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England v Sri Lanka, First Test


  • How good was that hundred from Mathews.... Very well played Skipper!!! Another one on the honour board @HomeOfCricket
  • Powerful boundary from Mathews brings up his ton! Great knock from the skipper. Sri Lanka 441-8 #EngvSL #SkyCricket

  • Over 135 - Sri Lanka 441/8 (Mathews 102, Eranga 1) [100]
    100 for Mathews! The Sri Lanka captain joins Sangakkara on the Lord's Honours Board in style with a boundary through the covers off Anderson's final delivery. Brilliant knock from Mathews and he's not finished yet
    6/15/2014 10:54:36 AM
  • Nass and Shane commentate on the moment that Mathews reaches his hundred...

    6/15/2014 10:56:18 AM
  • Mathews' wagon wheel as seen on our iPad app. Download it here:

    6/15/2014 10:57:06 AM
  • Cannot disagree.. RT @andrewffernando : Sounds like sacrilege, but that's a better ton than Sanga's. #played #EngvSL
  • OUT! Third umpire confirms the end for Mathews. Finishes on 102 as he's out LBW. Sri Lanka 442-9. #SkyCricket

  • Mathews lbw Plunkett 102 [wicket]

    Plunkett strikes four balls into his first over of the day! A full delivery wraps Mathews on the pads and umpire Bowden raises the finger. Mathews reviews but replays confirm it was hitting leg stump, just!
    6/15/2014 10:58:46 AM
  • Errr.... Another "Umpires Call" to England
  • Over 136 - Sri Lanka 442/9 (Eranga 2, Pradeep 0)
    Great over from Plunkett, who nearly wraps up the innings when beating No 11 Pradeep's edge first ball. Sri Lanka trail by 133
    6/15/2014 11:03:12 AM
  • For the stats nuts, Mathews' was also the 100th century at Lord's against England. #EngvSL
  • Over 137 - Sri Lanka 443/9 (Eranga 3, Pradeep 0)
    Anderson continues to toil away but Eranga keeps him at bay before tucking a single off his toes last ball to keep strike
    6/15/2014 11:06:29 AM
  • [davidlloyd] If England can get this last wicket quickly and score at roughly the same rate as they did in their first innings, they could be 400 ahead by the end of the day. They could even put Sri Lanka in for half-an-hour this evening…”

    6/15/2014 11:07:34 AM
  • Over 138 - Sri Lanka 449/9 (Eranga 5, Pradeep 0)
    Frustration beginning to creep in for England when Eranga punches Plunkett for two through the covers and then deflects a leg-side delivery off his thigh pad and to the fence. England have not bowled enough deliveries at the stumps today. They lead by 126
    6/15/2014 11:10:39 AM
  • Pradeep hit wicket Jordan 4 [wicket]

    A rather dramatic conclusion to the Sri Lanka innings when Jordan hits Pradeep with a well-directed short ball and Pradeep falls back on to his stumps
    6/15/2014 11:14:20 AM
  • All out! Pradeep takes a blow on the shoulder & clatters in to his stumps. Sri Lanka 453 ao. #SkyCricket #EngvSL

  • Sri Lanka 453 all out!
    So England will take a 122-run lead into their second innings after dismissing Sri Lanka for 453. Anderson and Jordan picked up three wickets apiece and it will now be up to Cook and co to bat with some purpose in order to rack up a sizable lead before having another go with the ball on a flat surface
    6/15/2014 11:16:04 AM
  • Reverse angle... Nice touch from Jordan, who immediately went to check Pradeep was ok.

    6/15/2014 11:16:23 AM
  • The Sri Lanka scorecard after they're dismissed for 453. Sangakkara & Mathews with centuries. #SkyCricket #EngvSL

  • That last wicket from Jordan sees him finish with figures of 3-102. #SkyCricket #EngvSL

  • So England lead by 122runs going into the second innings. Can they still gain victory? #SkyCricket #EngvSL

  • [mikeatherton] These will be nervy moments for Sam Robson and Gary Ballance at numbers one and three. When you are a bit nervous you want to get bat on ball so you can go searching for runs and shots. They’ll look to get themselves in and there is still a lot of time left in the game but if they do get themselves in they need to bat in the interests of the team and push on and get Sri Lanka in tonight.

    6/15/2014 11:21:18 AM
  • Over 1 - England 1/0 (Robson 1, Cook 0)
    Robson, who scored just one in his first Test innings, gets off the mark with a single through backward square-leg. Cheers from the home fans. A touch of swing from Kulasekara across Cook to end the over
    6/15/2014 11:28:36 AM
  • For those that missed Pradeep's dismissal, here's another angle of him clattering his stumps. #SkyCricket #EngvSL

  • Russel reckons Pradeep will look back on this for years to come and laugh...
    6/15/2014 11:31:19 AM
  • Over 2 - England 1/0 (Robson 1, Cook 0)
    A watchful start from Robson, who will be feeling a little but of pressure from the game situation, which does require England to push on with time running out. Pradeep shows no ill-effect of his dismissal with a testing maiden
    6/15/2014 11:32:13 AM
  • Umpire Bumble just swotting up on the rules on trial run-ups after Pradeep tried his out for good measure before that over... Not allowed in-play, he reckons...

    6/15/2014 11:34:14 AM
  • Over 3 - England 5/0 (Robson 1, Cook 4)
    Captain Cook gets up and running with a boundary. Offered some width from Kulasekara, the England left-hander guides a cut along the floor past gully and away to the boundary. The only runs from the third over
    6/15/2014 11:36:49 AM
  • Over 4 - England 17/0 (Robson 4, Cook 12)
    A good over for England, which sees Cook drive Pradeep to the fence on two occasions, once a little edgy through gully, the second perfectly out the middle through extra cover. Robson had earlier added three with a confident clip through midwicket and appears to be growing in confidence
    6/15/2014 11:41:53 AM
  • Over 5 - England 23/0 (Robson 10, Cook 12)
    Kulasekara has been too straight to Robson, who tucks fine off his hip and away for his first boundary in Test cricket. He reaches double figures as a result after clipping two off his pads earlier in the over. Decent start from England, who lead by 145
    6/15/2014 11:45:33 AM
  • Eranga joins the attack for Sri Lanka. Steady start from Cook & Robson, moving on to 23-0. #SkyCricket #EngvSL

  • Over 6 - England 24/0 (Robson 10, Cook 12)
    Robson looks a little hesitant outside off stump and new bowler Eranga plays on any uncertainty by testing the Middlesex man in the 'corridor'. Just one leg-bye off the over. 10mins until lunch
    6/15/2014 11:50:40 AM
  • Don't miss the return of Club Life at lunch, featuring the Wirral CC team bowled out for three...…
  • Over 7 - England 24/0 (Robson 10, Cook 12)
    A defensive maiden from Kulasekara to Cook, who leaves well alone well outside off stump
    6/15/2014 11:54:19 AM
  • Over 8 - England 24/0 (Robson 10, Cook 12)
    Back-to-back maidens from Sri Lanka as England play for lunch. Only one run added from the last four overs. Let's hope England up the ante after the interval. One more over to come this morning, to be bowled by Herath
    6/15/2014 11:58:03 AM
  • Over 9 - England 27/0 (Robson 10, Cook 15)
    Cook works Herath off his legs through midwicket for three runs and Robson sees out the remainder of the over and session. A decent morning's work from England - who lead by 149
    6/15/2014 12:01:15 PM
  • England reach lunch on 27-0, a lead of 149. How the should the hosts play the next two sessions? #SkyCricket #EngvSL

  • PODCAST: Is Ballance cut out to bat at three? What has made Sangakkara so great? Paul Allott and his pals assess:,2049…
  • Lunch
    An entertaining morning session there, which saw Angelo Mathews reach 100 before England mopped up the tail to take a 122-run lead into their second innings. Cook (15*) and Robson (10*) have extended that to 149 and will look to increase the tempo after a spot of lunch. Stay tuned for more updates after the break
    6/15/2014 12:03:22 PM
  • England reach lunch at 27-0 with a lead of 149. How should they play the last two sessions? #'EngvSL #SkyCricket

  • Time for some Lord's entertainment, courtesy of the Outswingers...

    6/15/2014 12:08:09 PM
  • "No way!" Video coming in a mo...

    6/15/2014 12:21:50 PM
  • .@magicromil baffles Nasser and Strauss.

    6/15/2014 12:24:41 PM
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