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Froch v Groves II LIVE!

Boxing expert Simon Crawford brings you live updates from Carl Froch v George Groves and the undercard.

  • Boxing expert Simon Crawford will be providing live, interactive updates from Carl Froch v George Groves II at Wembley, as well as the stellar under card. Text commentary begins 1730BST on Saturday evening.
    5/30/2014 11:47:45 AM
  • 5/30/2014 2:40:11 PM
  • Good evening and welcome to our live coverage of tonight's Froch v Groves II bill from a sold out Wembley Stadium. In just about four hours time the two boxers will make their way to the ring in front of 80,000 fight fans. The build-up has once again been intense and opinion is divided about who will have their arm raised at the end. Of course, we all know what happened in that dramatic first meeting in Manchester last November. World champion Froch was floored in the opening round and by the halfway mark challenger Groves appeared to be on course for victory. But Froch fought back and referee Howard Foster stopped the contest in the ninth round after deeming Groves was in no position to continue. It was a massive call that many thought was wrong - but whatever your opinion it has at least brought us this intriguing rematch from the national stadium. We also have a stellar undercard featuring Anthony Joshua, Jamie McDonnell, Kevin Mitchell and James DeGale. We will bring you round-by-round coverage of all tonight's bouts as well as reaction, odds and fight photos.
    5/31/2014 4:45:16 PM
  • Groves was controversially stopped in the ninth round back in November

    5/31/2014 4:57:48 PM
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    5/31/2014 5:05:16 PM
  • First fight of the night sees heavyweight Anthony Joshua up against Matt Legg from Milton Keynes. The 2012 Olympic gold medallist has won all five of his fights in the paid ranks so far and has not been seriously tested. Legg, 38, is not likely to change that even though he has won seven of his nine fights to date. Joshua looks the real deal and is surely destined to be a future world champion. The fighters are due out in about 15 minutes ...
    5/31/2014 5:13:23 PM

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    5/31/2014 5:22:43 PM
  • Legg has made his way to the ring and Wembley is barely 10 per cent full - but you know that by 2130 it will be and the atmosphere will be electric. Joshua appears in a black and gold robe and waves to the crowd as he enters the ring. MC John McDonald makes the introductions before the fighters come together for their final instructions.
    5/31/2014 5:36:21 PM
  • ROUND ONE: Legg comes out throwing big shots but is hit with an upper cut. He is certainly giving it a go but quickly hits the canvas after a thundering right hand and he is counted out.
    5/31/2014 5:38:19 PM
  • The doctor examines Legg who seems OK, if a little shaken and the official time is one minute and 23 seconds as Joshua earns his sixth straight win after barely breaking sweat.
    5/31/2014 5:41:23 PM
  • Promoter Eddie Hearn reveals that Joshua's next outing will be on July 12 against veteran Matt Skelton in Liverpool. Skelton is vastly experienced and could give Joshua a test, but not enough to halt this winning run.
    5/31/2014 5:44:41 PM
  • Next up we have Doncaster's Jamie McDonnell against Thailand's Tabtimdaeng Na Rachawat for the vacant WBA bantamweight title.
    5/31/2014 5:52:36 PM

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    5/31/2014 5:53:01 PM
  • ROUND ONE: McDonnell towers over his opponent as they touch gloves at the start. Na Rachawat has won 52 of his 54 fights but has never boxed outside of Thailand so is something of an unknown quantity. The Yorkshireman has quickly settled behind a stiff jab and is looking to double up with the right. Na Rachawat has not offered anything so far and has shipped several decent shots. The fight is halted with McDonnell losing his gumshield but a solid start that sees him take the first round.
    5/31/2014 5:58:17 PM
  • ROUND TWO: A better start from Na Rachawat who is looking to cut down the ring and he unloads some hooks, but McDonnell blocks them with his arms. The Thai keeps coming forward but McDonnell is picking him off. Na Rachawat was more positive and I'll give him that round.
    5/31/2014 6:02:36 PM
  • ROUND THREE: Some water has to be wiped away from the Na Rachawat corner before the third can get under way. The Thai lands with a solid left hook to the body, but McDonnell responds with two rights of his own. The pace is fast and the Thai is bustling forward - he lacks power and is looking to wear his opponent down. McDonnell takes a right hook to the side of the chin and has a cut over his left eye after a clash of heads.
    5/31/2014 6:06:59 PM
  • ROUND FOUR: McDonnell looks to keep the fight at distance but again finds himself backed up on the ropes. The Yorkshireman slips an attack and lands with a solid right hand. Better round for McDonnell who reasserted his control and lands with a terrific right near the end of the round.
    5/31/2014 6:10:41 PM
  • ROUND FIVE: McDonnell is finding ways to force Na Rachawat back and seems to be fighting at a tempo more to his liking. His jab is solid and he is finding occasional success to the body. Certainly his punches are more eye-catching for the judges.
    5/31/2014 6:14:44 PM
  • ROUND SIX: McDonnell's cut seems to be under control but again the Thai makes a purposeful start and backs his opponent to the ropes where he unloads with hooks. Good work by McDonnell sees him land with a double right hook but still his opponent is not discouraged and bounces forward again. Halfway and I have McDonnell 4-2 ahead.
    5/31/2014 6:19:01 PM
  • ROUND SEVEN: The stats are saying that McDonnell has landed almost double the amount of punches Na Rachawat has and in my opinion has thrown the better quality shots. It looks as though the Thai is finally starting to slow down and the Yorkshireman is starting to dictate. However, his gumshield is out for a second time which temporarily halts his momentum. Another round to McDonnell even though Na Rachawat goes back to his corner with his arms raised.
    5/31/2014 6:22:39 PM
  • ROUND EIGHT: A delay as Na Rachawat has to excess water wiped off him. McDonnell is again working behind that jab and is still finding success with his rights. Na Rachawat is a hugely game fighter, but he appears to be running out of ideas now. McDonnell is a very skillful fighter and is starting to flow now as he takes another round.
    5/31/2014 6:27:16 PM
  • ROUND NINE: Great start by McDonnell with some neat combinations with his back against the ropes. Na Rachawat is relentless nad has barely taken a backward step, but is now getting caught more regularly. A closer round but McDonnell takes it again with his better quality attacks.
    5/31/2014 6:31:06 PM
  • ROUND 10: A solid left hook from McDonnell at the start of the 10th and he surely must be well ahead on points now - I have him 7-2 ahead now so only something catastrophic can prevent him picking up his second world title. BANG! McDonnell lands with a superb left hook to the point of the chin and Na Rachawat is counted out. He got to his feet and was all over the place with his senses still scrambled. A superb win - the gameplan executed virtually to perfection.
    5/31/2014 6:36:04 PM
  • Na Rachawat looks to be OK which is good to see because it was a sickening punch, right on the button and few people would have recovered from it.
    5/31/2014 6:38:43 PM
  • Next up is Kevin Mitchell against Ghislain Maduma. It was due to have been a final eliminator for the IBF world lightweight title, but the Londoner 29-year-old weighed in at 10st 6lbs 11oz at the check-in, with IBF rules stating he cannot weigh more than 10lbs over on the morning of the fight. The IBF lightweight limit is set at 9st 9lbs, with Mitchell 12lbs over, and it means he may not get an automatic shot at IBF lightweight champion Miguel Vázquez.
    5/31/2014 6:45:45 PM
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    5/31/2014 6:46:09 PM
  • Mitchell misses weight

    Sporting LifeKevin Mitchell has failed the check weigh-in for his Froch-Groves II undercard bout against Ghislain Maduma.
    5/31/2014 6:49:08 PM
  • Wembley is now much fuller and Eastender Mitchell gets a huge ovation.
    5/31/2014 6:51:02 PM
  • ROUND ONE: Mitchell looks to be the aggressor but Maduma has eye-catching hand speed and it's a bit a cagey chess match at the start. Both men land with decent jabs and it's an even opening round.
    5/31/2014 6:54:43 PM
  • ROUND TWO: Better work by Mitchell at the sart of the second, working well behind a stiff jab. It's a slow pace and both fighters have plenty of respect for each other so there's not too much in the way of meaningful action.
    5/31/2014 6:58:37 PM
  • ROUND THREE: Maduma is looking to force the pace now and lands with a couple of decent rights. Mitchell is still very cautiousas though he's scared of being countered, but he must try to seize the initiative.
    5/31/2014 7:02:07 PM
  • George Groves' arrival at the stadium is shown on the big screen and he gets a very mixed reception - a 50/50 fight with a 50/50 crowd I would say!
    5/31/2014 7:03:24 PM
  • ROUND FOUR: Maybe the shock of failing the weigh-in this morning has upset Mitchell, but he is lethargic and allowing 29-year-old Maduma to take charge. The Londonder is being pushed back and Maduma is warming to his task now, much more aggressive in his attacks.
    5/31/2014 7:06:04 PM
  • ROUND FIVE: Decent left hook from Mitchell but no follow up and he needs to be throwing more punches to try and make some kind of impression. Maduma finishes the round well and the two touch gloves as the bell goes and Mitchell must be behind on the cards.
    5/31/2014 7:10:48 PM
  • ROUND SIX: A decent exchange in the corner where Mitchell gives as good as he gets and he's going to have to start taking chances to turn this round. But Maduma lands with two lightning right hands and finishes the round on top.
    5/31/2014 7:14:19 PM
  • ROUND SEVEN: Good right upper cut from Mitchell at the start should give him some encouragement. The Londoner is finally starting to force Maduma back and is scoring well with the left hand. Mitchell is pouring it on - does he sense that the Canadian is starting to look tired?
    5/31/2014 7:18:04 PM
  • ROUND EIGHT: Maduma starts fast and is throwing plenty of shots, but this time Mitchell is slipping them easily and is now countering well. The fight has turned dramatically and there is no obvious reason why that should be other than Mitchell is now standing his ground. Maduma is looking fatigued but Mitchell still looks fresh and strong. However, I feel he may have to win every round from now on in to take the decision.
    5/31/2014 7:22:53 PM
  • ROUND NINE: Maduma lands with a good shot to the body and looks to have regained some of his earlier poise. Good hooks follow and Mitchell looks rattled again and is being picked off. A big right hand forces Mitchell to hold on but the West Ham fan battles back with a couple of scoring left hands. Maduma still in the lead for me.
    5/31/2014 7:26:21 PM
  • ROUND 10: A big right forces to Mitchell to back up, but Maduma fails to follow up and instead complains about being hit around the back of the head. The Londonder is caught twice by right hands but for his sake there are just single shots. Mitchell does go down but it is rightly deemed a push.
    5/31/2014 7:30:40 PM
  • ROUND 11: Mitchell is going to have a produce some fireworks in these last two rounds to get the decision here as I now have him two points down. Mitchell lands with a left hook. It looks innocuous but Maduma's legs have turned to jelly and MItchell attacks with the referee stepping and he gives him a standing count. Mitchell swarms forweard and lands with another left hook to the chin which puts Maduma down. He beats the count but the referee waves it off.
    5/31/2014 7:35:41 PM
  • Well I asked for fireworks and Mitchell responded! I think fatigue played a big part but the left hook that dropped Maduma was a very good punch. Mitchell was two points down going into the 11th and has just got himself out of trouble! Hopefully now he has earned himself a world title shot.
    5/31/2014 7:37:22 PM
  • Anthony Joshua bags quick win

    Sporting LifeAnthony Joshua powered to six wins from six professional fights with a first-round blow-out of Matt Legg.
    5/31/2014 7:38:53 PM
  • Jamie McDonnell wins WBA belt

    Sporting LifeJamie McDonnell has been crowned WBA bantamweight champion after beating Tabtimdaeng Na Rachawat.
    5/31/2014 7:39:19 PM
  • Next up we have James DeGale who takes on American Brandon Gozales in a final eliminator for the IBF super-middleweight title.
    5/31/2014 7:47:40 PM
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    5/31/2014 7:48:11 PM
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