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England v Sri Lanka - 4th ODI

Live from Lord's

  • 5/31/2014 1:44:15 PM
    I chose to listen to certain advice and it didn’t end up working out for me. There is no animosity or hard feeling towards anyone for what I’ve been through. I’m gutted that I’ve missed out on pretty much 12 months of international cricket. That’s been a tricky thing to take and to deal with. There is no animosity; I know who I trust, I know who I work with best. The fact that I’ve had to go through this now hopefully will be a good thing in the long run that I don’t have to go through again.

    5/31/2014 1:45:06 PM
  • Here's the interview in full...
    5/31/2014 1:45:35 PM
  • [twitter]

    5/31/2014 1:52:00 PM
    With England about to begin their chase, our poll shows that 50 per cent of you reckon England can win this. So most definitely in the balance...
    5/31/2014 1:53:03 PM
  • Over 1 - England 3/0 (Cook 1, Bell 1)
    A scampered leg-bye from the first ball of the innings is the 2000th run scored by the Cook and Bell partnership, England's most prolific ever in ODIs. Which says a lot about England in ODIs. Both England's openers off the mark with a single in a typically tidy opening over from Kulasekara.
    5/31/2014 1:56:10 PM
  • WICKET! Cook lbw b Malinga 1

    [wicket]First successful review as Malinga swings one back into Cook's pads in front of off stump. Marais Erasmus must think he's got outside the line, but Hawk-Eye confirms he has not and the England captain has to go.
    5/31/2014 1:59:50 PM
  • OUT! Umpire's decision is overturned for the first time this series. Cook gone for just 1.

  • Over 2 - England 3/1 (Bell 1, Ballance 0)
    Great stuff this from Malinga. After that perfect first delivery did for Cook he sends a yorker arcing towards the base of Ballance's stumps, but he manages to jab down and keep it out. Malinga goes round the wicket for the last ball and Ballance again has to be alert to keep out a perfect yorker. Superb wicket-maiden from Malinga.
    5/31/2014 2:04:16 PM
  • [Twitter]

    Plenty of you showing your support for Finn on Twitter @SkyCricket - keep your views coming. Here's ANDREW STRAUSS' take...

    He was left out of the side because he was too expensive so he was trying to improve and change his bowling but that came at the expense of pace, bounce and hostility. Hopefully the penny has now dropped and he realises that he should stop listening to coaches and take responsibility for his own bowling. His great strength is that he is very driven, dedicated and willing to listen to people but it’s also a weakness as we all know that, out in the middle, there is no-one you can turn to. He needs to be comfortable with what he is doing and it sounds like he is in a better place with Middlesex, but we won’t know for sure until he gets back into the Test-match environment.

    5/31/2014 2:05:13 PM
  • [twitter]

    5/31/2014 2:06:21 PM
  • Over 3 - England 9/1 (Bell 7, Ballance 0)
    Fans of outrageously gorgeous cover-driving (and, let's be honest, who isn't) have had much to enjoy today. After Sangakkara's lovely stuff earlier, now here's Bell with a sweet piece of timing to send the ball racing away to the cover fence. Adds two more with another drive later in the over.
    5/31/2014 2:08:44 PM
  • WICKET! Bell c Jayawardene b Malinga 7

    [wicket]No more lovely driving from Bell today as he hangs his bat at one outside the off stump and edges a Malinga outswinger low to Jayawardene at first slip.
    5/31/2014 2:10:02 PM
  • Shocking start by #England as Malinga strikes again. Bell walks back to the pavilion.

  • [Twitter]

    5/31/2014 2:14:07 PM
  • Over 4 - England 10/2 (Ballance 0, Root 0)
    Malinga dismissed both England openers with the first ball he bowled at them. His current figures a handy 2-2-0-2.
    5/31/2014 2:14:42 PM
  • [nasserhussain] Malinga is on the charge. He had one ball to Cook and got him and he had one ball to Bell and that was enough. There was beautiful shape away; it just nibbled down the slope and Bell didn’t know whether to play or leave. Jayawardene has taken some slip catches in his time and he wasn’t dropping that one.

    5/31/2014 2:15:04 PM
  • Not very often you'll find me this side of the bar! Helping out @hardyswineuk at Lords today #devotedtocricket

  • Another decision overturned as Ballance is given out but hotspot proves otherwise. England survive (for now)!

  • Over 5 - England 16/2 (Ballance 4, Root 0)
    Good work from the third umpire overturns the decision after Ballance is given out caught behind. Hot Spot shows Ballance flicked his pad with the inside edge to create the noise, which real-time snicko confirms comes before the ball has reached the bat. Technology does the job and, for the second time in the innings, the standing umpire is required to change his original decision. Ballance finally off the mark and it's worth the wait as he punches a sweet drive back past the bowler for four.
    5/31/2014 2:20:21 PM
  • Over 6 - England 17/2 (Ballance 4, Root 1)
    Poor from Malinga, who not only fails to take a wicket in this over but also concedes a run as a beleaguered Root gets an edge down to third-man to get off the mark.
    5/31/2014 2:25:48 PM
  • Over 7 - England 21/2 (Ballance 6, Root 3)
    More comfortable at Kulasekara's end as Root and Ballance pick up a pair of singles each, both men steering the ball neatly into gaps behind square on the offside.
    5/31/2014 2:29:02 PM
  • Over 8 - England 28/2 (Ballance 12, Root 3)
    Ballance top edges a Malinga no-ball to long-leg and picks up two runs. Can't do anything with the free hit delivery: a searing yorker that sends leg stump flying. Does land the first blow on Malinga this innings, though, as an attempted yorker turns out as a half-volley and is pinged through square-cover for four.
    5/31/2014 2:34:33 PM
  • Hmmmm.... RT @MichaelVaughan : I will run home Naked if Sri Lanka lose from here......”
  • Over 9 - England 34/2 (Ballance 13, Root 8)
    Shot from Root, carving Kulasekara through point for four. Just some slight signs of life from England here.
    5/31/2014 2:38:21 PM
  • Plenty cheering on England from the Nursery Ground.

    5/31/2014 2:42:13 PM
  • Over 10 - England 34/2 (Ballance 13, Root 8)
    Mathews into the attack to end the Powerplay with a maiden over. Fair to say it's gone Sri Lanka's way.
    5/31/2014 2:42:36 PM
  • Over 11 - England 38/2 (Ballance 15, Root 10)
    Senanayake a whisker away from bowling Ballance in his first over. Neither batsman looks entirely sure what's going on, but they do pick up four singles from the over.
    5/31/2014 2:46:35 PM
  • Over 12 - England 43/2 (Ballance 17, Root 13)
    Both batsmen pick up singles off the edge - a top-edged pull from Ballance, an inside edge from Root - before a thumping cut shot from Ballance is parried by a diving Dilshan at backward point to save three runs. Root nurdles to leg and scampers two.
    5/31/2014 2:50:35 PM
  • Over 13 - England 49/2 (Ballance 20, Root 16)
    Six singles off Senanayake's second over. The England ship just a tiny fraction steadier than it was half-an-hour ago.
    5/31/2014 2:53:57 PM
  • Over 14 - England 52/2 (Ballance 21, Root 18)
    Huge mix-up sees Ballance and Root both at the same end, but Dilshan throws at the end with two batsmen rather than none. Would still have run Root out with a direct hit, but he misses. Guaranteed wicket if he threw to the other end.
    5/31/2014 2:57:15 PM
  • [andrewstrauss] Joe Root is not happy – but all’s well that ends well. Even without the mix-up I think that would have been a very tight single.

    5/31/2014 2:57:43 PM
  • Panic over. Fresh strawberry supplies have arrived after Nasser's earlier onslaught...

    5/31/2014 2:57:56 PM
  • Over 15 - England 58/2 (Ballance 25, Root 20)
    Partnership starting to get going now. Senanayake again knocked about for ones and twos quite cannily by this Yorkshire pair.
    5/31/2014 3:01:31 PM
  • Over 16 - England 62/2 (Ballance 28, Root 21)
    Good cricket here as Ballance plays a delicate late cut but is denied a boundary by a superb diving stop on the rope. The partnership is past 50, and that will be drinks.
    5/31/2014 3:05:04 PM
  • FLINTOFF'S COMEBACK While drinks are taken, check out this video...
    5/31/2014 3:05:54 PM
  • Steady rebuilding from Ballance & Root after a poor start. 50 partnership up as England up to 62-2 after 16 overs.

  • Over 17 - England 66/2 (Ballance 29, Root 24)
    The Yorkshire-based steady recovery continues from Ballance and Root but at some point the required rate is going to have to come into their thoughts. It's up above seven an over now.
    5/31/2014 3:10:07 PM
  • Over 18 - England 71/2 (Ballance 33, Root 25)
    This pair hurrying and scurrying around at least. Boundaries aren't coming, but the ones and twos are arriving with just enough frequency for England to keep a slight foothold in the game. Five off Mendis' first over.
    5/31/2014 3:13:43 PM
  • Over 19 - England 76/2 (Ballance 36, Root 27)
    Five more singles from Priyanjan's first over. This partnership would be the very ideal kind of thing if England were chasing 250.
    5/31/2014 3:17:00 PM
  • Over 20 - England 80/2 (Ballance 29, Root 28)
    Spin bowler bowls over. Batsmen score some ones and twos off it. Just assume that's the case until told otherwise.
    5/31/2014 3:19:02 PM
  • Over 21 - England 85/2 (Ballance 40, Root 32)
    Batting like this is the reason Twenty20 was invented. That's not to particularly criticise Ballance and Root for what they're doing; just to observe that it's not particularly thrilling.
    5/31/2014 3:22:12 PM
  • Ticking over... Root (32*) and Ballance (40*) continue to accumulate. Eng 85-2 off 21. Blog:…

  • [nasserhussain] There have been no boundaries since the ninth over. It’s ok taking the easy runs but Sri Lanka will be quite happy for them to take singles. They’ve got Malinga with six overs up his sleeve.

    5/31/2014 3:25:03 PM
  • Hahaha.... I have no doubt that SL would prefer the win than see @MichaelVaughan naked
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