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England v Sri Lanka, First Test


  • Over 73 - England 269-5 (Prior 32, Root 75)
    Just a single for Prior from Herath's over. An hour left in the day's play, so we won't be getting a full 90 overs here.
    6/12/2014 4:30:04 PM
  • Over 74 - England 273-5 (Prior 36, Root 75)
    Two twos for Prior off Mathews. Not the best spell of bowling this, with Prior able to get short balls away through midwicket and past point.
    6/12/2014 4:32:05 PM
  • Over 75 - England 274-5 (Prior 36, Root 76)
    Root knocks Herath through midwicket for a single. Tidy but non-threatening stuff from the left-arm spinner.
    6/12/2014 4:34:35 PM
  • Over 76 - England 278-5 (Prior 39, Root 77)
    Prior will spend the rest of the evening batting in a shirt with a huge brown-green stain down the front of it after he's forced to dive full-length to make his ground to complete a scampered two. Just about safely done.
    6/12/2014 4:38:51 PM
  • Over 77 - England 282-5 (Prior 42, Root 78)
    Field spread now, and Prior picks the gaps with ease to collect a two through midwicket and a single through cover. Root joins in with a nurdle to mid-on. Herath's got the wrong field here.
    6/12/2014 4:41:31 PM
  • Over 78 - England 287-5 (Prior 46, Root 79)
    [4]Prior moves within one shot of 50 with a controlled, steered edge down to the third-man boundary off Mathews. Sri Lanka look subdued here now after making such a bright start this morning.

    6/12/2014 4:45:43 PM
  • Lord's a picture as Mathews bowls to Prior.

    6/12/2014 4:47:16 PM
  • Over 79 - England 289-5 (Prior 46, Root 81)
    Might just be time for Root to get a third Test century - and his second at HQ - before stumps are pulled tonight. Yet another flick off the pads brings him two more runs. New ball available after the next over.
    6/12/2014 4:48:19 PM
  • Over 80 - England 294-5 (Prior 47, Root 85)
    [4]Lovely shot from Root, clipping the ball to the midwicket fence off Mathews. The happiest man on the ground is Herath, who was giving leisurely pursuit from mid-on and, just for one horrifying moment, thought the ball might pull up short of the rope. Root and Prior could probably have run five.
    6/12/2014 4:52:18 PM
  • Over 81 - England 299-5 (Prior 47, Root 89)
    Kulasekara takes the new ball midway through the 81st over. There's swing for him, but from too straight a starting line which allows Root to tickle the ball down to the fine-leg fence to move within 11 runs of a century.
    6/12/2014 4:57:19 PM
  • Matt Prior reaches fifty! That's his 28th in 76 test matches. Great knock! #EngvSL

  • Prior's fifty, as seen from the comms box...

    6/12/2014 5:01:16 PM
  • Over 82 - England 309-5 (Prior 56, Root 90)
    Prior drives Pradeep through the covers for four to reach his half-century. If you ever needed an example of the fine margins that can mean everything to a cricketer you need look no further than Prior's second ball today when he was out lbw, but not sufficiently out for the third umpire to overturn Paul Reiffel's not out decision. Played with increasing confidence since then, and picks up another four through the offside here as England rattle past 300 and towards the far off promised land of 400. A steer to deep point brings a single, before Root moves into the 90s and brings up the hundred partnership with a flick off his toes.
    6/12/2014 5:01:59 PM
  • This dog is eagerly waiting to see if Joe Root makes his hundred. Sky Sports 2 for all the action! #EngvSL

  • Root's stats at HQ - so far.

    6/12/2014 5:05:22 PM
  • Over 83 - England 309-5 (Prior 56, Root 90)
    Maiden over from Kulasekara to keep Root stuck on 90. Movement with this second new ball, but it's at a very gentle pace indeed. It's all a bit different from the winter.
    6/12/2014 5:06:46 PM
  • [shanewarne] Root has been outstanding today. He really has looked busy from the word go.

    6/12/2014 5:10:52 PM
  • Over 84 - England 314-5 (Prior 60, Root 91)
    Couple of singles off Eranga before Prior works him away through the legside and scampers hard to get back for two. Sri Lanka looking weary in the field. Picks up another easy single to keep the strike. Batting looking very easy now.
    6/12/2014 5:12:26 PM
  • Over 85 - England 321-5 (Prior 65, Root 91)
    Good batting, poor bowling. First two balls of Kulasekara's over are short and wide. Prior smashes the first past point for four and, as the man goes back to the fence, calmly steers the next one for a single. Prasanna Jayawardene, who has had a scruffy day behind the stumps, then makes a mess of a legside take to give up two byes.
    6/12/2014 5:16:56 PM
  • Over 86 - England 327-5 (Prior 70, Root 92)
    Couple of singles to start the over before Prior flicks for four to the fine-leg fence. He's flying now. What a daft old game this is. Might even beat Root to three figures.
    6/12/2014 5:20:42 PM
  • Huh??? Old friend?? How old is he??RT @sanath07 : Watching the match with my old friend

  • Hahaha .. Good one Haze.. Hope alls well!! RT @HazeCricket : "Dumburu balla" ... #EngvSL 🐕✔”
  • Over 87 - England 334-5 (Prior 72, Root 97)
    Lovely shot from Root, surely his best of the day, as he leans on a full delivery from Kulasekara and hits it straight back where it came from and up to the boundary in front of the pavilion steps. Huge gap at point, and Root helps himself to an easy single there. Prior again scampering for all he's worth to get back for two after top-edging a hook down to fine-leg where Herath is once again the reluctant fielder.
    6/12/2014 5:25:54 PM
  • And there it is! Joe Root reaches his century after nearly five hours at the crease. The dog will be happy: #EngvSL

  • Warner salutes Root's hundred...

    6/12/2014 5:28:40 PM
  • Over 88 - England 341-5 (Prior 76, Root 100)
    [100]There it is! Root marks his return to the side with a century as he scampers the three runs he needs after clipping Herath through midwicket. Really fine innings, been busy and on it from the start. Fighting his technique at the start, but in full control now. Prior joins in with the celebrations by hitting Herath over mid-on for four.
    6/12/2014 5:30:34 PM
  • Very good day for England ...a nearly day for Sri Lanka ....Root assured century ...Prior , after close lbw call , belligerent #crackon
  • Over 89 - England 344-5 (Prior 76, Root 102)
    Pradeep starts the final over of the day with a no-ball. Not going to go down well with his team-mates. Root still full of energy scampers a two as the final over passes without incident. Great day for England in the end.
    6/12/2014 5:34:42 PM
  • And that is Day One done! England will be very pleased, as will the two current batsmen, Prior and Root: #EngvSL

  • Reminder that #TheVerdict is coming your way at 9pm and we want YOU to get involved. We'll be tweeting your way shortly, stay with us.
  • [betting]Having started the day at 11/10, England end it as 4/6 favourites to win the first Test with Sri Lanka out to 8/1 now and the draw 13/8. 
    6/12/2014 5:41:42 PM
  • [twitter]

    6/12/2014 6:02:54 PM
  • [twitter]

    6/12/2014 6:03:44 PM
  • Moeen Ali had a very promising debut. Send us your thoughts on the player using #TheVerdict and we'll get a selection into the show.
  • We'll revisit Ali later on, but what about the captain Alastair Cook? Give us your thoughts on his first test bat of the summer. #TheVerdict
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  • Really happy this eve. Great to see the smiles on the debutants faces and the batting of @joeroot05 and @MattPrior13 was world class.
  • @ahmed_zalim123 : @BumbleCricket sir what do you think about the bowling attack of sri lanka” pleasant
  • Day 2 - England to resume on 344-5
    6/13/2014 5:59:34 AM
  • You beauty!

    6/13/2014 6:53:08 AM
  • Generous Waitrose folk . Left bottles of Eddie Bloominecks Fruit Cup . Just the thing 4 an Accrington lad
  • Nasser Hussain on @SkySportsNews : "England will want 550 and they'll want it quickly." #EngvSL

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