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Live: Giro d'Italia stage five

  • Good afternoon and welcome along to our live text commentary of the Giro d'Italia's third and final stage in Ireland. It's another flat day for the sprinters, so Marcel Kittel is favourite to make it two wins in a row following his triumph in Belfast yesterday. We'll bring you up to speed with what's happened so far today and what to expect later on...
    5/11/2014 12:22:25 PM
  • It's another rainy day on the Emerald Isle, sadly, so rain jackets are once again the order of the day. The latter half of the days skirts Ireland's eastern coastline so it remains to be seen if crosswinds play a role in proceedings.
    5/11/2014 12:33:50 PM
  • Everything has settled down now - looks like the injured riders from earlier on are back in the peloton but Kelderman is back with the Belkin car having a word with the boss
    5/11/2014 1:45:22 PM
  • Actually Belletti is not back yet - he's chasing back on with Marco Frapporti and his knee looks to be in a bit of a state. Some blood running down his leg. Doubt he'll be involved in any sprints today unlike yesterday when he finished sixth
    5/11/2014 1:47:30 PM
  • 5/11/2014 1:48:46 PM
  • As per that last picture the peloton is riding through Drogheda at the moment, on the way to Dublin with the finish in just over 65kms
    5/11/2014 1:50:19 PM

  • 5/11/2014 1:54:58 PM
  • Big crash at the back, plenty of Astana riders down including team leader Michele Scarponi
    5/11/2014 1:57:22 PM
  • Johnny Hoogerland, Andre Cardoso, Enrico Gasparotto among those down. Lampre-Merida also affected. Valerio Agnoli is limping and uttering some Italian swear words under his breath. Peloton has slowed right down. 
    5/11/2014 1:58:42 PM
  • Looks like everyone else is back up and riding. Lampre had at least three men down, Astana maybe as many as five.
    5/11/2014 1:59:06 PM
  • Here's some of the carnage - hopefully no serious long-lasting injuries
    5/11/2014 2:00:37 PM

  • 5/11/2014 2:01:46 PM
  • Lead is going up again, no surprise given what happened in the peloton a few minutes ago. 
    5/11/2014 2:02:47 PM
  • One more happy picture from the Women's Tour before we concentrate on all things Giro.

    5/11/2014 2:04:10 PM
  • Meyer's name has been removed from the top 10 now, shame for him as he seemed to be riding well until a crash in the final 20kms today. Ben Swift is the best placed Team Sky rider now in 20th overall, 29 seconds behind Michael Matthews.

    And that's all for now. We'll be back on Tuesday after the first rest day of the race.
    5/11/2014 3:59:40 PM
  • Welcome along to our live coverage of stage four of the Giro d'Italia, which takes the riders 112km from Giovinazzo to Bari. The race is back in Italy, but the rain has still been falling. We'll bring you up to speed now with what's been happening so far today...
    5/13/2014 2:02:32 PM
  • Firstly, here's the profile of today's stage...

    5/13/2014 2:02:51 PM
  • There are two big stories today so far:

    - Marcel Kittel, winner of stages two and three, has abandoned the race through illness. The German fell ill with a fever overnight and did not start stage four.

    - The stage has been neutralised so far due to heavy rain earlier on the course. The riders have just started racing again, but there is no breakaway.
    5/13/2014 2:05:46 PM
  • Spoke to soon there ... Orica-GreenEdge have just re-neutralised the stage again. The rain has stopped and the road in Bari, where the riders are now, had been drying, but they obviously aren't yet safe enough in the riders' opinion.
    5/13/2014 2:07:48 PM
  • We're inside 50km to go now and the riders are still going at a crawling pace. The stage ends with eight laps of a flat 8km circuit in Bari and the racing right now should be frantic, but it's all very sedate. Orica-GreenEdge seem to be calling the shots on the front of the peloton, and everyone else seem to be happy to follow their lead.
    5/13/2014 2:17:54 PM
  • It seems that the idea is to take it steady all the way to the final lap, and then anyone who wants to contest the sprint finish can do so. It's just being reported now that the general classification times for the day will be taken from the bell before the final lap.
    5/13/2014 2:19:55 PM
  • Team Sky's Bernie Eisel has just ridden to the head of the peloton to have a chat with the race commissaires. Luca Paolini, of Katusha, had earlier done the same. Lots of discussion between the riders and the men who make the rules.
    5/13/2014 2:22:15 PM
  • Looks like the commissaires are keen to get the riders racing and the pace has just picked up slightly. The front of the peloton is still one one wide wall of riders, though, and there is no sign of any attacks.
    5/13/2014 2:23:19 PM
  • Just a quick reminder of how the general classification looks:

    1 Michael Matthews (Aus) Orica-GreenEdge, 10:06:37
    2 Alessandro Petacchi (Ita) Omega Pharma – Quick-Step, +8
    3 Daniel Oss (Ita) BMC, +10
    4 Luke Durbridge (Aus) Orica-GreenEdge, +14
    5 Ivan Santaromita (Ita) Orica-GreenEdge, same time
    6 Svein Tuft (Can) Orica-GreenEdge, st
    7 Pieter Weening (Ned) Orica-GreenEdge, st
    8 Rigoberto Uran (Col) Omega Pharma – Quick-Step, +19
    9 Pieter Serry (Bel) Omega Pharma – Quick-Step, st
    10 Serge Pauwels (Bel) Omega Pharma – Quick-Step, st
    5/13/2014 2:24:18 PM
  • 41km and five laps to go now and still no racing... Orica-GreenEdge controlling the pace at the head of affairs
    5/13/2014 2:28:04 PM
  • The peloton is starting to string out again now but it's still not 100 per cent full gas. Cannondale have moved to the front and upped the pace. Remember, GC times will be taken at the end of the penultinate lap.
    5/13/2014 2:36:01 PM
  • The riders have just contested the intermediate sprint, despite the official word being that there would be no points and time bonuses on offer. The riders must not have got the message. For what it's worth, Elia Viviani (Cannondale) pipped Roberto Ferrari (Lampre-Merida). Ben Swift, of Team Sky, looked to be fifth.
    5/13/2014 2:38:19 PM
  • That makes more sense - it looks like there were points on offer at that intermediate sprint, but no bonus seconds. The result was:

    1 Elia Viviani
    2 Giacomo Nizzolo
    3 Roberto Ferrari
    5/13/2014 2:39:27 PM
  • The pace is right back up to full tilt now and it's Orica-GreenEdge driving it on. Three laps to go now.
    5/13/2014 2:47:58 PM
  • Ben Swift will be eager to make up for agonisingly losing out on that final sprint in Stage Three, and Sky Bet offer 6/1 on him to win Stage Four. Bet in-running here.
    5/13/2014 2:49:31 PM
  • The roads seem to be bone dry now, although it's difficult to tell. There could still be wet spots here and there.
    5/13/2014 2:52:45 PM
  • Poor old Albert Timmer, of Giant-Shimano, has just punctured twice in the space of about 2km. That's pretty unfortunate. Giant-Shimano still have a big sprint interest here at the Giro despite Kittel's exit, because Luka Mezgec is in action. He'll want Timmer back up at the front pronto.
    5/13/2014 2:56:21 PM
  • The peloton has just crossed the finish line again so just two laps to go now.
    5/13/2014 2:57:44 PM
  • Big problems for Nacer Bouhanni, the FDJ sprinter. He's just had to stop and is now fighting his way back on to the rear end of the peloton. That will burn a lot of energy - and that is if he does manage to get back on.He's got one team-mate with him.
    5/13/2014 3:01:31 PM
  • Bouhanni sits in behind his team car to get a tow and is promptly told by the race commissaires to carry on under his own steam. He might be in trouble for that a bit later.
    5/13/2014 3:02:59 PM
  • Looks like Bouhanni has just got back on to the rear of the peloton. He'll now grab a quick breather before moving back towards the front. Orica-GreenEdge still driving the pace on the front of the bunch.
    5/13/2014 3:04:29 PM
  • Sorry, Bouhanni isn't quite back on yet. He's got another 75km still to catch up. Not sure why his team-mates on the back of the pack haven't dropped back to help him yet.
    5/13/2014 3:05:36 PM
  • Inside the last 10km now and Bouhanni definitely has rejoined now. He will be very tired after that long and testing chase.
    5/13/2014 3:06:21 PM
  • The riders cross the line all as one, which means Michael Matthews will retain the pink jersey until tomorrow at least. It also means there is one lap to go.
    5/13/2014 3:08:36 PM
  • Looks like it's just starting to rain again in Bari. That could throw the cat among the pigeons.
    5/13/2014 3:10:06 PM
  • Team Sky and Cannondale are both moving to the front now to put Ben Swift and Elia Viviani respectively into position.
    5/13/2014 3:10:37 PM
  • Team Sky's Salvatore Puccio has gone off the front of the peloton and has been followed by Bardiani-CSF rider Nicola Boem. Not sure if this is an intended attack.
    5/13/2014 3:12:13 PM
  • Puccio and Boem swallowed back up again so all together with 3.2km to go.
    5/13/2014 3:12:36 PM
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