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Heineken Cup live!

Live coverage of the Heineken Cup quart-finals

  • Munster 13-9 Toulouse
    That's another scrum penalty for Toulouse -McAlister kicks Toulouse well into the Munster half. Paul O'Connell steals the lineout but Yacouba Camara comes through and wins the ball back for the visitors. the ball goes wide and Felix Jones puts in a  great tackle on Maxime M├ędard. Both of them are down injured but look okay.
    4/5/2014 1:11:53 PM
  • Munster 13-9 Toulouse
    McAlister's tries a  cross-kick for Gear to chase but it's a bit too hard for him to take and he spills it into touch - Earls looked like he had that well covered too. 
    4/5/2014 1:13:20 PM
  • Munster 13-9 Toulouse
    O'Connell is dominant in the air as Munster try and set up another driving maul from the lineout. A clever box kick from Murray sees Hosea Gear knock it on and Munster have a scrum. 
    4/5/2014 1:15:14 PM
  • Munster 13-9 Toulouse
    Words of wisdom from referee Nigel Owens to the front rows: "If you don't like to scrummage then you are in the wrong positions.Sort it out."
    4/5/2014 1:16:39 PM
  • Munster 13-9 Toulouse
    Heading into the final minute and Munster win a penalty - they opt to kick for the corner and get a driving maul going from the lineout. It's a superb effort as they move well into the 22. The ball goes out and Casey Laulala tries to get an ambitious pass out of the tackle to Felix Jones who knocks it on.
    4/5/2014 1:19:01 PM
  • [half-time] Munster 13-9 Toulouse
    What a half that was! Munster will have the wind in the next 40 minutes and will hope that Toulouse keep on making unforced errors.

    4/5/2014 1:19:41 PM
  • [willgreenwood] "Munster;s intensity in defence  is something that works so well for them, but if they do not go as one and if they leave doglegs then it could come back and bite them!"
    Will Greenwood concerned that  Munster's defence may crack in the second half
    4/5/2014 1:27:37 PM

  • We are back for the second half - no changes have been made on either side as Keatley gets us underway!
    4/5/2014 1:32:35 PM
  • Munster 13-9 Toulouse
    4/5/2014 1:32:39 PM
  • Welcome to our coverage of the Heineken Cup quarter-finals. It promises to be a fantastic day with three mouth-watering clashes. First up is Munster v Toulouse - KO at 13.30. Then we head to Stade Marcel Michelin to see if Leicester can end Clermont Auvergnes incredible 74 home win run. We end the day with Saracens trip to Ulster which will kick off at 18.30.Sky SportsApr 5, 2014 at 1:09 PM

    4/5/2014 1:32:53 PM
  • Munster 13-9 Toulouse
    Ian Keatley gets the second half under way! 
    4/5/2014 1:33:38 PM
  • Munster 20-9 Toulouse
    [try] Munster have started the second half like they started the first!  A superb driving maul sets them up nicely - Conor Murray looks like he is over but it's loosehead prop Dave Kilcoyne who get Munster's second try! Keatley adds the extras.

    4/5/2014 1:35:26 PM
  • Munster 30-16 Toulouse
    Munster wina penalty at the scrum - Conor Murray threatens to tap and go but is calmed down and Keatley steps up and slots it comfortably. 
    4/5/2014 2:00:18 PM
  • Munster 30 -16
    Earls shows exceptional pace as he chases his own kick but Yacouba Camara just gets there before him. 
    4/5/2014 2:01:55 PM
  • [try] Munster 35 -16 Toulouse
    Toulouse try and be too clever from that 22 drop out and Munster have plenty of numbers outwide - it's Casey Laulala who goes over. Keatley misses the conversion but it looks like it is Munster heading to the semis! 
    4/5/2014 2:03:31 PM
  • [try] Munster 35-21 Toulouse
    Tekori goes over for Toulouse - is it too little too late though? Beauxis adds the extras
    4/5/2014 2:12:29 PM
  • This was one of those days where everything went well for us and everything came off. We got off to a good start and we were disciplined for the rest of the game. It was a brilliant performance from everyone - we lost peter [O'Mahoy] early on but it was a great day. 
    Paul O'Connell reflects on a  great win for Munster
    4/5/2014 2:28:52 PM
  • I just thought I had big boots to fill. But in a game like this the support is so great and they lift you on the pitch. We had our game plan and we stuck to that. Our defence really helped us until the end.
    Man of the match CJ Stander on coming on for skipper Peter O'Mahony
    4/5/2014 2:31:02 PM
  • He is everything you want when you sign a foreign player. He has stuck in the middle of all the jokes, he sits in the  back of the bus and he is just an incredible guy. he has has a lot of disappointment with selection through the year but he still bounces into training and is the life and the soul of the party, we are very lucky to have him. For him to come off the bench and be the man of the match is incredible. 
    Paul O'Connell on CJ Stander
    4/5/2014 2:33:18 PM
  • [betting]Next up it's Clermont v Leicester, and the French side are the big favourites with the bookmakers, with Sky Bet offering 5/1 on a win for the Tigers. Bet on the Heineken Cup here.

    4/5/2014 2:34:53 PM
  • I was nervous coming into this game but this is just huge. Toulouse were just ambushed by Munster. the relentless intensity was the key for me today. Toulouse never threatened - they never really built pressure. 
    Alan Quinlan on Munster's win
    4/5/2014 2:38:07 PM
  • Clermont v Leicester - KO 4pm
    4/5/2014 2:40:12 PM
  • Nigel owen laying down the law to the front rows during the Munster v Toulouse game
    4/5/2014 2:49:23 PM
  • Nigel Owens laying down the law during the Munster v Toulouse game

    4/5/2014 2:49:30 PM
  • Clermont Auvergne 0-0 Leicester
    Next up is Leicester unenviable task of going to Stade Marcel Michelin to take on Clermont Auvergne who have not lost at home in 74 games. Can Richard Cockerill's men end this unbelievable run?
    4/5/2014 2:53:31 PM
  • [betting]Who will grab the first try in Clermont v Leicester then? Here's the first five favourites according to Sky Bet's odds. Bet here.

    4/5/2014 2:55:13 PM
  • Cockerill urges his side to have a go

    4/5/2014 2:56:16 PM
  • When you go to somewhere like Clermont it is all about belief. that starts in training - Leicesetr on the road always put up a big fight. they will be confident that they can go and  put a l;ot of pressure on Clermont and see if they crack. I don't think they will, but who knows!
    Paul Walllace weighs up Leicester's chances against Clermont
    4/5/2014 2:58:51 PM
  • Clermont Auvergne 0-0 Leicester
    Owen Williams kicks us off - Parra takes the ball and Brock James hoofs the ball down the line. Mathew Tait picks it up and looks to grubber it through -  a bit too much on it though as the adrenalin flows.
    4/5/2014 3:03:49 PM
  • Clermont Auvergne 0-0 Leicester
    That is a  rock solid scrum from Clermont and James finds a beautiful touch. Leicester lose the lineout and their is huge pressure on Leicester. hang on, the assistant referee steps in and says Leicester lost the lineout because of some interference! 
    4/5/2014 3:05:50 PM
  • Clermont Auvergne 0-0 Leicester
     A good kick from Ben Youngs  puts Jean-Marcellin Buttin under pressure in his own 22  - ref claims a knock on though and it's a scrum to Clermont.
    4/5/2014 3:07:30 PM
  • Clermont Auvergne 0-0 Leicester
    Chance for Leicester as they turn the ball over - for a moment they had an overlap on the outside with Goneva but  Tuilagi looks for Tait on the inside. Clermont win the ball at the breakdown and Fofana breaks! Not sure he could believe how it opened up for him.
    4/5/2014 3:10:25 PM
  • Clermont Auvergne 0-0 Leicester
    Clermont trying to build something but some great defence from Leicester - especially Tuilagi who is not afraid to get stuck in. 
    4/5/2014 3:12:15 PM
  • Clermont Auvergne 0-0 Leicester
    Slow ball from Leicester and Owen Williams goes for the cross kick for Blaine Scully to chase. The ball goes out, Clermont go for the quick throw in but it is deemed a knock on. Scrum to Leicester
    4/5/2014 3:14:57 PM
  • Clermont Auvergne 0-0 Leicester
    Aurelien Rougerie  puts in a great tackle on Manu Tuilagi and wins the penalty after Tuilagi is penalised for holding onto the ball. 
    4/5/2014 3:16:07 PM
  • Clermont Auvergne 0-0 Leicester
    Ed Slater does great work to steal a Clermont lineout  - Jordan Cranme tidies up but Clermont pile on the pressure and win a scrum. 
    4/5/2014 3:17:16 PM
  • [penalty-rugby] PENALTY! Clermont Auvergne 3-0 Leicester
    Clermont bring their big men into action to get some great momentum and they win a penalty. Parra opens up the scoring for the home side. 
    4/5/2014 3:19:11 PM
  • [penalty-rugby] PENALTY! Clermont Auvergne 19-7 Leicester
    Leicester are penalised for slowing the ball down and  are warned about the amount of penalties they are giving away - meanwhile Parra slots his fourth penalty of the game. 
    4/5/2014 3:48:26 PM
  • [half-time] Clermont Auvergne 19-7 Leicester
    Clermont are well in the driving seat but Leicester still have a glimmer of hope thanks to that Jordan Crane try. 
    4/5/2014 3:49:56 PM
  • [betting]How crucial could the next try be then? Clermont are odds-on to get it and convert, though Leicester's need is much greater. Bet in-play here.

    4/5/2014 3:52:44 PM
  • Brock James and Morgan Parra wrap up Manu Tuilagi

    4/5/2014 3:53:05 PM
  • Clermont Auvergne 19-13 Leicester
    A nice break from Goneva which is carried on by Allen. This is good work from Leicester - Tuilagi tries to get down the right hand touch line but Nalaga is more than a match for him in the power stakes and bundles him into touch.
    4/5/2014 4:22:16 PM
  • [penalty-rugby] PENALTY! Clermont Auvergne 19-13 Leicester
    Clermont win the lineout and rumble up field through a very impressive driving maul. Clermont win the penalty - Rolland warns Leicester that one more infringement and they will see yellow. James steps up but hooks it left! 
    4/5/2014 4:24:30 PM
  • [penalty-rugby] PENALTY! Clermont Auvergne 19-16 Leicester
    Blaine Scully does superbly well in the air to take a Owen Williams cross kick - and wins a penalty for Leicester. Williams makes this a three point game! 
    4/5/2014 4:27:32 PM
  • Clermont Auvergne 19-16 Leicester
    With 20, minutes to go this is still anyone's game - who will hold their nerve?
    4/5/2014 4:28:59 PM
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