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NatWest T20 Blast - May 17

Middlesex take on Essex, then play Sussex in a NatWest T20 Blast double-header at Lord's.

  • Over 2: Middlesex 4/0 (Stirling 0, Malan 1)
    Malan almost holes out from Jordan's opening delivery, helping it just short of the fielder on the square-leg boundary. Stirling continues to swish away outside off-stump without much success. Middlesex need 125 off 108 balls.
    5/17/2014 4:36:12 PM
  • Over 3: Middlesex 7/0 (Stirling 1, Malan 2)
    Arafat is seaming it back up the Lord's slope and Stirling can't get close to laying his bat on it. Finally, the Irishman gets one on his pads and he is able to get off the mark with a single from his 15th ball faced. Middlesex need 122 off 102 balls.
    5/17/2014 4:40:09 PM
  • Perfect evening for an impromptu game - or grazing - on the Nursery Ground.

    5/17/2014 4:43:24 PM
  • [wicket]Stirling c Beer b Jordan 13

    Stirling had broken the shackles with three fours in a row but tries one big shot too many and sends a flick off his pads to Beer on the square-leg boundary. Good catch, reaching two handed above his head.
    5/17/2014 4:44:57 PM
  • [sunny]Over 4: Middlesex 20/1 (Malan 3, Morgan 0)
    The sun is back out at Lord's after briefly disappearing behind some clouds. Stirling's dismissal was preceded by him hitting Jordan over of the leg-side for two fours and then driving another on the up through extra cover. Morgan comes out to join Malan looking to reprise their 118-run stand against Essex earlier in the day. Middlesex need 109 off 96 balls.
    5/17/2014 4:47:08 PM
  • Over 5: Middlesex 23/1 (Malan 5, Morgan 1)
    Yardy on to bowl his left-arm spin in the powerplay. He fires it in at the leg-stump in trademark fashion, conceding three singles from the over. Middlesex need 106 off 90 balls.
    5/17/2014 4:49:02 PM
  • Over 6: Middlesex 26/1 (Malan 5, Morgan 1)
    Piolet has landed at the bowling crease for Sussex. He's a wicket-to-wicket seamer with a high action and a good selections of slower balls. That's the powerplay completed for Middlesex, Stirling hit all three boundaries in a row off Jordan before getting out. Middlesex need 103 off 84 balls.
    5/17/2014 4:52:15 PM
  • Over 7: Middlesex 34/1 (Malan 15, Morgan 2)
    Malan cuts a short ball from Yardy behind square for his first four to start the seventh over and ends it with a pair of twos into the off-side. In between, Yardy did manage to beat him outside off-stump. Middlesex need 95 off 78 balls.
    5/17/2014 4:55:47 PM
  • Over 8: Middlesex 38/1 (Malan 17, Morgan 4)
    Malan and Morgan, both left-handers, are happy to deal in singles against Piolet for the moment. Middlesex need 91 off 72 balls.
    5/17/2014 4:58:41 PM
  • Over 9: Middlesex 45/1 (Malan 21, Morgan 6)
    Beer into the attack, the first time we've seen a leg-spinner today. He starts with a half-tracker that Morgan pulls for a single. Mixed bag of an over, including a wide but no boundaries. Middlesex need 84 off 66 balls.
    5/17/2014 5:03:06 PM
  • Over 10: Middlesex 51/1 (Malan 23, Morgan 10)
    Malan and Morgan happy to build slowly as Piolet manoeuvres his way through another over for the cost of six runs, five singles and a two. Middlesex need 78 off 60 balls.

    5/17/2014 5:06:41 PM
  • [wicket]Malan run out (Piolet/Beer) 23

    Third umpire needs to take a long, hard look at the replay but eventually decides Beer has broken the stumps with the ball in his hands (it was slipping from his grasp as he did so). Malan mis-timed a drive into the covers and didn't put the dive in to try and beat Piolet's pick-up and throw to the bowler's end. He thought the throw would go to the wicketkeeper's end, where Morgan ended up sprawled in the turf after diving full-length.
    5/17/2014 5:09:23 PM
  • Which team's hopes will go up in smoke? Have your say @SkyCricket

    5/17/2014 5:11:10 PM
  • Over 11: Middlesex 60/2 (Morgan 19, Denly 0)
    Morgan responds to Malan's run out by reverse sweeping Beer's next delivery for four. Middlesex need 69 off 54 balls.
    5/17/2014 5:11:53 PM
  • [wicket]Denly lbw Hamilton-Brown 2

    Denly is trapped lbw after Hamilton-Brown goes around-the-wicket to the right-hander. The right-hander was aiming into the leg-side and missed.
    5/17/2014 5:15:50 PM
  • Over 12: Middlesex 65/3 (Morgan 22, Christian 0)
    Hamilton-Brown had an lbw appeal against Denly earlier in the over turned down from over-the-wicket. Change of angle did the trick. Middlesex 64 need off 48 balls.
    5/17/2014 5:17:34 PM
  • Over 13: Middlesex 71/3 (Morgan 24, Christian 3)
    Yardy limits it to singles - six of them plus a wide - from his latest over. Middlesex need 57 off 42 balls.

    5/17/2014 5:20:02 PM
  • Over 14: Middlesex 80/3 (Morgan 27, Christian 8)
    Christian muscles a short ball back past Hamilton-Brown and he gets four for it, splitting the fielders at long-on and long-off. Middlesex need 53 off 36 balls.
    5/17/2014 5:22:54 PM
  • Over 15: Middlesex 86/3 (Morgan 30, Christian 11)
    Same again from Yardy, conceding six singles to complete figures of 0-24. Middlesex need 43 off 30 balls.
    5/17/2014 5:25:48 PM
  • [wicket]Morgan c Hamilton-Brown b Piolet 30

    Morgan top-edges a slower ball from Piolet to Hamilton-Brown on the square-leg boundary.
    5/17/2014 5:27:24 PM
  • Top use of the cow bell!

    5/17/2014 5:27:52 PM
  • Balbernie lbw b Piolet 0[wicket]

    Balbernie is pinned lbw for a two-ball duck. Piolet's appeal was a lone voice as wicketkeeper Brown was chasing after the ball. Nothing wrong with the decision, was going to hit leg-stump.

    5/17/2014 5:30:52 PM
  • All this travelling clearly gets to some of the older members of the squad! #oldman @smithyg83

  • Over 16: Middlesex 88/5 (Christian 13, Simpson 0)
    Piolet's double strike has set up an exciting finale with Middlesex needing 41 off 24 balls. Jordan and Arafat each have two overs left so can bowl out for Sussex from here.
    5/17/2014 5:32:37 PM
  • Athers STILL struggling to come to terms with shelling out £80 for a cricket bag for his son... WITH a 15 per cent discount...
    5/17/2014 5:33:07 PM
  • [wicket]Christian c Hamilton-Brown b Arafat 14

    Three wickets in eight balls for Sussex as Christian joins the procession by holing out off Arafat's bowling to Hamilton-Brown at midwicket.
    5/17/2014 5:34:52 PM
  • [nasserhussain] Things are going from bad to worse for Middlesex. Earlier they couldn’t bat well, now they can’t bat well! Yasir Arafat is showing his experience; he hasn’t gone for yorkers yet, he’s gone length. Don’t change what is working. Middlesex need to find some boundaries.

    5/17/2014 5:35:29 PM
  • Over 17: Middlesex 93/6 (Simpson 3, Rayner 1)
    Superb over from Arafat, conceding just five singles to go with the wicket of Christian. He's getting his yorkers in, offering nothing for the two new batsmen to work with. Middlesex need 36 off 18 balls.
    5/17/2014 5:36:32 PM
  • Worrying times for Middlesex fans... Can they get home?

    5/17/2014 5:39:43 PM
  • Over 18: Middlesex 97/6 (Simpson 5, Rayner 2)
    Jordan keeps it full and outside off-stump, bowling to his field while conceding just four runs from the over, including a wide. Middlesex need 32 off 12 balls.
    5/17/2014 5:41:54 PM
  • The evening sunshine is starting to cause the fielders some problems...

    5/17/2014 5:44:54 PM
  • Over 19: Middlesex 107/6 (Simpson 9, Rayner 8)
    The setting sun is causing trouble for the fielders out in the deep. Rayner finds the boundary from the lone blemish in Arafat's over, a full toss. Rayner keeps the strike with a push-and-run single to make it 10 from the over but that still leaves Middlesex needing 22 from six balls.
    5/17/2014 5:46:08 PM
  • Great scrapping sharks!! 2 from 2. What a great team performance!!
  • Over 20: Middlesex 115/6 (Simpson 14, Rayner 9)
    Jordan finishes off the job for Sussex without alarm, keeping it to ones and twos in a final over costing eight. Sussex win by 13 runs to hand Middlesex their second defeat of the day at Lord's.
    5/17/2014 5:50:26 PM
  • That's it - @SussexCCC win by 13 runs to condemn @Middlesex_CCC to their second defeat of the day. Home side finished on 115-6.
  • You beauty! Well played lads, defending 128 was a special effort! @SussexCCC
  • [mikeatherton] Middlesex will be wondering how they lost this one. It has been a good day’s cricket in many ways – we’ve had a good crowd in and the sun has shone brightly for the most part – but the cricketing part of it has been a fairly poor day for Middlesex.

    5/17/2014 5:53:44 PM
  • Man of the Match goes to Steffan Piolet for his 2-15. Join us on Sunday for @SomersetCCC v @surreycricket from 2pm on SS2. @NatWestT20Blast
  • [andrewstrauss] Middlesex’s bowling was much better in the second game but their batting was shocking. To not be able to chase 128 no matter what sort of wicket you’re batting on isn’t good enough and they’ll go home very disappointed. Sussex are always hard to beat because they’ve got good, experienced cricketers. Although we thought Sussex were out of the game at the halfway mark, I think they thought that they still had a chance and they produced some really good performances with the ball.

    5/17/2014 5:59:38 PM
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