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England v SL - 5th ODI

Live from Edgbaston

  • Take a look at Ajantha Mendis' spin variation with England going well on 65-0. #EngvSL

  • Over 13 - Eng 65/0 (Cook 28, Bell 33)
    Mendis starts with a big wide down the leg-side, Bell then advances to drive for three towards midwicket before the over starts to improve, culminating in Cook being beaten outside off-stump aiming a big drive.
    6/3/2014 1:54:29 PM
  • Over 14 - Eng 67/0 (Cook 29, Bell 34)
    Bell rotates the strike with single off Senanayake's first delivery but Cook can't follow suit and, in the end, only just makes his ground scrambling for a drop-and-run single to keep the strike.
    6/3/2014 1:56:50 PM
  • [davidgower] It doesn’t get any easier than that! Mendis was almost embarrassed to take the catch. That completely stopped off the pitch.

    6/3/2014 1:58:54 PM
  • Bell c and b Mendis 37[wicket]

    Bell seemed determined to get himself out during Mendis' over and finally succeeds from the final ball, prodding a tame return catch back to the bowler. Poor delivery but an even worse shot.
    6/3/2014 2:01:15 PM
  • WICKET: Ian Bell goes for 37 after being caught and bowled. England now 76-1. #EngvSL

  • Over 15 - Eng 76/1 (Cook 34, Ballance 0)
    Bell had already twice miscued shots into the leg-side earlier in the over before departing to Mendis. That was the final ball of the batting powerplay and brings Ballance to the crease.
    6/3/2014 2:03:15 PM
  • Over 16 - Eng 79/1 (Cook 36, Ballance 1)
    With the fielding restrictions now relaxed, Dilshan is into the attack to bowl some off-spin. Ballance is off-the-mark first ball with a drive down the ground, one of three singles in the over.
    6/3/2014 2:05:20 PM
  • Over 17 - Eng 84/1 (Cook 39, Ballance 3)
    Two left-handers together now for England and, with the field spread far and wide, they're happy to collect five singles from Mendis' over.
    6/3/2014 2:09:53 PM
  • Over 18 - Eng 88/1 (Cook 42, Ballance 4)
    Cook late cuts for two and there is also a single apiece off Dilshan's over. Time for drinks at Edgbaston.
    6/3/2014 2:12:33 PM
  • England running smoothly on 88-1 from 18 overs. Live on Sky Sports 2 HD now. #EngvSL

  • Senanayake's action is currently under review by the ICC

    6/3/2014 2:15:10 PM
  • Over 19 - Eng 92/1 (Cook 44, Ballance 6)
    Priyanjan, another of Sri Lanka's battery of off-spinners, comes into the attack. He's quite short and has a similar action to Dilshan. Again risk-free singles are the order of the day for Cook and Ballance.
    6/3/2014 2:18:08 PM
  • Over 20 - Eng 98/1 (Cook 46, Ballance 10)
    There's not much happening at the moment as Dilshan continues. Ballance sweeps for the first time, making solid contact to drag it from outside off-stump for two behind square.
    6/3/2014 2:21:19 PM
  • Ballance c and b Malinga 10[wicket]

    Malinga strikes with the first ball of his second spell. Ballance plays too early and, in the end, loops a catch back to Malinga. He pushed his hands at the ball but it didn't come through as quickly as he expected off the pitch. Another odd dismissal.
    6/3/2014 2:22:28 PM
  • WICKET: Ballance goes for 10 after being caught and bowled by Malinga. 98-2. #EngvSL

  • [davidgower] Both wickets today have been gentle lobs back to the bowler and this time it’s an easy catch for Malinga!

    6/3/2014 2:23:49 PM
  • Over 21 - Eng 102/2 (Cook 48, Root 2)
    New batsman Root is off-the-mark first ball with a drive down the ground for a single. Cook pulls a bouncer off his eyebrows for a single to end Malinga's over and keep the strike.
    6/3/2014 2:28:03 PM
  • Skipper Mathews decides the time is right to bring himself on. He's the seventh Sri Lankan to turn his arm over today so far.
    6/3/2014 2:29:30 PM
  • 50 for Captain Cook off 69 balls. England 106-2 at after 22 overs #EngvSL
  • Cook brings up his 19th ODI half-century with England 105-2. #EngvSL

  • @Colly622 : Proud that @joeroot05 has taken over my ODI number 5 shirt. Crackin lad, crackin player and a safe pair of hands.” Cheers lad!
  • [50]Over 22 - Eng 106/2 (Cook 50, Root 3)
    Cook completes his 19th ODI half-century (69b, 3x4) with a couple of singles during medium pacer Mathews' first over. That's the first time he's passed 50 in the format for almost a year.
    6/3/2014 2:32:25 PM
  • [nickknight] A ‘hard-working 50’ I think you’d call it. Lots of ones and just a handful of boundaries (three).

    6/3/2014 2:33:08 PM
  • Over 23 - Eng 114/2 (Cook 53, Root 8)
    Cook is again happy to take on the short ball from Malinga, rolling his wrists on it for a single. Root gets a fine tickle of Malinga's yorker and sends it racing away to fine-leg for four and clips a single in the same region later in the over.
    6/3/2014 2:37:42 PM
  • Root c Sangakkara b Priyanjan [wicket] 10

    Root is given out on review after gloving an attempted reverse sweep up in the air to wicketkeeper Sangakkara. Umpire Gough gave it not out on the field but replays show it was a clear glove and he has to cross his arms on his chest and then raise the finger.
    6/3/2014 2:39:30 PM
  • Ouch.... Root stands for that one...!!!
  • WICKET: Root out for 10 after gloving one to Sangakkara on the reverse sweep. 116-3. #EngvSL

  • [nickknight] It’s a good review because the original decision was ‘not out’. England are just beginning to lose wickets, Gary Ballance a moment ago and now Joe Root...

    6/3/2014 2:41:15 PM
  • Over 24 - Eng 117/3 (Cook 53, Morgan 0)
    Morgan joins Cook in the middle after Root became Priyanjan's fourth wicket in 12 ODIs. Root was through the shot too early - that has been the case with all three dismissals so far.
    6/3/2014 2:44:01 PM
  • Over 25 - Eng 119/3 (Cook 54, Morgan 1)
    Morgan runs a single to third-man for his first run. Cook is fortunate as the final ball of Mathews' over, a cutter, narrowly misses his off-stump. It came back inside his prod.
    6/3/2014 2:48:16 PM
  • Confirmation that tickets will be £20 for Adults following completion of the first innings, £5 for Under 16s #EngvSL
  • Over 26 - Eng 122/3 (Cook 55, Morgan 3)
    Three singles in Priyanjan's over, Cook and Morgan happy to take what's on offer at the moment
    6/3/2014 2:52:55 PM
  • Over 27 - Eng 125/3 (Cook 56, Morgan 5)
    England living dangerously against Dilshan, Morgan almost holes out to midwicket after playing too early and then Cook survives a big lbw shout after missing with a sweep. It struck him outside the line
    6/3/2014 2:55:59 PM
  • [6]Over 28 - Eng 134/3 (Cook 56, Morgan 13)
    Morgan launches the first six of the match with a slog-sweep over long-on after Priyanjan tossed it up.
    6/3/2014 2:57:34 PM
  • Over 29 - Eng 135/3 (Cook 56, Morgan 13)
    Dilshan races through another over, firing it in flat and conceding just a single.
    6/3/2014 2:58:56 PM
  • WICKET: Cook's top edges an attempted paddle sweep and it's 136-4. #EngvSL

  • Cook c Sangakkara b Senanayake 56 [wicket]

    Cook top edges a paddle sweep and the ball loops up for an easy catch to wicketkeeper Sangakkara.
    6/3/2014 2:59:49 PM
  • Hmmm... RT @TheCricketGeek : You can't tell anything from a Sanga appeal”
  • Over 30 - Eng 139/4 (Morgan 17, Bopara 1)
    Anxious moment for Bopara, who stretches forward to his first ball and misses. Sangakkara whips off the bails and the decision is sent upstairs. Replays are inconclusive and Bopara survives, he might just have had part of his studs behind the line. Then again, he might not.
    6/3/2014 3:04:19 PM
  • Bopara survives a stumping, LBW review and run out as England move on to 142-4! #EngvSL

  • Great work.... Keep hanging in there fellows!!! 240 or less should be the target!!
  • WICKET: Five down for England now as Morgan departs on 17 after finding fine leg. #EngvSL

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