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England v India, Second Test

Live from Lord's

  • Over 36 - England 84-4 (Root 4, Moeen 8)
    Kumar, who joins Richard Hadlee and Ian Botham, as the only players to have scored a 50 and taken a five-for in back-to-back Tests, returns to the attack for a late burst and bowls a maiden to Moeen
    7/20/2014 4:57:20 PM
  • 7/20/2014 4:57:58 PM
  • Over 37 - England 88-4 (Root 5, Moeen 8)
    More turn and bounce for Jadeja here. Root turns a single to square-leg and Moeen does well not to get any glove on a ball which leaps into him sharply. It flicks off his thigh pad and beats leg gully, allowing England to collect three
    7/20/2014 4:59:45 PM
  • Over 38 - England 88-4 (Root 5, Moeen 8)
    I'm a big fan of Moeen's demeanor in the middle. He looks like he's having a glorified net out there. Maiden played out to Kumar as the clouds continue to threaten overhead
    7/20/2014 5:03:47 PM
  • Over 39 - England 90-4 (Root 6, Moeen 9)
    Singles for Root and Mo off Jadeja. England 229 runs away from what looks an unlikely victory. 25 minutes left in the day
    7/20/2014 5:07:09 PM
  • Over 40 - England 91-4 (Root 6, Moeen 10)
    An electrical storm passes by to the east of Lord's and even the inclement British climate can't save England it appears. One run added by England's Mo against India's Mo (Shami)
    7/20/2014 5:12:29 PM
  • Jadeja getting some serious turn off this Lord's wicket. Big LBW appeal turned down. Ali survives. 96/4.

  • Over 41 - England 93-4 (Root 7, Moeen 11)
    Appeal! Mo survives a huge lbw appeal after Jadeja pins him right back on his stumps with a sharply spinning delivery. It was destined for middle peg but umpire Dharamasena wasn't convinced it hit him in line. It was a 50/50 call. Robson was unlucky earlier, Mo survives here. Two runs added earlier in the over
    7/20/2014 5:15:59 PM
  • Over 42 - England 98-4 (Root 10, Moeen 13)
    Root flicks a straight delivery from Shami through midwicket for three and Ali then scampers two after a thick outside edge squirms through point. England still hustling and while these two are still together the home fans will have cause for optimism
    7/20/2014 5:19:54 PM
  • Over 43 - England 100-4 (Root 12, Moeen 13)
    Root gets up on his toes and clips the final delivery of Jadeja's over through midwicket for two, bringing up the England 100 in the process. Warm applause from the Lord's crowd
    7/20/2014 5:22:50 PM
  • Over 44 - England 104-4 (Root 13, Moeen 15)
    Dhoni has been told the light is too dark for pace bowlers to operate in so Vijay comes on for a twirl. He dismissed Ali in the first-innings when the left-hander played all around a straight one but he's all over the place in this over and England help themselves to three singles after an early wide
    7/20/2014 5:26:40 PM
  • Over 45 - England 104-4 (Root 13, Moeen 15) [dropped-catch]
    Drop! Late drama! Dhoni hands Moeen a life. On the sweep, Ali is rapped on the pad and then gloves the ball on his shot follow-through to Dhoni, who is too busy appealing for an ambitious lbw and fails to hang on to a simple chance. Huge let-off for England
    7/20/2014 5:29:36 PM
  • Never a dull moment with MS Dhoni. He makes a real mess of a simple chance. Ali gets away with one. One over left.

  • Over 46 - England 105-4 (Root 14, Moeen 15)
    Dhawan on to bowl the final over of the day... He's only bowled one Test over before today. Well it's a better effort than Vijay's and two strong lbw shouts on Ali are turned down. Maiden to end day four
    7/20/2014 5:32:34 PM
  • STUMPS: India are in the driving seat with one day remaining. England need 214 to win. India need six wickets.

  • Day Four close [close]
    Another absorbing day's Test cricket comes to an end with England needing 214 more runs for victory, India need just six wickets. Ravi Jadeja batted India into a 318-run lead and then took an early wicket to help put India in a great position to take a 1-0 lead and claim only their second-ever Test win at Lord's. The pressure is being cranked up on captain Cook, who mustered just 22 before edging Ishant behind. Thanks for your company, join us for the climax same time tomorrow!
    7/20/2014 5:36:51 PM
  • Treat yourself this evening...

    7/20/2014 5:56:17 PM
  • ...then join us for all the build-up to day five, including our Cricket Forum!

    7/20/2014 5:57:50 PM
  • ANALYSIS: Beefy says England’s bowlers lost control as India set their hosts a victory target of 319 at Lord’s:…
  • ANALYSIS: @BumbleCricket wants ‘downtrodden’ England to scrap for each other as they try to win at Lord's:…
  • PODCAST: Mikey Holding looks at Alastair Cook’s woe against pitch-up balls and ahead to day five at Lord’s:,2049…
  • DAY FIVE – ENGLAND 105-4 need 214 runs to win

    Or, to put it another way, India are six wickets away from only their second victory at Lord’s – and what an achievement that would be after losing the toss on day one and being put in to bat on a green seamer. England assistant coach Paul Farbrace came out fighting last night, at least in his choice of vocabulary, in our interview with Ian Ward saying Moeen Ali and Joe Root “love a scrap”. On a wearing, turning pitch it will be real backs to the wall stuff when those two resume in three hours' time…
    7/21/2014 6:57:57 AM
  • Don't be last in the queue. Get your question for our Cricket Forum with Atherton, Hussain & Warne in now. #skyforum

  • The prospect of a nerve-jangling day is already attracting healthy interest from punters, judging by the early queues at the North Gate when tickets went on sale at just after 7.45am this morning. Top price is £30 but there are some adult tickets available for £25 too, which might just be the bargain of this summer. We'll see...
    7/21/2014 7:10:13 AM
  • FARBRACE INTERVIEW... including a straight bat on Alastair Cook's future...

    7/21/2014 7:21:38 AM
  • [twitter]

    7/21/2014 7:27:51 AM
  • Excellent pitch at Lords ....something for everyone ...makes the cricket interesting
  • Keeping it under wraps. The Sky Cart is safely tucked up while Farbrace and Moores chat away on the England balcony.

    7/21/2014 7:41:02 AM
  • I wonder if they - or Cook - have perused this morning's papers... Plenty of interesting headlines, not least this one in the Mirror - a nice play on the enthusiastic way Cook came out to bat yesterday.
    7/21/2014 7:46:44 AM
  • 7/21/2014 7:47:51 AM
  • Looking forward to hearing Andrew Strauss' thoughts on Cook's future as our most recent former England captain in the comms box. His take, I suspect, will be 'don't do anything rash, let's see how this pans out'.
    7/21/2014 7:57:12 AM
  • Head groundsman Mick Hunt on top form this morning, as ever, but perhaps with an extra spring in his step given all the plaudits he's receiving for the pitch. Pictured here en route to the outfield rather than trying to mow concrete...

    7/21/2014 8:02:13 AM
  • Best foot forward... big day ahead for @benstokes38 & @MattPrior13 . We're on air at 10am on SS2. #EngvInd

  • Both Prior and Stokes owe England some runs should they get in. Prior showed signs of an upturn in form in the first innings but his team-mate - after such an impressive start to his Test career in Australia - has been reduced to a walking wicket of late.
    7/21/2014 8:18:29 AM
  • The word is India's team bus is about 10 minutes away, which is surprisingly early for the tourists. But then you can understand their eagerness.
    7/21/2014 8:22:01 AM
  • India not only early but sneaking in through the ticket office...

    7/21/2014 8:31:45 AM
  • Coming up... Ishant Sharma assesses his work so far & India's chances of a day five victory. #EngvInd 10am SS2

  • Nasser talks Athers through his latest theory about left-handers... Stand by for our latest Cricket Forum...

  • Stand by for our latest Cricket Forum... coming your way very shortly from the Coronation Gardens... #engvind

  • No nets this morning for Cook so a good opportunity for some extended grubber-kick practice...

    7/21/2014 9:23:06 AM
  • Duncan Fletcher isn't going easy on the slips this morning...

    7/21/2014 9:33:28 AM
  • Right, just over five minutes to go until the start of play and there are plenty in to watch - some 8,500 tickets were sold in advance for day five, although many of those have yet to take their seats.
    7/21/2014 9:55:12 AM
  • As we prepare for day five, it is very much ADVANTAGE INDIA...

    7/21/2014 9:56:16 AM
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