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England v SL - 3rd ODI

Live from Old Trafford

  • [rain] County results
    Three games have already been abandoned for the day: Across the Pennines at Headingley (worryingly), down the M1 at Derby and over to the east at Chelmsford. Stay across all county results here
    5/28/2014 11:27:46 AM
  • LCB gazebo setup! Come & see us at #engvsl Royal London ODI & win England Women signed shirt in our free prize draw.

  • [ianbotham] According to the weather radar I've just read, it's not going to stop raining until tomorrow week!

    5/28/2014 11:52:52 AM
    Despite Beefy's pessimism, the covers are being peeled off the square here at Old Trafford. The forecast is very iffy for this afternoon and early evening and we'll need a lot of luck to get a game in. 2pm is the scheduled start time, i'll let you know if that changes as soon as I do
    5/28/2014 11:56:51 AM
  • The rain has relented, the groundstaff are mopping up (again) and now the umpires are out having a look at conditions
  • Pitch inspection taking place here at 1.30pm #EngvSL
  • [twitter] COOK RETURN?
    England captain Alastair Cook is enjoying a lengthy net out the back at Old Trafford and looks set to return at the top of the order after missing the Durham debacle with a groin injury. Who misses out? Michael Carberry? Share your views with us by tweeting @SkyCricket
    5/28/2014 12:08:36 PM
  • Sri Lanka lost 6 for 9 at the end of their innings - their worst collapse since losing 6 for 8 v Aus at MCG 1989/90
  • Over 3 - England 16/0 (Cook 9, Bell 4)
    England need to be 15/0 or 18/1 (or 64/9) after 20 overs to win this on Duckworth-Lewis should the rains come. Important information there. You never know. Cook picks up three for a clip through midwicket, and Bell adds a single with a thick inside edge. A floaty half-volley from Kulasekara gives Cook another chance to whip the ball off his pads and this time he times the ball sweetly enough to get the ball to the rope for four. Next ball finds the outside edge but doesn't carry to second slip.
    5/28/2014 3:38:05 PM
  • Over 4 - England 20/0 (Cook 10, Bell 8)
    Bell works Malinga into the legside for a two and a single. Just to confirm, tea will be taken at 5.50pm if England haven't already reached their target. Fun and games if they're about five runs short and then during tea it starts raining. Cook pinches a good quick single from the last ball of the over.
    5/28/2014 3:42:50 PM
  • Over 5 - England 22/0 (Cook 12, Bell 8)
    Another neat clip off the pads brings Cook two. Those are the only runs from the over. The equation is now 46 to win from 270 balls as the required rate hovers at just above one an over.
    5/28/2014 3:47:30 PM
  • It has not been a good day for Sri Lanka. First real chance goes begging as the catch is dropped: #EngvSL

  • Over 6 - England 27/0 (Cook 13, Bell 12)
    Controlled hook shot from Bell as he drags a Malinga bouncer through midwicket from way outside off stump and scampers three. Drop! Cook pulls the next ball to square-leg where Senanayake drops a relatively straightforward chance moving to his left. England have got the required rate below a run an over.
    5/28/2014 3:51:50 PM
  • Over 7 - England 32/0 (Cook 14, Bell 16)
    Sri Lanka turn to spin with Herath. A thick outside edge to third-man brings two for Bell, who adds a scampered single when his drive is only half-stopped at cover. Cook sweeps to deep square-leg for a single, and Bell adds another with a cut shot. It's got awfully dark again at Old Trafford. There could yet be a rain-based twist here.
    5/28/2014 3:56:21 PM
  • Over 8 - England 40/0 (Cook 19, Bell 19)
    Spin from both ends now as Senanayake enters the attack. Bell drives him through the offside for three before Cook flicks him into the legside for two. An lbw appeal next ball is sent upstairs but is only clipping leg stump, so the original decision stands. Cook cuts the next ball hard behind point for a hard-run three as England look to wrap up victory before any rain comes along.
    5/28/2014 4:01:52 PM
  • [stats] The umpires have been challenged six times in this series and they've won all six!
    5/28/2014 4:02:30 PM
  • Over 9 - England 49/0 (Cook 23, Bell 24)
    Cook picks up two through point before slapping Herath hard to deep midwicket for a single. The next ball is short and wide, a gift for a player who cuts as well as Bell does. Even this slow, damp outfield can't stop that running away for four. Light drizzle is falling here, but the players are staying out there as the over ends with two more singles. Only 19 more runs needed now.
    5/28/2014 4:05:24 PM
  • Chris Jordan raises the match ball after taking 5-29 earlier today

    5/28/2014 4:08:53 PM
  • .@BeefyBotham says Chris Jordan's raw talent makes the England paceman as exciting a prospect as he's seen for years…
  • @tizlad : @BumbleCricket   Saw these at a farm shop. Any good?” Yes, very good

  • @minionrush99 : @BumbleCricket @tizlad have u ever had any?” Lots...
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