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Heineken Cup Live!

welcome to our coverage of the Heineken Cup semi-finals as Saracens host Clermont Auvergne on Saturday and Toulon take on Munster on Sunday.

  • [penalty-rugby] Toulon 3-3 Munster
    Toulon are trying to run the ball from their own 22 - Munster turn the ball over and then they win a penalty - Keatley makes it all square after 7 minutes. No respecting the kicking here - hoots and horns are blaring out!  
    4/27/2014 2:39:17 PM
  • Toulon 3-3 Munster
    Toulon try and get a rolling maul going but munster have their measure and win the scrum - great work from the likes of Paul O'Connell and Varley to hold Toulon up.
    4/27/2014 2:42:17 PM
  • Toulon 3-3 Munster
    Munster win a free kick from that scrum and tap it quickly. Keatley dinks it over the Toulon defence and wilkinson has to get back to get the ball out - lineout for Munster.
    4/27/2014 2:44:28 PM
  • Toulon 3-3 Munster
    Munster compete well for Toulon's lineout and really disrupt  it. BJ Botha looks to have turned the ball over in Toulons 22 but Wayne Barnes blows for a Munster knock-on. 
    4/27/2014 2:46:30 PM
  • Toulon 3-3 Munster
    Another penalty at the scrum - this time for Toulon as Dave Kilcoyne is penalised for not scrummaging straight.
    4/27/2014 2:47:23 PM
  • Toulon 3-3 Munster
    Toulon have their tales up and go through some nice moves as they look for sonme space for the likes of Habana and Bastareaud- Conor Murray puts in a high tackle on Drew Mitchell and Jonny steps up.
    4/27/2014 2:49:19 PM
  • Toulon 6-3 Munster
    All seems well with the Wilkinson boot as he gives Toulon the lead once again. 
    4/27/2014 2:49:59 PM
  • Toulon 6-3 Munster
    Paul Wallace not happy with Wayne Barnes interpretation of the scrum: Shocking refing of scrum by Barnes. 2 obviously pens by Hayman dropping to knees yet gives against Kilcoyne #should know better #hcup
    4/27/2014 2:52:08 PM
  • Toulon 6-3 MunsterWallace won't be happy with that either as Kilcoyne is penalised once again and Wayne Barnes gives him a warning.
    4/27/2014 2:53:17 PM
  • Toulon 6-3 Munster
    Toulon go for touch and get a superb maul going - Munster are powerless to stop it and are penalised for trying to pull the maul down.
    4/27/2014 2:55:02 PM
  • Toulon 6-3 Munster
    A rare miss from Wilkinson - a real let off for Munster. 
    4/27/2014 2:56:37 PM
  • This is one that Wilkinson got over earlier!

    4/27/2014 2:57:47 PM
  • [penalty-rugby] Toulon 9-3 Munster
    Wilkinson has a chance to make amends for his earlier miss - that's more like it from the prince of Toulon! 
    4/27/2014 2:59:39 PM
  • Toulon 9-3 Munster
    A great up and under from Felix Jones is not cleaned up by the Armitage bros and Munster flood all over them. Keith Earls makes a great run into Toulon's 22. Munster win a penalty after Juan Fernandez Lobbe comes in from the side. Ref wants the TMO to have a look at what happened to Conor Murray. barnes deems he has made contact to the face and it's a yellow card for Juan Fernandez Lobbe! 
    4/27/2014 3:04:08 PM
  • [penalty-rugby] Toulon 9-6 Munster
    Lobbe is flabbergasted by that - he did look to be going for the ball  - Keatley narrows the gap for Munster though
    4/27/2014 3:05:20 PM
  • [drop-goal-league] Toulon 12-6 Munster
    From the restart Munster knock it on and Toulon pounce! Wilkinson is not messing around and slots over a lovely drop goal! 
    4/27/2014 3:07:17 PM
  • [penalty-rugby] Toulon 12-9 Munster
    Munster finally get a penalty at the scrum as Barnes says Carl Hayman's feet went from under him - Keatley has no problem with the kick! 
    4/27/2014 3:09:47 PM
  • [penalty-rugby] Toulon 15-9 Munster
    Toulon hit straight back again - Munster hold on to that retsart but knock it on trying to run it out of their 22 and are then pinged for being offside trying to regather the ball. Wilkinson takes the gap back to six points.
    4/27/2014 3:12:02 PM
  • [penalty-rugby] Toulon 18-9 Munster
    Another penalty for Toulon - this one is far out though and Delon Armitage steps up - that is some kick and he nails it! 
    4/27/2014 3:15:33 PM
  • [half-time] Toulon 18-9 Munster
    Toulon will be happy to go into the break with a nine point lead - even when they were down to 14 men they were still dangerous. Munster need to really hold onto that ball and, as Paul Wallace always says, earn the right to go wide! 
    4/27/2014 3:17:46 PM
  • [half-time] 
    Toulon 18-9 MunsterMunster have not got past three or four phases - they need to be 7, 8, 9 phases against toulon and really move Toulon around a little bit. They will be fuming because they are defending well but giving away silly turnovers, they really need to start building! 
    Alan Quinlan's half-time thoughts
    4/27/2014 3:27:10 PM
  • [betting]Who's going to cross the whitewash in the second-half then? Here's some 'Anytime Tryscorer' odds from Sky Bet. Bet in-play here.

    4/27/2014 3:27:50 PM
  • Toulon 18-9 Munster
    Jonny Wilkinson kicks us off for the second half - Munster will be hoping that they can cut down on their mistakes and get back into this game. 
    4/27/2014 3:30:56 PM
  • Toulon 18-9 Munster
    Toulon looking for some width and a clever inside pass from Delon Armitage almost sees Habana away - vital tap tackle from James Downey brings the Springbok flyer down! 
    4/27/2014 3:32:59 PM
  • Toulon 18-9 Munster
    Habana charges down a Keith Earls kick and is away! The ball goes wide and it looks like Delon Armitage has put his brother over! But the TMO reveals that his foot was in touch -  a great tackle from Simon Zebo to deny Toulon! 
    4/27/2014 3:35:25 PM
  • Toulon 18-9 Munster
    Toulon still on the hunt though but Bastareaud knocks on and Munster get hold of the ball for the first time this half! They are under all sorts of trouble though as Toulon swarm all over them. Munster really have to dig deep for this period. 
    4/27/2014 3:38:20 PM
  • Toulon 18-9 Munster
    Toulon get the maul going from a lineout  - Habana blast through the middle and well into the 22 - ball goes out to Roussow who comes at pace but loses it and Earls clears up. Munster get the free-kick from the scrum and Keatley clears the lines. 
    4/27/2014 3:39:52 PM
  • Toulon 18-9 Munster
    Another Munster penalty at the scrum. Keatley goes for the corner  -Munster need to get their famous maul going here! 
    4/27/2014 3:43:14 PM
  • Toulon 18-9 Munster
    Munster win the penalty after Toulon are penalised for collapsing the maul - BJ Botha and Danie Roussow throw some handbags at each other - old Blue Bulls pals! Keatley goes for the corner! 
    4/27/2014 3:45:18 PM
  • [try]TRY!Toulon 18- 16 Munster
    Munster maul that ball before Conor Murray peels off the blind side draws his man and passes to Zebo who is over - he does not look like he got that one down at the first try but Barnes is happy and awards it! Keatley adds the extras! 
    4/27/2014 3:47:08 PM
  • Toulon 18- 16 Munster
    We shall see what Toulon have got now - it has been all them this half but Munster have responded brilliantly and got the try! 
    4/27/2014 3:48:00 PM
  • Toulon 18-16 Munster
    Munster have the chance to take the lead after Toulon are penalised - a superb kick under pressure from Keatley but it drifts wide. 

    4/27/2014 3:50:50 PM
  • Toulon 18-16 Munster
    Toulon try to be a bit too fancy and offload the ball once to often - that gives the ball back to Munster who look to attack - they have an extra man outwide but Conor Murray knocks the ball on. 
    4/27/2014 3:54:07 PM
  • Toulon 18-16 Munster
    What a steal from CJ Stander to give Munster a great attacking option - but Keatley then knocks on in the line. Delon Armitage kicks it forward for Smith to chase but Felix Jones has it well covered. 
    4/27/2014 3:56:27 PM
  • [yellow-card] Toulon 18-16 Munster
    Anything Stander can do Steffon Armitage can do better! That is one heck of a steal that has Toulon storming up the flank chasing a Jean-Charles Oriol kick! Keith Earls is then yellow carded for tackling David Smith without the ball! 
    4/27/2014 3:58:57 PM
  • [penalty-rugby] Toulon 21-16 Munster
    Jonny steps up and slots that over to give Toulon a little bit of breathing room.
    4/27/2014 3:59:40 PM
  • Toulon 21-16 Munster
    Munster are really going to have to hold on with 14 men - Giteau puts in a wonderful touch-finder that puts a lot of pressure on Munster. O'Connell rises high and Munster rumble out of their 22 and win a penalty! 
    4/27/2014 4:02:07 PM
  • Toulon 21-16 Munster
    Munster looking to use their forwards here as they work towards Toulon's 22. Zebo and Felix Jones then have a go but Toulon defence holding firm. JJ Hanrahan dinks it through and Delon Armitage cleans it up 0 however he passes back to Mitchell instead of kicking it. The former wallaby is under pressure and just clears it. Munster have a good attacking lineout in the opposition's 22. 
    4/27/2014 4:06:51 PM
  • Toulon 21-16 Munster
    Munster win a penalty as Toulon take out a jumper in the air - it's a kick for the corner! 
    4/27/2014 4:07:39 PM
  • Toulon 21-16 Munster
    Munster threaten the Toulon line but the french giants turn the ball over and Zebo has a race on his hands to get back. Keatley looks for the corner but slices it and it's a lineout to Toulon on the halfway line.
    4/27/2014 4:09:35 PM
  • Toulon 21-16 Munster
    We head into the final five minutes as Bastareaud tries to barge his way through. 
    4/27/2014 4:13:07 PM
  • Toulon 21-16 Munster
    Toulon try and get a maul going -  Munster do well to deny them and win the scrum.
    4/27/2014 4:15:35 PM
  • Toulon 21-16 Munster
    Great tackle from David Smith to put Munster on the back foot. Earls loses the ball just outside his 22 and Toulon attack. 
    4/27/2014 4:16:48 PM
  • [penalty-rugby] Toulon 24-16 Munster
    Munster penalised for not rolling away from the tackle area and Jonny Wilkinson and that left boot of his step up to make it an eight point lead with a minute to go! 
    4/27/2014 4:18:21 PM
  • Toulon 24-16 Munster
    Munster are on the attack for one final time looking to have the final say in this game, but it is to no avail as Toulon's defence holds firm 
    4/27/2014 4:20:35 PM
  • [full-time] Toulon 24-16 Munster
    Toulon win a penalty and Wilkinson hoofs the ball off. Munster will rue their performance in the first half but defending champions Toulon head to Cardiff to take on Saracens. 
    4/27/2014 4:22:07 PM
  • [betting]Here's how the bookmakers price up the odds on who will lift the trophy, with Toulon favoured over Saracens. Bet on the Heineken Cup Final here.

    4/27/2014 4:49:59 PM
  • Thanks for joining us this weekend! Two great games and it is going to be a cracking final! 
    4/27/2014 5:03:36 PM
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