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Heineken Cup live!

Live coverage of the Heineken Cup quart-finals

  • Welcome back to the second day of our Heineken Cup quarter-final coverage. Arguably we have saved the best for last as Toulon and Leinster battle it out for a place in the semis against Munster. As well as the battle for a semi-final spot, we also have two legends of the game meeting for the final time. Who will triumph - Jonny Wilkinson and Toulouse or Brian O'Driscoll and Leinster? Find out from 4.30 pm.

    Toulon 29-14 Leinster: FT

    Ulster 15-17 Saracens: FT
    Munster 47-23 Toulouse: FT
    Clermont Auvergne 22-16 Leicester: FT

    4/6/2014 2:17:08 PM
  • 22 times french opposition have come to Thomond park and not once have the got a victory. However the difference today is that Toulouse are four times winners of the Heineken Cup.
    Frankie Sheahan sets the scene for Munster v Toulouse

    4/5/2014 12:19:50 PM
  • Munster: 15 Felix Jones, 14 Keith Earls, 13 Casey Laulala, 12 James Downey, 11 Simon Zebo, 10 Ian Keatley, 9 Conor Murray, 8 James Coughlan 7 Tommy O'Donnell, 6 Peter O'Mahony (c), 5 Paul O'Connell, 4 Dave Foley, 3 BJ Botha, 2 Damien Varley, 1 Dave Kilcoyne.
    Replacements: 16 Duncan Casey, 17 John Ryan, 18 Alan Cotter, 19 Donncha O'Callaghan, 20 CJ Stander, 21 Duncan Williams, 22 JJ Hanrahan, 23 Gerhard van den Heever.

    Toulouse: 15 Maxime Médard, 14 Yoann Huget, 13 Florian Fritz, 12 Gaël Fickou, 11 Hosea Gear, 10 Lionel Beauxis, 9 Jano Vermaak, 8 Louis Picamoles, 7 Joe Tekori, 6 Yacouba Camara, 5 Patricio Albacete, 4 Yoann Maestri, 3 Yohan Montes, 2 Christopher Tolofua, 1 Gurthro Steenkamp. 
    Replacements: 16 Jaba Bregvadze, 17 Schalk Ferreira, 18 Cyril Baille , 19 Romain Millo-Chluski, 20 Gillian Galan, 21 Jean-Marc Doussain, 22 Luke McAlister /Yannick Nyanga/Vincent Clerc /Clement Poitrenaud.
    4/5/2014 12:22:45 PM
  • Munster 0-0 Toulouse
    Dewi Morris: "Louis Picamoles will be key for Toulouse today - Toulouse will come out hard and try and extinguish the Muster fire from the off."
    4/5/2014 12:29:37 PM
  • Munster 0-0 Toulouse
    And we are off! James Coughlan takes the kick-off and runs it back for Munster. Conor Murray kicks for touch and their is a huge cheer as Munster steal the line out! 
    4/5/2014 12:33:17 PM
  • We talked about Munster getting the 16-man behind them from the start and that is what they have done. A great start for Munster
    Frankie Sheahan
    4/5/2014 12:34:31 PM
  • Munster 5-0 Toulouse
    TRY! what a try from Munster - Keith Earls finished off a lovely bit of pressure from his forwards as Thomond park erupts! 
    4/5/2014 12:38:28 PM
  • Munster 7-0 Toulouse
    Ian Keatley makes it 7-0 with 7 minutes gone!  A great start for Munster
    4/5/2014 12:39:19 PM
  • Munster 7-3 Toulouse
    Munster are penalised straight from the kick off though and Luke  McAlister converts the penalty.
    4/5/2014 12:41:32 PM
  • Munster 7-3 Toulouse
    Ref Nigel Owens laying down the law at scrum time - finally he gives Munster the benefit of the doubt as the scrum goes down again - Keatley find a a great touch.

    4/5/2014 12:44:58 PM
  • Munster 7-3 Toulouse
    Great work from prop BJ Botha at the breakdown to win another penalty! Keatley sets up another attacking line out just outside the Toulouse 22.
    4/5/2014 12:47:41 PM
  • Munster 10-3 Toulouse
    Munster drive from the lineout but Toulouse No.7  Joe Tekori is penalised for coming in from the side - Keatley steps up and coolly slots the penalty to give Munster a 7 point lead. 
    4/5/2014 12:49:08 PM
  • Munster 10-3 Toulouse
    A big cheer as Keith Earls goes down low and takes out Toulouse danger man Picamoles. The ball is coughed up and Munster dive on it. Good news is that Munster win a penalty but bad news is that skipper Peter O'Mahony  is off with an arm injury. CJ Stander is on in his place.
    4/5/2014 12:52:36 PM
  • Munster 10-3 Toulouse
    Munster think they are over for their second try but Conor Murray is held up - Frankie Sheahan says that the Munster forwards will be raging with Murray as the forwards were inching their way to the line and if you are going to go on your own then you have to score. 
    4/5/2014 12:54:20 PM
  • Munster 13-3 Toulouse
    Another penalty for Munster at the scrum - this time for incorrect binding. Nigel Owens also gives the French front row a final warning! Keatley is in fine form and makes it a ten point lead for the home side.
    4/5/2014 12:56:24 PM
  • Munster 13-3 Toulouse
    Toulouse just cannot keep hold of the ball at the moment to build. Another promising bit of play from them comes to naught as they lose the ball once again.
    4/5/2014 12:58:18 PM
  • [dewimorris] "I know it is early days but Toulouse look rudderless at the moment - you cannot write them off because they have so much talent and quality. If you give them the ball they will score, but they are not getting any ball at the moment!"
    4/5/2014 1:00:43 PM

  • The Fields of Athenry comes to an abrupt end as Toulouse win apenalty at a scrum and McAlister closes the gap.
    4/5/2014 1:04:04 PM
  • Munster 13-6 Toulouse
    The Fields of Athenry comes to a respectful end as Toulouse win a penalty at the scrum and McAlister narrows the gap. 
    4/5/2014 1:05:19 PM
  • Munster 13-9 Toulouse
    The power of the Toulouse pack is beginning to tell as they win another scrum penalty. Picamoles taps and goes but Owens calls him back as it was not from the mark. McAlister lines it up and bisects the posts
    4/5/2014 1:07:29 PM
  • Munster 13-9 Toulouse
    Toulouse may not be playing well but they are still well in this game! 
    4/5/2014 1:08:36 PM
  • Munster 13-9 Toulouse
    That's another scrum penalty for Toulouse -McAlister kicks Toulouse well into the Munster half. Paul O'Connell steals the lineout but Yacouba Camara comes through and wins the ball back for the visitors. the ball goes wide and Felix Jones puts in a  great tackle on Maxime Médard. Both of them are down injured but look okay.
    4/5/2014 1:11:53 PM
  • Munster 13-9 Toulouse
    McAlister's tries a  cross-kick for Gear to chase but it's a bit too hard for him to take and he spills it into touch - Earls looked like he had that well covered too. 
    4/5/2014 1:13:20 PM
  • Munster 13-9 Toulouse
    O'Connell is dominant in the air as Munster try and set up another driving maul from the lineout. A clever box kick from Murray sees Hosea Gear knock it on and Munster have a scrum. 
    4/5/2014 1:15:14 PM
  • Munster 13-9 Toulouse
    Words of wisdom from referee Nigel Owens to the front rows: "If you don't like to scrummage then you are in the wrong positions.Sort it out."
    4/5/2014 1:16:39 PM
  • Munster 13-9 Toulouse
    Heading into the final minute and Munster win a penalty - they opt to kick for the corner and get a driving maul going from the lineout. It's a superb effort as they move well into the 22. The ball goes out and Casey Laulala tries to get an ambitious pass out of the tackle to Felix Jones who knocks it on.
    4/5/2014 1:19:01 PM
  • [half-time] Munster 13-9 Toulouse
    What a half that was! Munster will have the wind in the next 40 minutes and will hope that Toulouse keep on making unforced errors.

    4/5/2014 1:19:41 PM
  • [willgreenwood] "Munster;s intensity in defence  is something that works so well for them, but if they do not go as one and if they leave doglegs then it could come back and bite them!"
    Will Greenwood concerned that  Munster's defence may crack in the second half
    4/5/2014 1:27:37 PM

  • We are back for the second half - no changes have been made on either side as Keatley gets us underway!
    4/5/2014 1:32:35 PM
  • Munster 13-9 Toulouse
    4/5/2014 1:32:39 PM
  • Welcome to our coverage of the Heineken Cup quarter-finals. It promises to be a fantastic day with three mouth-watering clashes. First up is Munster v Toulouse - KO at 13.30. Then we head to Stade Marcel Michelin to see if Leicester can end Clermont Auvergnes incredible 74 home win run. We end the day with Saracens trip to Ulster which will kick off at 18.30.Sky SportsApr 5, 2014 at 1:09 PM

    4/5/2014 1:32:53 PM
  • Munster 13-9 Toulouse
    Ian Keatley gets the second half under way! 
    4/5/2014 1:33:38 PM
  • Munster 20-9 Toulouse
    [try] Munster have started the second half like they started the first!  A superb driving maul sets them up nicely - Conor Murray looks like he is over but it's loosehead prop Dave Kilcoyne who get Munster's second try! Keatley adds the extras.

    4/5/2014 1:35:26 PM
  • Munster 20-9 Toulouse
    Toulouse come staright back as they win the ball back from the re-start and McAlister cuts through the middle. The ball goes wide to Huget who tries to pass it back inside but it comes off the Munster cover.
    4/5/2014 1:37:25 PM
  • Munster 20-9 Toulouse
    Superb defence from Munster as they knock back the Toulouse attack. Toulouse spill the ball and suddenly Toulouse are defending their own line!  
    4/5/2014 1:38:26 PM
  • Munster 27-9 Toulouse
    [try] CJ Stander scores Munster's third try! once again they set it up through the driving maul! Keatley makes it 27-9! 
    4/5/2014 1:40:21 PM
  • Munster 27-9 Toulouse
    Things go from bad to worse for Toulouse as hooker Christopher Tolofua leaves the field with an arm injury.
    4/5/2014 1:42:21 PM
  • [dewimorris] There is no answer from Toulouse. This could be an absolute embarrassment for the four-times Heineken Cup champions. They are in the out-house and they don't know how to get out! 

    4/5/2014 1:43:41 PM
  • Munster 27-9 Toulouse
    [yellow-card] Nigel Owens has enough and send Yohan Montes and Dave Kilcoyne to the sin-bin after more problems at the scrum. 
    4/5/2014 1:45:22 PM
  • Munster 27-9 Toulouse
    Munster win a penalty and for the first time today Ian Keatley misses! 
    4/5/2014 1:46:28 PM
  • Munster 27-16 Toulouse
    [try] Is this the start of the Toulouse comeback? A lovely bit of work from prop Schalk Ferreira who offloads to Hosea gear who goes under the posts. Lionel Beauxis converts.

    4/5/2014 1:50:08 PM
  • Munster 27-16 Toulouse
    Toulouse have certainly woken up as they are looking to run from everywhere. Picamoles is off...but another giant in the form of Gillian Galan is on! 
    4/5/2014 1:54:24 PM
  • Munster 27-16 Toulouse
    Owens asks for the TMO to have a look after allegations of a punch as Florian Fritz goes to the blood bin. he can't see anything so it's play on. Toulouse have a scrum in their 22.
    4/5/2014 1:57:32 PM
  • Munster 30-16 Toulouse
    Munster wina penalty at the scrum - Conor Murray threatens to tap and go but is calmed down and Keatley steps up and slots it comfortably. 
    4/5/2014 2:00:18 PM
  • Munster 30 -16
    Earls shows exceptional pace as he chases his own kick but Yacouba Camara just gets there before him. 
    4/5/2014 2:01:55 PM
  • [try] Munster 35 -16 Toulouse
    Toulouse try and be too clever from that 22 drop out and Munster have plenty of numbers outwide - it's Casey Laulala who goes over. Keatley misses the conversion but it looks like it is Munster heading to the semis! 
    4/5/2014 2:03:31 PM
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