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England v Sri Lanka, T20

The Oval

  • Over 9: Sri Lanka 76/2 (Vithanage 37, Thirimanne 14)
    Vithanage reverse sweeps for another four, just clearing a leaping Bopara at backward point. Again Sri Lanka happy to get a boundary off Tredwell early in the over and then push it around for singles.
    5/20/2014 5:37:59 PM
  • Vithanage c Carberry b Woakes 38[wicket]

    Vithanage cuts high to Carberry on the cover boundary. He'd been dropped the previous ball by Jordan at backward point.
    5/20/2014 5:40:02 PM
  • Batting index: Finch 198, Yuvraj Singh 176, Kohli 175, Watson 173. Chandimal has a batting index of 107. #EngvSL

  • Over 10: Sri Lanka 79/3 (Thirimanne 15, Chandimal 1)
    Vithanage was fuming, he just guided a catch to Carberry. He should have tried to hit it much harder. The previous delivery, Jordan was left wringing his hands after putting down a low chance after Vithanage threw the hands into a full toss. Woakes greets new batsman Dinesh Chandimal with a sharp bouncer.
    5/20/2014 5:43:24 PM
  • Chandimal c Hales b Root 7[wicket]

    One ball after launching a big six with the same shot, Chandimal slog-sweeps high in the air and Hales sets himself and takes a steepling catch at long-on with reverse hands.
    5/20/2014 5:44:39 PM
  • [6]Over 11: Sri Lanka 86/4 (Thirimanne 16, Mathews 0)
    Root suckered Chandimal into that shot, throwing it up a little wider than the previous ball which had disappeared a long way. Angelo Mathews is the new batsman.

    5/20/2014 5:46:34 PM
  • Over 12: Sri Lanka 90/4 (Thirimanne 17, Mathews 3)
    Woakes is bowling quick today, comparable pace - 87 mph - with Jordan on the speed gun. He's used the bouncer effectively. Mathews gets going with a couple off his pads. Decent yorker to end the over.
    5/20/2014 5:50:15 PM
  • [6]Over 13: Sri Lanka 99/4 (Thirimanne 24, Mathews 5)
    Tredwell's over is ruined by the final ball, which is dispatched for six  over square-leg - one of the longest boundaries on the ground - by Thirimanne.
    5/20/2014 5:54:07 PM
  • Nasser less than impressed with the condition of the outfield where the nets used to be situated...

    5/20/2014 5:54:54 PM
  • Over 14: Sri Lanka 108/4 (Thirimanne 30, Mathews 6)
    Sri Lanka are getting a boundary in each over and ensuring they pick up their ones and twos from the other balls. Thirimanne drives Bopara's four ball over extra cover.

    5/20/2014 5:57:47 PM
  • Mathews c Root b Tredwell 15 [wicket]

    Mathews hits a six straight down the ground but falls trying to repeat the dose from the final ball of Tredwell's allocation. Tredwell tossed it up a bit more and Root did the honours at long-off.
    5/20/2014 6:01:07 PM
  • Mathews holes out to long off and WASP drops down to 168 with SL 122-5 off 15 overs. Remember, WASP has 170 as par.…
  • [6]Over 15: Sri Lanka 122/5 (Thirimanne 37, Thisara Perera 0)
    Tredwell's final over is expensive, costing 14 runs but the wicket of Mathews from the final delivery gives him figures of 1-41.
    5/20/2014 6:02:41 PM
  • [6]Over 16: Sri Lanka 137/5 (Thirimanne 38, Thisara Perera 14)
    Thisara Perera slashes a cut down to third-man for his opening boundary after Woakes offers too much width and then gets the bottom hand involved to plant a six into the stand at midwicket. Huge hit.
    5/20/2014 6:06:00 PM
  • Some hefty blows from Thirimanne off Woakes and WASP surges up to 182 with SL 138-5 off 15.2 overs.
  • [dropped-catch]Over 17: Sri Lanka 141/5 (Thirimanne 40, Thisara Perera 16)
    A diving Tredwell puts down a one-handed chance at backward point after Thirimanne slices a full toss. Would have been a great catch. Jordan is up at 91 mph to finish an excellent over, just four singles from it.
    5/20/2014 6:11:32 PM
  • [davidlloyd] This one went like a rocket. Tredwell dives away and saves three. This is really good over from Chris Jordan. The last delivery was 91mph.

    5/20/2014 6:11:45 PM
  • Thirimanne c Hales b Gurney 40 [wicket]

    Gurney strikes with his first ball back into the attack, Thirimanne driving a full toss high in the air to give Hales a high catch on the boundary.
    5/20/2014 6:12:57 PM
  • [dropped-catch]Over 18: Sri Lanka 152/6 (Thisara Perera 26, Kulasekara 1)
    Should have been two wickets in the over but Thisara Perera is reprieved after miscuing into the off-side. Carberry calls for the catch - Morgan could also have got to it - but puts it down. Wasn't difficult. Thisara Perera carves the final ball of Gurney's over down to - you guessed it - third-man for four more.
    5/20/2014 6:17:28 PM
  • [nasserhussain] You don’t want to drop Perera – he can really hurt you – but I’m liking the look of Gurney at the death.”
    5/20/2014 6:18:20 PM
  • [6]Over 19: Sri Lanka 174/6 (Thisara Perera 48, Kulasekara 1)
    Thisara Perera is making England pay for that drop, smashing Jordan's over for 22 runs. Jordan started with a dot and the next five balls went 4-4-6-4-4. The first four is carved to third-man, the next driven down the ground, a full toss sails for six to midwicket and then two more fours follow in the same region.

    5/20/2014 6:24:02 PM
  • [davidlloyd] England will think they’ve done so much well in this game but it is going away from them. Sri Lanka’s strong suit is their bowling.

    5/20/2014 6:24:44 PM
  • Thisara Perera run out (Gurney) 49 [wicket]

    Thisara Perera is denied a half-century off the final delivery of the innings. His straight drive goes into the stumps and bowler Gurney is able to pick up the ball and remove one of the stumps from the ground with plenty of time to spare. That also denies him a 20-ball half-century, which would have been the fastest by a Sri Lankan in T20 internationals.

    5/20/2014 6:27:09 PM
  • Over 20: Sri Lanka 183/7 (Kulasekara 9)
    Sri Lanka have scored a LOT of runs to third-man in this innings, Kulasekara finding that boundary once in an otherwise excellent final over from Gurney, who finishes with 2-26 on his T20 international debut.
    5/20/2014 6:28:03 PM
  • Nasser's verdict... with a guest appearance by Bumble.

    5/20/2014 6:31:38 PM
  • So England need something special...

    5/20/2014 6:33:53 PM
  • [twitter]

    5/20/2014 6:36:07 PM
  • Kulasekara will take the first over for Sri Lanka. Carberry on strike.
    5/20/2014 6:41:10 PM
    5/20/2014 6:42:19 PM
  • Over 1: England 9/0 (Carberry 7, Hales 0)
    Kulasekara starts with a wide and is fortunate his second ball - also shaping down the leg-side - is not also called. Carberry gets his first T20 international run with a push down the ground for two. Carberry is beaten outside off-stump but - after another wide - he cuts a short ball for four in fine style. After a quick single for Carberry, Hales shoulders arms at the final delivery. England need 175 off 114 balls.
    5/20/2014 6:46:53 PM
  • Carberry c Kulasekara b Mathews 7[wicket]

    Carberry advances to drive but slices it high in the air and Kulasekara on the third-man boundary takes the catch reaching forward after initially misjudging the trajectory.
    5/20/2014 6:48:49 PM
  • [nasserhussain] It was a good catch in the end – he misjudged it and had to come forward to take it low down.”

    5/20/2014 6:50:01 PM
  • Over 2: England 11/1 (Hales 1, Bell 1)
    Surprise to see Mathews handed the new ball. Skipper Lasith Malinga saving himself for later. Ian Bell joins Hales in the middle after Carberry's exit. Both batsmen open their accounts with singles. England need 173 off 108 balls.
    5/20/2014 6:52:36 PM
  • WASP says England have a 17 per cent chance of winning after reaching 11-1 off two overs - Carberry (7) the man out:…
  • [dropped-catch]Over 3: England 17/1 (Hales 1, Bell 6)
    Bell chips over mid-on for his first boundary but is then dropped by Kulasekara in his follow-through from another return drive. Tough chance, the bowler had to go low to his left with one hand. England need 167 off 102 balls.

    5/20/2014 6:57:31 PM
  • [6]Over 4: England 30/1 (Hales 12, Bell 8)
    Lakmal decides to test out Hales with a couple of short balls, the first is top-edged for six to fine-leg and the second pulled for four to square-leg in emphatic fashion. England need 154 off 96 balls.
    5/20/2014 7:00:30 PM
  • Over 5: England 44/1 (Hales 17, Bell 13)
    Sachithra Senanayake into the attack as Sri Lanka turn to spin for the first time. Hales cuts for four after being given the chance to free his arms outside off-stump. Bell misses with the reverse sweep but it still disappears for four leg byes via his thigh pad. Bell does get four for himself with a more orthodox shot, forced through the covers off the back foot after picking up the length early. Bell ends the over by missing with another reverse sweep. England need 140 off 90 balls.
    5/20/2014 7:05:37 PM
  • [nickknight] Sri Lanka need a wicket so here comes Malinga – England have forced him into the attack.”

    5/20/2014 7:05:57 PM
  • Bell c Kusal Perera b Malinga [wicket] 13

    Malinga's introduction brings the wicket of Bell, skying a drive high into the covers.
    5/20/2014 7:09:49 PM
  • Bell (13 off 17) falls to Malinga off the penultimate ball of the powerplay, in which Eng post 49-2 (run-rate 8.17):…
  • Over 6: England 49/2 (Hales 22 ,Root 0)
    Bell had been dropped at slip - a regulation chance - earlier in Malinga's opening over but it didn't prove costly. Hales cracks the final ball of the over through the covers for four, he certainly seems to have a liking for these Sri Lankan bowlers. Root is the new batsman. England need 135 off 84 balls.
    5/20/2014 7:12:25 PM
  • 5/20/2014 7:12:38 PM
  • Alex Hales - 23no off 13 balls

    5/20/2014 7:14:03 PM
  • Over 7: England 54/2 (Hales 23, Root 4)
    Root living dangerously early in his innings; he had to put in a full-length dive to regain his ground after being sent back and then pulled a short ball from Mathews in the air but short of the man back at midwicket. England need 130 off 78 balls.
    5/20/2014 7:15:31 PM
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