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England v India, Second Test

Live from Lord's

  • [bad-light]The umpires have taken a light reading. It's overcast and quite dark. Vijay is coming on at the Nursery End. He bowls off-spin.
    7/20/2014 3:18:57 PM
  • Over 15 - England 42-1 (Cook 14, Ballance 12)
    Vijay is operating from round-the-wicket to the left-handers. Ballance stretches forward to his first delivery and edges it down and out of the reach of slip for three runs. Cook also collects three later in the over, cut away behind square on the off side.
    7/20/2014 3:22:34 PM
  • Jadeja's switched ends. The floodlights are on.
    7/20/2014 3:23:30 PM
  • Over 16 - England 43-1 (Cook 15, Ballance 12)
    Jadeja's switched ends. The floodlights are on as it's got a bit overcast and dark. Cook, who is moving right across his stumps, turns a single to midwicket.
    7/20/2014 3:25:46 PM
  • Over 17 - England 48-1 (Cook 16, Ballance 12)
    Vijay is aiming at the footmarks outside the left-handers' off-stump. He gets one to shoot through low, beating Dhoni as well as Cook and costing four byes, Later in the over, another one turns and bounces past Cook's outside edge.
    7/20/2014 3:29:55 PM
  • Over 18 - England 53-1 (Cook 17, Ballance 16)
    Ballance doesn't look as comfortable against spin as pace. Jadeja finds his outside edge but the ball runs down and away for four.
    7/20/2014 3:33:00 PM
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  • Over 19 - England 54-1 (Cook 17, Ballance 16)
    Another one hits the footmarks and shoots through low but, again, it's well outside Cook's leg-stump and earns England a bye. Ballance gets well forward in defence throughout the remainder of the over.
    7/20/2014 3:36:10 PM
  • Time for India to up the pace. Ishant Sharma is coming on for his second spell of the innings.
    7/20/2014 3:37:37 PM
  • Cook & Ballance grafting well at Lord's, playing the spin of Jadeja with good care. 55/1. #EngvInd

  • Over 20 - England 55-1 (Cook 18, Ballance 16)
    Time for India to up the pace. Ishant Sharma is coming on for his second spell of the innings. Cook happy to leave alone outside off-stump and then keeps the strike with a single with a nudge down to fine-leg as Ishant drops too short with his final ball.
    7/20/2014 3:40:24 PM
  • Maverick move from India captain-wicketkeeper Dhoni - he's standing back from the stumps to Jadeja's spin!
    7/20/2014 3:41:09 PM
  • [nasserhussain] I have never seen this before – Dhoni is standing back to a spinner. What about a regulation nick? It happens in the Under-11s occasionally…”

    7/20/2014 3:43:13 PM
  • Over 21 - England 57-1 (Cook 19, Ballance 17)
    Presume Dhoni's worried about the ball staying low out of the footmarks. Both batsmen - who are now free to come down the track as they please to Jadeja - collect drop-and-run singles into the covers.
    7/20/2014 3:43:56 PM
  • Cook survives a strong Shami shout earlier in his innings

    7/20/2014 3:44:14 PM
  • Over 22 - England 60-1 (Cook 20, Ballance 19)
    Ballance was out caught down the leg side in the first innings - albeit for 110 - and India are appealing for the same thing from Ishant's opening ball. No bat involved this time though, just clipped the thigh pad on the way through to Dhoni. Ishant finds Cook's outside edge but it goes straight down and away for a single, one of three in the over.
    7/20/2014 3:48:43 PM
  • Over 23 - England 62-1 (Cook 21, Ballance 20)
    Dhoni still standing back to Jadeja, who has lots of catchers round the bat - although none of them are in particularly close. It proves costly as Cook gloves a delivery that turns and bounces but drops just short of Kohli at leg gully.
    7/20/2014 3:51:45 PM
  • .@msdhoni standing back to the spin of Jadeja. #EngvInd England 62-1, Cook 21no, Ballance 20no.

  • Over 24 - England 62-1 (Cook 21, Ballance 20)
    Cook plays out a maiden from Ishant in defensive mode. Left four of the six deliveries alone.
    7/20/2014 3:54:58 PM
  • Over 25 - England 62-1 (Cook 21, Ballance 20)
    Dhoni maintains his maverick approach to keeping on this pitch but in his defence, Jadeja is getting the ball to carry through to him nicely. Ballance is twice beaten on the outside edge pushing forward during a probing maiden
    7/20/2014 3:58:14 PM
  • Over 26 - England 62-1 (Cook 21, Ballance 20)
    A third maiden in a row as Ishant keeps things tight against Cook, cramping him for room and attacking the stumps. The England captain holds firm
    7/20/2014 4:03:12 PM
  • Over 27 - England 69-1 (Cook 22, Ballance 26)
    A productive over for England, who collect seven runs off Jadeja. Ballance pushes two through the off-side and then edges along the floor past slip for three more. The two left-handers then trade singles to frustrate the India fielders
    7/20/2014 4:06:57 PM
  • Over 28 - England 70-1 (Cook 22, Ballance 27)
    Ballance tickles to fine-leg for a single to increase the partnership to 58. England making steady progress as dark clouds loom over Lord's
    7/20/2014 4:12:05 PM
  • 7/20/2014 4:12:12 PM
  • Ballance ct Dhoni bld Shami 27 [wicket]

    The change of bowling does the trick for India! Ballance nicks Shami's first ball back and Dhoni takes a routine catch. Loose prod from England's No 3
    7/20/2014 4:13:17 PM
  • WICKET! Shami strikes! Ballance nicks one to Dhoni. He goes for a plucky 27. Bell joins Cook in the middle. 70/2.

  • [twitter]

    7/20/2014 4:18:47 PM
  • Over 29 - England 71-2 (Cook 22, Bell 1)
    Dhoni should change the bowling more often... First ball strikes from Jadeja and Shami so far in this innings. Bell comes to the middle and joins his captain with England needed another 248 runs for victory. Key partnership...
    7/20/2014 4:20:50 PM
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  • Bell bld Ishant 1 [wicket]

    Bell is beaten by a delivery which keeps a little low. Ishant finds his middle stump. Big wicket for India
    7/20/2014 4:22:06 PM
  • WICKET! Bails flying everywhere as Bell's defence is broken. Excellent line from Sharma. 71/3.

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    7/20/2014 4:24:12 PM
  • [davidgower] It was a really good line from Ishant Sharma – but it did keep low, hitting halfway up the stump. A normal delivery would have hit the top of off stump.

    7/20/2014 4:25:12 PM

    7/20/2014 4:27:14 PM
  • Over 30 - England 71-3 (Cook 22, Root 0)
    Bell take an age to drag himself off the field there. It kept low but he also played around it. The pitch is misbehaving now and India are huge favourites to take a 1-0 lead from this position. Root joins Cook and sees out the rest of the over
    7/20/2014 4:28:21 PM
  • Over 31 - England 72-3 (Cook 22, Root 0)
    Just a Cook leg-bye to report off Shami's latest over. Some ominous black clouds are creeping ever closer and we could get some late rain here
    7/20/2014 4:32:40 PM
  • Cook ct Dhoni bld Ishant 22 [wicket]

    England lose their captain! Cook once again falls pushing tentatively outside off stump. Ishant celebrates after a faint nick through to Dhoni
    7/20/2014 4:34:34 PM
  • WICKET! Cook puts his team further into trouble, nicking one off Sharma. Lonely walk back to the pavilion. 72/4.

  • Cook dismissed cheaply again for 22. Using just two words, what did you make of his innings? #EngvInd

  • Over 32 - England 76-4 (Root 0, Moeen 4)
    Well, England in huge trouble now. India have prized out the opposition captain and with the pitch assisting them is it game over? Moeen doesn't think so and once again gets off the mark with a four first ball, driving on the up through cover
    7/20/2014 4:40:36 PM
  • Over 33 - England 80-4 (Root 4, Moeen 4)
    Root also gets up and running with a boundary, standing tall and driving Shami through the covers off the back foot. Lovely shot. England will be hoping these dark clouds produce rain.... for 24 hours
    7/20/2014 4:44:17 PM
  • Over 34 - England 84-4 (Root 4, Moeen 8)
    England just dealing in boundaries at the moment. Ali plays Ishant with soft hands and guides an edge down to the rope at Third Man. Anyone out there hold out any hope that England can win from here?.... No, me neither
    7/20/2014 4:49:42 PM
  • [twitter]

    7/20/2014 4:50:50 PM
  • Over 35 - England 84-4 (Root 4, Moeen 8)
    'Rockstar' Ravi Jadeja, unquestionably the player of the day, is back into the attack. Root plays out a maiden. He needs to get forward on this pitch. Another shooter could by on its way soon
    7/20/2014 4:52:24 PM
  • Those dark clouds beyond the Nursery Ground don't look like rescuing England any time soon.

    7/20/2014 4:54:42 PM
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