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Prizefighter Live

Lightweights III from York Hall

    Craig Whyatt v Lee Martin - Martin wins on PTS
    Michael Devine v Danny Connor - Devine wins on PTS
    Stephen Foster Jnr v Jono Carroll - Carroll wins on PTS
    Lee Martin v Michael Devine - Devine wins on KO1
    Jono Carroll v Gary Buckland - Carroll wins on PTS
    Michael Devine v Jono Carroll - Carroll wins on PTS
    Martin J Ward v Maxi Hughes - Majority Draw

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    12/6/2014 6:19:33 PM
    Good evening fight fans as we bring you all the action and incidents coming your way from the home of boxing, York Hall, Bethnal Green. It is of course the Lightweights looking to steal the show and pocked that £32,000 prize and make a name for themselves. Stay with us folks, it will be fary, furious and full of fun...
    12/6/2014 6:24:15 PM

    12/6/2014 6:30:46 PM
  • FIND OUT WHO IS WHO! [video]
    12/6/2014 6:39:12 PM
  • ALMOST TIME...[added-minutes]
    Well the York Hall is packed as always and a cracking atmosphere is guaranteed with eight groups cheering on their own man...
    12/6/2014 6:41:53 PM
    After initially going">3/1 on Gary Buckland, Sky Bet' have been forced to cut the favourite's price to 2/1 following a surge of bets on him. Stephen Foster remains his biggest threat at 7/2, with Cassius Conner the third favourite at 11/2.">Bet on Prizefighter here.

    12/6/2014 6:42:52 PM
  • EDDIE IS READY [twitter]
    Promoter Eddie Hearn is excited about the return of the eight-man competition, but cannot pick a winner!

    12/6/2014 7:14:51 PM
  • FIRST UP [boxing]
    There will be SEVEN three-rounders tonight and the first is already good to go folks...
    12/6/2014 8:07:25 PM
    Sky Sports pundit Spencer Oliver believes pre-tournament favourite Gary Buckland can lift the trophy.

    I think Gary Buckland and Stephen Foster Jnr are the most experienced and we would expect those two to come through, but they have been drawn in the bottom half of the draw, so they will meet in the semi-finals. 

    If they both come through. For me, Gary Buckland, this sort of three-round distance will suit him. 

    12/6/2014 8:08:39 PM
  • Craig Whyatt (7-2-KO3) v Lee Martin (6-1-KO0)

    12/6/2014 8:09:36 PM
  • ROUND ONE [round-1]
    Whyatt starts straight into action and his left hook is the first to hit home and land clean, but Martin doesn't sit back and responds instantly. His right is coming in from wide and landing well but his shorter left hook is hitting home. Whyatt though steps back a little better, rolls the shoulders, switches out and that left is good again. Mattin is on full pelt already, there is not a moment of rest from either and he hits home with a big right. But in a cracking first round, Whyatt's left does exactly the same. That my-right v your-left is back and Martin mises with a wild left to finish. This has been a belting start!
    12/6/2014 8:14:04 PM
  • ROUND TWO [round-2]
    Whyatt is a Chelsea fan but he is making the better start of the day. But he looks classy and silky but it is the fearsome forays from Martin that are keeping him in check. Martin comes charging in again and a lovely straight right sneaks in and looks to be throwing the bigger shots, if not as smart. The man from Southminster seems to have left his jab at home and that right seems to be the main threat, yet somehow Whyatt is with him all the way. The combos are lower and less noticeable but he finishes strongly and you wonder if they are both going to make this distance! It is full-on. Prizefighter is back! 
    12/6/2014 8:18:29 PM
  • WATT A START [jim-watt]
    Sky Sports' Jim Watt is enjoying a frenetic opening contest, but feels that Whyatt is getting dragged into a dogfight.

    This is just non-stop punching, giving, taking, not thinking about defence.

    First two minutes were huge for Martin, but just as Whyatt looked like he was fading, finished producing the better boxing.

    He is the  better boxer of the two, but it's Martin's plan not to let this be a boxing match. He wants a slugfest.

    12/6/2014 8:20:59 PM
  • ROUND THREE [round-3]
    Well Martin comes charging out and charging in again but again Whyatt looks a little calmer and for the first time between them, he looks composed. That short sharp right catches his man on the way in again, but as soon as they exchange again it is a battle of the hooks. The jab has gone, the Martin left lands, the Whyatt right does the business. They both end hammering home and then hugging as they finish on their fight firing off to the end of an absolutely stunning start to the Lightweights show. Boom!
    12/6/2014 8:21:55 PM
  • SO WHO WINS? [judges]
    Well we are waiting to find out whether Craig Whyatt or Lee Martin has edged this. My money - of I had any - would go to the for Whyatt...
    12/6/2014 8:23:33 PM
  • WOW! MARTIN WINS [boxing]
    It's a split decision and the boy from Southminster is into the semis! A split decision goes his way and it really could've gone either way but the three judges scored it 29-28 28-29 29-28. It was close but it was also chaos and you can't argue.
    12/6/2014 8:25:36 PM
    The winner is delighted to come through a tough quarter-final, but feels he will recover in time for the semis.

    Really tough - Craig's a really tough boy - absolute war, great credit to him.

    It was a good war, but I've been training hard so I'll recover in 20 minutes.

    And the loser is unhappy with the decision, but is full of respect for Martin.

    I dug deep. I thought I nicked it with the cleaner shots, but he had a war with me. Fair play to him.

    12/6/2014 8:30:22 PM
  • NEXT UP! [boxing]
    It's Michael Devine against Danny Connor. There is no time for the wicked... and not any for the winner. Yet!
    12/6/2014 8:32:24 PM

  • Danny Cassius Connor (11-8-2 KO0) v Michael Devine (11-1-1 KO3)
    12/6/2014 8:33:51 PM
  • ROUND ONE [round-10]
    Connor starts well with the jab, and looks smart from the start. Heads clash early on and this is going to be ugly that is for sure! But WOW!
    12/6/2014 8:36:10 PM
  • DOWN! [on-the-floor]
    Devine slams home a massive right, straight down the barrell and Connor is down. It looked hard and hurtful but to give Connor ihis due he climbed staright up. He has recovered but it is a 10-8 round in the Luton lad's bag! Another cracking start.
    12/6/2014 8:38:09 PM
    Lee Martin will face the winner of Connor-Devine after taking a points triumph in an exciting opener.

    12/6/2014 8:39:41 PM
  • ROUND TWO [round-2]
    Devine almost puts himself down when he slips swinging a wild and wide right hook but at least sees the funny side! Connor though can't capitalise and he does try and work his way in, but does leave those ribs open and a left-right downstairs to pin him on the ropes. But Connor forces his man back and all of a sudden Devine tumbles down but he seems to have slipped or stumbled again. And Connor then puts a nice combo in just after that and the left downstairs, then the right-left up top puts him on control. He could well have won that one
    12/6/2014 8:41:41 PM
    Frankie Gavin, the British and Commonwealth welterweight champion, is rooting for Connor.

    12/6/2014 8:42:45 PM
  • ROUND THREE [round-3]
    Connor comes wading in and for the first time Devine showed his skills, going low and pushing him bac with a nice right. But that is met with Connor's skills too and he picks him off when he gets close. There is more head clashes and someone is going to have a headache tomorrow morning... who's will be worth. Devine almost windmills a barrage of wild shots with his man on the ropes and the seconds counting down. Connor slips in a nice shot down the middle and the right again, but has he done enough here? This could well be the tightest of the night!
    12/6/2014 8:45:06 PM
    Trainer Adam Booth is trying to compile his scores and is getting a headache!
    12/6/2014 8:46:02 PM
  • JUDGES TIME! [judges]
    Well, this could be interesting! Devine floored Connor in the first, so he gets the 10-8 but what happens if Connor has won the last two? We will see...
    12/6/2014 8:46:20 PM
    The boy from Luton is given the nod! One ref called it 28-28, the second 29-28 and Phil Edwards, the third and final, gave it 30-26 in favour of Devine! I bit of a surprise but what another Prizefigher pleasure! Not as skillful but solid and swinging throughout the three rounds. And that is what we want to see!
    12/6/2014 8:49:53 PM
    It will be Lee Martin v Michael Devine and that is the top half of the draw done. And the bottom half already has plenty to live up to. But now we have the two experienced and familiar faces in the draw...
    12/6/2014 8:55:50 PM
    The winner is expecting a ticking off from his cornerman, despite reaching the semi-finals.
    I didn't listen to my trainer. I made it so hard, so I'm in trouble when I get back in there.

    If I do that against (Gary) Buckland I'll get myself knocked out, so things will be tidier next time. 

    12/6/2014 8:58:25 PM
  • Stephen Foster Jnr (33-5-1-KO19) v Jono Carroll (3-0-KO1)

    12/6/2014 8:58:54 PM
    Jono Carroll is the underdog now as he pits himself with odds-on favourite Stephen Foster Jnr, who is 4/11 with Sky Bet. Carroll is available at 2/1 to win the bout and 14/1 to win the tournament. Bet on Prizefighter here.
    12/6/2014 9:00:30 PM
  • ROUND ONE [round-1]
    This is two fighters at either end of the the career ladder. Stephen Foster Jnr is 34 and we all know he's been around and boxed for years, where as Carroll has only had three fights. Foster Jrn looks to take control but Carroll - or King-Kong as he's called - catches him smartly with a left counter. He is steering clear and moving swiftly and Foster Jnr can't get into range and when he does, a lovely flourish from Carroll looks good. The uppercut he ends the round with suggests that there is far more than meets the eye on this lad. Looks good although this is not as intense as the last two! Phew!
    12/6/2014 9:03:20 PM
  • SO UNPREDICTABLE [jim-watt]
    This fight is not going to the form book and Jim Watt is not surprised.

    This Prizefighter, you cannot possibly pick a winner.

    Over three rounds, you do not have time to work someone out. 

    12/6/2014 9:06:34 PM
  • ROUND TWO [round-2]
    The southpaw stance sends Carroll in smartly, the left-right-left to the head and the final to the chin looks good again. Foster Jnr can't seem to fathom how to deal with him, still struggling to get into rage without being stifled,holding on or getting out of the way. This is cagey affair and neither really land a decent punch for 45 seconds and again when Foster Jnr comes lunging in, at pace and attempted precision, Carroll lands a couple of smart counters again. And our good friend Jamie Moore welcomes Foster Jnr back to the corner telling him it's a round apiece. It is all down to the third!
    12/6/2014 9:07:23 PM
  • ROUND THREE [round-3]
    The final round does not explode into action. Carroll keeps alert and Foster Jnr keeps looking confused and not sure which way to tackle him. The lad from Dublin is quick, cute and a counter-puncher and even when he is caught in the corner and is finally caught by a couple to the ribs, he soon flips it round and he ends the exchange with the left uppercut finishing it off. The bell sounds and all of a sudden we might see a surprise and why there has been plenty of smart money on Carroll... judges again folks!
    12/6/2014 9:11:15 PM
  • DECISION TIME [judges]
    We have a split decision... which is jeered in some sections of York Hall. First one is 30-27 in favour of Caroll, the next one 29-28 in favour of Foster Jnr. And...
    12/6/2014 9:13:09 PM
  • CARROLL'S SINGING! [boxing]
    It's 29-28 in favour of the lad from Dublin, Jono Carroll has done it. The class told and again the judges surprised us all bit maybe not as much as the winner! Look out for this lad in the semi-finals, he looks slick, smart and now, is smiling!
    12/6/2014 9:14:56 PM
    Carroll reveals how he pulled off victory over a far more experienced foe.

    I was told to box, simple as... Last 30 seconds pick it up, beat him to the punch every time and make him miss, counter him - and that's exactly what we did. 

    12/6/2014 9:15:48 PM
  • NEXT UP... [boxing]
    Gary Buckland (28-5-KO9) v Floyd Moore (10-5-1-KO7) 

    12/6/2014 9:19:40 PM
  • [betting]BUCKLAND V MOORE
    And now we'll get our first glimpse of the favourite on the night - Gary Buckland. He's 1/2 to see off Floyd Moore, who is a 9/4 underdog. FOSTER V CARROLL ODDSJono Carroll is the underdog now as he pits himself with odds-on favourite Stephen Foster Jnr, who is 4/11 with Sky Bet. Carroll is available at 2/1 to win the bout and 14/1 to win the tournament. Bet on Prizefighter here.">Bet on Prizefighter here. New to Sky Bet? Sign up here.
    12/6/2014 9:19:52 PM
  • SMITH SPOTS WINNER [twitter]
    Paul Smith believes Buckland should emerge as the Prizefighter champion. But will he?

    12/6/2014 9:22:50 PM
    Ryan Rhodes is enjoying a exciting final quarter-final between Moore and Buckland

    12/6/2014 9:25:44 PM
  • ROUND ONE [round-1]
    Buckland has won Prizefighter before, so Moore does the right thing and introduces himself with a decent jab but the experienced man soon finds a way in, low down and unleashes a typical quick combo, ending with a lovely right on the way out. Wow! The Buckland right comes crashing in and the follow up right hoom does the business already. Moore looks stunned but to his credit he hits back with his own right. But he is soon pinned back, that right uppercut lands twice at the end and that left looks like a range-finder but is hurting poor Moore. Buckland looks like he wants the KO and it can't be far away. But Welsh wizard will be kept waiting... round over and Buckland bossing it.
    12/6/2014 9:25:52 PM
  • ROUND TWO [round-2]
    Buckland closes in from the bell and he puts the jab in and Moore tries to get back with is own and it looks nice but class is not going to win this won. Buckland is suddenly letting off again, the left-right-left hooks doing the damage and to make matters worse for poor Moore, the uppercut comes into close it all of again. The bodyshots reign and a left down there looks to have taken the wind right out of him. Moore looks floundering but he is still standing and he manages to stay out of the way and regain his balance. But just when he looked like it was back, Bickland even sends down a jab straight down the barrel and jars the head... for the umpteenth time of this round alone. One-way traffic!

    12/6/2014 9:29:51 PM
  • FLOYD DIGS DEEP [jim-watt]
    Jim Watt is impressed with Moore's bravery.

    Full credit to Moore for the part he played in that round, didn't look like he was going to get through it.

    12/6/2014 9:30:55 PM
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