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England v Sri Lanka, First Test


  • Time for a spot of shirt signing as Sri Lanka continue to tick over nicely...

    6/14/2014 4:03:24 PM
  • Over 105 - Sri Lanka 368/4 (Sangakkara 140, Mathews 54) [50]
    A couple of boundaries off Jordan, whose latest, and perhaps final over, of this spell costs 12. First, Sangakkara telegraphs a short ball and pulls hard to the square-leg boundary and then Mathews moves past 50 with a tickle to the fine-leg boundary. Fine knock from Mathews, who is averaging over 80 as captain of the Test side
    6/14/2014 4:07:31 PM
  • Mathews revelling in the conditions & gets his 50. Him & Sangakkara building a very fruitful partnership. 364/4.

  • Over 106 - Sri Lanka 369/4 (Sangakkara 140, Mathews 55)
    Moeen brings an air of calm to proceedings with just one run off his latest over. We have had nine wickets in 236 overs of play so far and at this rate the game would take nine days to complete
    6/14/2014 4:10:29 PM
  • Sir John Major and Mike Gatting catch up...

    6/14/2014 4:12:29 PM
  • Over 107 - Sri Lanka 374/4 (Sangakkara 144, Mathews 56)
    Cook brings in a couple of catchers on the off side but Sangakkara dissects them beautifully with another dreamy extra cover drive for four more. Plunkett can do little but watch and admire (through gritted teeth)
    6/14/2014 4:15:29 PM
  • Over 108 - Sri Lanka 377/4 (Sangakkara 146, Mathews 57)
    Three more singles added to the Sri Lanka total off Ali and it's time for drinks
    6/14/2014 4:17:19 PM
  • [twitter]

    6/14/2014 4:24:31 PM
  • Prasanna ct Bell bld Plunkett 6
    6/14/2014 4:28:00 PM
  • His head may be down, but the crowd are on their feet. A wonderful innings comes to an end. Ali strikes! #SkyCricket

  • Salute you @KumarSanga2 !!! Enjoyed that knock!!!
  • Over 110 - Sri Lanka 385/5 (Mathews 64, P Jayawardene 0)
    Sangakkara is kicking himself all the way back to the pavilion. He chased a wide one and got a big deflection through to Prior, who caught very well. In comes Prasanna Jayawardene. Can England grab another one or two before stumps?
    6/14/2014 4:30:12 PM
  • [shanewarne] Sangakkara can’t believe it because it was wide but it bounced and turned. It was a good catch from Prior – it’s never easy when you’re up to the stumps and it’s wide. What makes it even better is it’s 5.30pm and the game’s meandering along.

    6/14/2014 4:30:32 PM
  • Over 111 - Sri Lanka 387/5 (Mathews 65, P Jayawardene 1)
    Plunkett is just getting the ball to tail in to these two right-handers. A single for both sees Prasanna get off the mark
    6/14/2014 4:32:43 PM
  • Over 112 - Sri Lanka 387/5 (Mathews 65, P Jayawardene 1)
    Moeen has a spring in his step after the wicket of Sangakkara and sends down a probing maiden to Prasanna
    6/14/2014 4:35:02 PM
  • Moeen Ali celebrates his maiden Test wicket - that of Kumar Sangakkara.

    6/14/2014 4:35:38 PM
  • Over 113 - Sri Lanka 392/5 (Mathews 70, P Jayawardene 1)
    Mathews glances Plunkett's first delivery very fine, so fine in fact that Prior dives off to his left thinking he may have a chance. He doesn't, and the ball races to the boundary. A single to end the over then takes Mathews on to 70
    6/14/2014 4:39:36 PM
  • Over 114 - Sri Lanka 392/5 (Mathews 70, P Jayawardene 1)
    Broad returns for a burst before stumps in place of Ali and beats Mathews with a peach, shaping in and then hitting the seam and leaving the right-hander. The Sri Lanka captain is digging in, realising the importance of this final spell before stumps
    6/14/2014 4:44:37 PM
  • [twitter]

    6/14/2014 4:48:47 PM
  • Over 115 - Sri Lanka 396/5 (Mathews 70, P Jayawardene 5)
    Close! Things are just beginning to happen for England at the end of what has been a long and tiring day for their bowlers. Plunkett bangs in a short ball which Prasanna fends off with his glove/arm and lobs just over Cook at first slip and away for four. How England would like to expose the Sri Lankan tail before stumps...
    6/14/2014 4:49:45 PM
  • Over 116 - Sri Lanka 400/5 (Mathews 73, P Jayawardene 6)
    The scoreboard is beginning to look rosy for Sri Lanka fans. The 400 comes up after a controlled hook shot brings Mathews two more. Prasanna still looks a little suspect though and England will continue to pepper him
    6/14/2014 4:53:23 PM
  • Prasanna ct Bell bld Plunkett 6 [wicket]

    Bell takes a beauty at leg slip. Prasanna flicked Plunkett very fine and Bell was positioned perfectly to stick out two hands and take the catch! Great reactions
    6/14/2014 4:56:04 PM
  • Over 117 - Sri Lanka 400/6 (Mathews 73, Kulasekara 0)
    A wicket-maiden for Plunkett and a wicket he richly-deserved after steaming in and bending his back without reward for most of the day. Kulasekara is the new batsman
    6/14/2014 4:58:42 PM
  • Sharp reactions from Bell to pouch that one...

    6/14/2014 4:59:57 PM
  • Over 118 - Sri Lanka 401/6 (Mathews 74, Kulasekara 0)
    England, rejuvenated by the two wickets since tea, are building some pressure late in the day. Broad troubles new man Kulasekara with some short stuff. We will play through until 6.30pm BST due to a slow over-rate
    6/14/2014 5:04:31 PM
  • Over 119 - Sri Lanka 406/6 (Mathews 75, Kulasekara 4)
    After being peppered by Plunkett and wearing a nasty blow on his finger, Kulasekara says enough is enough and takes on the pull shot over midwicket to find the boundary last ball. Encouraging signs for England, though, and the Sri Lanka No 8 does not look comfortable out there
    6/14/2014 5:08:12 PM
  • Over 120 - Sri Lanka 406/6 (Mathews 75, Kulasekara 4)
    Kulasekara receives treatment on his hand before Broad's latest over, which is a maiden. England continue to press...
    6/14/2014 5:12:07 PM
  • @AndrewGuest8 : @SkyCricket @BumbleCricket where is Malinga for SL?” Retired from Tests
  • Over 121 - Sri Lanka 408/6 (Mathews 76, Kulasekara 5)
    Drop! Kulasekara takes on a Plunkett short ball again and hits high and not very far. Anderson sprints round to square-leg, puts in the dive but cannot hang on with a one-handed effort. In hindsight he could have gone with two hands but it would be harsh to criticise Anderson's effort there. Kulasekara survives...
    6/14/2014 5:18:09 PM
  • Anderson over-reached for the ball and had more time than he thought, says Strauss.

    6/14/2014 5:18:25 PM
  • Kulasekara ct Prior bld Jordan 9 [wicket]

    Jordan strikes! Angled in, the ball just left Kulasekara off the seam and found the edge through to Prior
    6/14/2014 5:22:17 PM
  • [mikeatherton] It was a good delivery from Jordan – it angled in, held up and found the edge and it was a simple catch through to Matt Prior.”

    6/14/2014 5:23:51 PM
  • Over 122 - Sri Lanka 413/7 (Mathews 77, Herath 0)
    England are finishing the day strongly here. The lead is still substantial - 162 to be precise - and Herath is the next man in. Can England pinch another wicket from the final two/three overs of the day?
    6/14/2014 5:24:21 PM
  • Jordan strikes! Line & length too tempting for Kulasekara. Prior takes the catch. #SriLanka 414/7.

  • Over 123 - Sri Lanka 414/7 (Mathews 78, Herath 0)
    Mathews is now turning down runs in an attempt to keep Herath off strike - a dangerous game to play. Just a single added from Plunkett's latest over and Herath survives the final ball of the over. One more to come today...
    6/14/2014 5:28:00 PM
  • Over 124 - Sri Lanka 415/7 (Mathews 79, Herath 0)
    Mathews adds a single and Herath survives the final ball of an intriguing third day
    6/14/2014 5:32:07 PM
  • Day Three close
    And that is that for day three. England fought back well in the evening session on a day that belonged to Kumar Sangakkara, who wrote his name on the Lord's Honours Board with a brilliant century, his first at the Home of Cricket. Sri Lanka close on 415-7 - trailing England by 160. Stay here for all reports and reaction...
    6/14/2014 5:33:50 PM
  • And that is that for day three. Hard to separate the two teams with two days to go. #SkyCricket #EngvSL

  • Our post-match interview with Kumar Sangakkara will be online at shortly. #EngvSL

  • Plenty more to come today - highlights, analysis and the chance to have your say on #TheVerdict #EngvSL

  • Join Paul Allott and guests as they debate the stories behind the headlines on CWOT from 9am tomorrow. #EngvSL

  • Our build-up to a crucial first session on day four begins at 10.30am on Sky Sports 2. #EngvSL

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  • England's hard-working bowlers have given their side a great chance of winning the first Test, says Sir Ian Botham:…
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