could today. It's been a long, grueling day and the beauty of it all is that we are still none the wiser as to who is going to win. Just a Vijay single off Stokes. 10mins left in the day...
    7/19/2014 5:22:44 PM

    7/19/2014 5:24:39 PM
  • Over 61 - India 164-4 (Vijay 57, Dhoni 9)
    A harmless maiden from Anderson to Dhoni. Jimmy has got the better of MSD four times in Tests, as has Broad
    7/19/2014 5:25:09 PM
  • Unusual tactic by MS Dhoni with just a few overs left in the day. Lucky to escape with his leg stump intact.

  • Over 62 - India 165-4 (Vijay 57, Dhoni 10)
    Close! How did that miss?! And what was Dhoni playing at?! After walking outside off stump, Plunkett fires the ball towards leg peg and it misses by a whisker. That would have been a dreadful way to get out in the context of this Test. The margins of Test cricket... A single follows to take Dhoni to 10* off 48 balls
    7/19/2014 5:28:15 PM
  • Last over
    Moeen to bowl the final over on day three...
    7/19/2014 5:29:07 PM
  • Over 63 - India 169-4 (Vijay 59, Dhoni 12)
    No dramatic conclusion to an absorbing day as Dhoni and Vijay both add a couple of singles to increase India's lead to 145
    7/19/2014 5:31:46 PM
  • STUMPS, DAY THREE: Classic battle between bat & ball. Finely poised this one. Cracking day in store tomorrow.

  • Day Three close [close]
    This Test remains on a knife-edge thanks to three evening wickets for England. Plunkett, who earlier in the day posted a maiden Test 50, claimed two wickets in two balls but Vijay (59*) held firm for India, who hold a useful lead with six wickets remaining. Thanks for your company, same time, same place tomorrow!
    7/19/2014 5:33:49 PM
  • Paul Allott & guests will discuss all the big talking points in Cricket Writers on TV from 8.30am on SS2 on Sunday.

  • WATCH: Catch all the day's main #EngvInd action in our two-minute highlights reel.…
  • ANALYSIS: Nasser Hussain says Matt Prior must find his form quickly with Jos Buttler breathing down his neck:…
  • ANALYSIS: Do England have the right bowling line-up for Test cricket? Ex-India skipper Sourav Ganguly has his say:…
  • PODCAST: Mike Atherton explains why he’s not backing Nasser Hussain to beat Andrew Strauss at Real Tennis:,2049…
  • Adam Lyth , another Div 1 hundred .....
  • DAY FOUR – INDIA TO RESUME ON 169-4, 145 ahead

    How many is enough? It’s a sobering question on a brightly-lit morning at Lord’s, where from 11am India will strive to turn a reasonable lead into a match-winning one. There’s a school of thought that anything from 220 upwards could prove a real challenge for England but with the dependable Murali Vijay and the dangerous MS Dhoni at the crease, why shouldn’t 300 be possible?
    7/20/2014 7:10:05 AM
  • [twitter]
    7/20/2014 7:10:29 AM
  • As ever, there’s plenty on the agenda – starting with what has been a fascinating Test here at Lord’s. Alastair Cook’s future as England captain (and maybe in the short-term as an England player) is bound to crop up, not least because in a week’s time we’ll be preparing for day one of the third Test. This summer is certainly moving on apace. We'll bring you the best video from the show on this blog.
    7/20/2014 7:15:10 AM
    Let's begin, though, with the view from the Indian camp. After play yesterday, Cheteshwar Pujara spoke to Ian Ward...

    7/20/2014 7:29:00 AM
  • Rolling into action...

    7/20/2014 7:37:39 AM
  • Time for a brew, some biscuit dunking & CWOT, on now on SS2. Nasser's live from @HomeOfCricket at 9am! @BumbleCricket

  • Players starting to arrive on this crucial morning, Matt Prior one of the first. Plenty of eyes will be on his glovework today. One thing is for sure - England can't afford any slips in the field if they don't want India to bat them out of the game.
    7/20/2014 8:00:31 AM
  • Lunchtime benches are being bagged (or rugged) very quickly in the Coronation Gardens!

    7/20/2014 8:11:09 AM
  • What England would give for another quick burst of wickets this morning from @Liam628 ... #EngvInd

  • The skies have just greyed over a little, which should please England's seamers no end...
    7/20/2014 8:23:09 AM
  • Alastair Cook, @joeroot05 , Gary Ballance, @stuartbroad8 & @jimmy9 arrive HomeofCricket

  • India yet to bowl up - but then it is a Sunday! They're not going to get the full 90 minutes of football in this morning!
    7/20/2014 8:35:05 AM
  • .@jimmy9 & @StuartBroad8 , who will be part of our day's build-up from 10am on SS2, will be happy with the cloud cover

  • One final quick run- through before going on air...

    7/20/2014 8:53:36 AM
  • Want to know how to bat on a wearing pitch? Join Rahul and Andrew in the Zone from 10am on SS2. #EngvInd

  • #WatchOnSky with #SkyGo as day four of the second Test between England and India gets underway: #EngvInd
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