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England v Sri Lanka - 4th ODI

Live from Lord's

  • Over 14 - Sri Lanka 63/1 (Dilshan 31, Sangakkara 7)
    Sanga getting frustrated here. He's down the track to Jordan and swiping to leg, but Cook makes a fine diving stop at mid-on to keep Sangakkara pinned down. A miscue over cover brings him a couple, but he doesn't look at all settled here. Most un-Sangakkaralike.
    5/31/2014 10:27:54 AM
  • Over 15 - Sri Lanka 68/1 (Dilshan 35, Sangakkara 8)
    Root continues on his way to figures of 10-0-48-0, livening things up along the way with a waist-high full toss that Dilshan miscues to deep midwicket. Sri Lanka have gone past 67.
    5/31/2014 10:31:30 AM
  • Over 16 - Sri Lanka 77/1 (Dilshan 38, Sangakkara 14)
    Jordan not quite getting it right here, and finally he's punished as Sangakkara pulls him away fine on the legside for four. Nine runs off the over, and the partnership between these two vastly experienced batsmen passes 50.
    5/31/2014 10:35:41 AM
  • Sangakkara has been below-par so far on this tour but he's starting to find his stride here. Sri Lanka are 71-1.

  • Over 17 - Sri Lanka 78/1 (Dilshan 39, Sangakkara 14)
    Good first over from Tredwell. There's plenty of turn, and just a solitary single from the over. Mixed blessing for England, though, seeing the ball spin.
    5/31/2014 10:38:43 AM
  • Over 18 - Sri Lanka 92/1 (Dilshan 40, Sangakkara 27)
    Root changes ends, and is greeted by the first shots of real authority from Sangakkara as he hits two straight boundaries and then adds a third with a cover-drive of almost indecent elegance. Big over for Sangakkara and Sri Lanka before drinks.
    5/31/2014 10:42:00 AM
  • Sangakkara starting to open up now. He's just hit Joe Root for three consecutive boundaries. Classy shots, too.

  • [andrewstrauss] That’s class, pure class from Sangakkara. He created the space for himself by going down the wicket and he’s so strong through the off-side.

    5/31/2014 10:46:23 AM
  • Over 19 - Sri Lanka 97/1 (Dilshan 41, Sangakkara 31)
    Sangakkara spoils another tidy Tredwell over with another sumptuous drive past Ballance's despairing dive at mid-on. After an uncertain start, Sangakkara has played four shots of outrageous class in the last couple of overs.
    5/31/2014 10:49:09 AM
  • Over 20 - Sri Lanka 103/1 (Dilshan 42, Sangakkara 36)
    Sangakkara in full flow now, caressing the final ball of Bopara's first over to the cover boundary. Gorgeous.
    5/31/2014 10:52:39 AM
  • Over 21 - Sri Lanka 109/1 (Dilshan 43, Sangakkara 41)
    Slightly worrying times for England now. The early wicket-taking threat has very much abated. Dilshan and especially Sangakkara looking very comfortable and picking up five and six an over without much fuss.
    5/31/2014 10:57:27 AM
  • Lunch reservations in place in the Coronation Gardens behind the pavilion but for now all eyes are on the cricket.

    5/31/2014 10:59:46 AM
  • Over 22 - Sri Lanka 120/1 (Dilshan 48, Sangakkara 47)
    Two more classy boundaries in the over, the first to Sangakkara clipped through midwicket and the second eased straight back down the ground by Dilshan. These two getting right on top now. Bit of a masterclass this.
    5/31/2014 11:00:25 AM
  • Over 23 - Sri Lanka 123/1 (Dilshan 49, Sangakkara 49)
    Tidy over from Tredwell to restore some control for his captain. Classic Tredders.
    5/31/2014 11:02:58 AM
  • Sangakkara and Dilshan just milking #England for runs at the moment. Both have raced past 50. 126-1.

  • Over 24 - Sri Lanka 131/1 (Dilshan 50, Sangakkara 55)
    [50]Landmark central as Jordan returns to try and get a wicket that England are starting to need quite badly. Fifties up for both Dilshan and Sangakkara as well as the century partnership.
    5/31/2014 11:07:36 AM
  • SL's first centurion @HomeOfCricket in the crowd... Good to see you Sidath Ayya !!!

  • Over 25 - Sri Lanka 134/1 (Dilshan 51, Sangakkara 57)
    Tredwell doing a tidy old job here for his skipper. It's not glamorous, but it's necessary. Bowling slower and slower here and getting just enough assistance from the surface to make it tricky for even these two set batsmen to pick him off.
    5/31/2014 11:12:28 AM
  • [nasserhussain] It looks like 300 could well be on the cards here for Sri Lanka. England need more wicket-taking options in the middle overs.

    5/31/2014 11:15:16 AM
  • Not a bad seat in the house today, although Peter Moores might be sitting slightly uncomfortably as the score ticks along.

    5/31/2014 11:15:54 AM
  • Over 26 - Sri Lanka 137/1 (Dilshan 52, Sangakkara 59)
    Better over from Jordan. Probably his best of the innings. Almost gets one through Dilshan's defences and gives up just three singles.
    5/31/2014 11:16:57 AM
  • #England clutching at straws in attempts to get these two out. Well in.

  • Over 27 - Sri Lanka 141/1 (Dilshan 54, Sangakkara 61)
    Four singles from Tredwell's over, in accordance with the prophecy.
    5/31/2014 11:19:37 AM
  • Nasser has already piled into lunch, and it’s fair to say he’s impressed…
    5/31/2014 11:20:44 AM
  • [nasserhusssain] Once again the food doesn’t disappoint at Lord’s. I’ve just had a lovely chicken tikka masala. First in the queue.

    5/31/2014 11:21:20 AM
  • Over 28 - Sri Lanka 147/1 (Dilshan 55, Sangakkara 66)
    For the first time in quite a while, an error from Sangakkara. The world being the cruel and unjust place that it is, it still brings him four runs as a fine edge off Bopara flies through the vacant slip cordon and down to the fence. Sri Lanka are 147/1, and England need snookers.
    5/31/2014 11:24:15 AM
  • Alastair Cook needs to get his thinking cap on in order to get rid of Sangakkara & Dilshan. 154-1 & cruising along.

  • Over 29 - Sri Lanka 155/1 (Dilshan 57, Sangakkara 72)
    Sangakkara skips down the track and lofts Tredwell effortlessly down the ground for a one-bounce four.
    5/31/2014 11:27:41 AM
  • [twitter]

    5/31/2014 11:29:58 AM
  • Over 30 - Sri Lanka 167/1 (Dilshan 59, Sangakkara 77)
    Bopara slips a slower ball down the legside, and Buttler - up to the stumps - can't get across to cut it off. Five runs for that, and the extra ball is slapped over mid-off for four by Sangakkara. Costly error from Bopara, and the over costs 12 in all.
    5/31/2014 11:31:22 AM
  • Not going to comment on the SL innings ... What you guys reckon .. Should I???Hehehe ..But enjoying it.. #JINX
  • Over 31 - Sri Lanka 173/1 (Dilshan 60, Sangakkara 82)
    More utter brilliance from Sangakkara. England bring deep midwicket in and put long-on out, so Sanga skips down to the pitch of Tredwell's delivery and hits it to the newly vacated deep midwicket fence. This has been a wonderful innings. Struggled early but he's in complete, serene control of matters now.
    5/31/2014 11:35:18 AM
  • Hmmmm.... Everyone wants me to keep shut... I don't #jinx do I??? Cannot believe it... LoL
  • 150 partnership between Sangakkara and Dilshan is up. Fantastic batting in the sunshine at Lord's.

  • Over 32 - Sri Lanka 179/1 (Dilshan 63, Sangakkara 85)
    Cook turns to his main man Anderson in pursuit of a now desperately needed wicket. Doesn't look like happening.
    5/31/2014 11:38:23 AM
  • Over 33 - Sri Lanka 182/1 (Dilshan 65, Sangakkara 86)
    Another tidy Tredwell over. But England need wickets here. Sri Lanka have the perfect platform for a late assault.
    5/31/2014 11:41:42 AM
  • SANGAKKARA MASTERCLASS - as mentioned on air by today's third man, Nick Knight
    5/31/2014 11:41:52 AM
  • Over 34 - Sri Lanka 184/1 (Dilshan 66, Sangakkara 87)
    Excellent over from Anderson. Just two singles from it, and a beautiful delivery shaped just past the outside edge of Dilshan's bat.
    5/31/2014 11:44:21 AM
  • #England have switched to a different method in order to dismiss Dilshan. Rugby tackles. Ankle looks in trouble.

  • Over 35 - Sri Lanka 193/1 (Dilshan 67, Sangakkara 95)
    Lengthy delay here after an accidental collision between bowler Root and non-striker Dilshan. Root dives to try and cut off the ball, and Dilshan trips over him and turns his ankle in the process. Players take the drinks break while Dilshan receives treatment. He seems fine, and will continue. Sangakkara is definitely fine, cruising into the 90s with another gorgeous shot over midwicket after using his feet to get to the pitch of the ball.
    5/31/2014 11:51:49 AM
  • "@RusselArnold69 : Everyone wants me to keep shut... I don't #jinx do I??? Cant believe it" remember the 'no rain' prediction in Galle?
  • Powerplay
    It's Mandatory Batting Powerplay time. Everybody drink.
    5/31/2014 11:54:18 AM
  • WICKET! Dilshan b Anderson 71

    [wicket]Dilshan slogs a boundary legside but then attempts a Dilscoop and has his stumps rearranged. Powerplay brings a wicket; everybody drink again.
    5/31/2014 11:55:39 AM
  • Well played Dilshan!! Superb knock but wrong time to lose wicket.Needed the partnership to go through Power play ...320 from here!!
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