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  • Missed Jim White on the pitch at Wigan earlier today? Catch up with what he had to say to club owner Dave Whelan
    8/1/2013 3:03:25 PM

    Now for a real story from Cheltenham, where Geraint Hughes is at the training ground - a training ground which the club now owns for the very first time. He chats to Academy Manager and former player Jamie Victory and his old team-mate Russell Milton, who is now the Head of Youth. He then bumps into a couple of Academy players who have signed pro forms in Ed Williams and Joe Hanks. He finishes with a chat with assistant boss Neil Howarth - another former player! They certainly like to keep it in the family
    Geraint and the gang reckon this looks like a club really planning for a promising
    by SkySport on Aug 1, 2013 at 4:01 PM

    8/1/2013 3:05:38 PM

    Fraser Dainton is at Stoke's training ground where he's met Peter Coates, the club's chairman. He's excited by the upcoming season with new manager Mark Hughes now at the helm at the Britannia Stadium. "New seasons are always exciting but there is added excitement because there are a lot of changes in the Premier League including our club. Everyone is looking forward to it.

    8/1/2013 3:11:36 PM
  • We haven't set Mark Hughes any targets but we'd always like to do better so we'd like to do better than 13th. We've never done a top 10 so if we could do that we'd be very pleased. Mark will want to stamp his authority on the club and we'd like him to do that. We had seven very good years with Tony Pulis and we'd like another seven with Mark and if we achieve that we'll all be smiling.

    Stoke chairman Peter Coates is hoping Mark Hughes can take the club on to the next level.
    8/1/2013 3:14:49 PM
  • CLUB 73 - MAN CITY

    Not too far from Stoke, we find James Cooper, who takes us on Manchester City’s new 90 minute stadium tour…in 90 seconds! He then heads live onto the pitch for a interview with Head of City in the Community Alex Williams. He reflects on the passing of fellow City ‘keeper Bert Trautmann, describing him as a "legend" and saying the club will introduce an award in his honour for goalkeepers in their Academy.
    SSN are now part of the Man City stadium tour! 
    by SkySport on Aug 1, 2013 at 3:17 PM

    8/1/2013 3:15:48 PM

    From the Etihad to the Globe Arena where we find Alan Irwin in the kitchen with their head chef who makes club’s award- winning match day pies! And he's joined by a couple of special guests in the shape of manager Jim Bentley and chairman Peter McGuigan, who have both donned their chef's whites for a pie-making masterclass.
    8/1/2013 3:21:57 PM
  • We then got an exclusive as Morecambe revealed their new signing Padriag Amond to us on 92Live... we wonder if the pies sealed the deal?

    8/1/2013 3:24:47 PM

    After breaking the news about One Direction's Louis Tomlinson signing for Doncaster, Ian Bolton has headed to Sheffield United - although there are no boy band members lurking around. Instead he's chatting to John Garrett the club historian. Brammall Lane is the oldest professional ground in the world and they kick-off tomorrow night against Notts County, the oldest league club in the world. 

    "We're honoured as a football club to kick off the 125 years of celebration. 

    Ian grabbed a quick snap of The Youdan Cup - the oldest football trophy in the world.
    Just one of the fascinating items in the museum at Bramall Lane.
    by SkySport on Aug 1, 2013 at 3:39 PM

    8/1/2013 3:27:36 PM
  • CLUB 76 - YEOVIL

    Time for a good-news story with Amy Lewis at Yeovil. She is in the home dugout at Huish Park with Gary Johnson who has got them promoted twice and they are now looking forward to their first game in the Championship this weekend. He explains how he studies Yeovil’s opponents and says that was a major part of their success last year.
    8/1/2013 3:34:00 PM
  • Amy Lewis has a uniquely designed dress with compartments to keep the sound and microphone boxes in. Yeovil want to know whether any other clubs have given their 92Live crews ice creams...

    8/1/2013 3:34:58 PM

    Kate Riley is in the home dressing room at Adams' Park to see what's going on at Wycombe, who are celebrating their 20th year in the Football League. Gareth Ainsworth says it is a great achievement for the club. "It means a great deal especially to the people of Wycombe. So many teams go up and then fade away again but Wycombe have got a great history and hopefully I can follow in the footsteps of some of the great managers!"
    8/1/2013 3:37:45 PM
  • Wycombe's football has been described as 'rock 'n' roll' but boss Gareth Ainsworth told 92Live hip hop and garage play out in the dressing room before ko.

    8/1/2013 3:40:53 PM

    Who's that up on the roof? It's Pete Colley on top of the Banks's Stadium overlooking the M6 alongside Saddlers manager Dean Smith. He admits the club don't have much financial clout, but they do all sorts to raise money from billboard adverts on side of the stadium to a car boot market every Sunday. He also explains that they want to only bring local lads through their Academy in a bid to ensure the supporters relate to the players.
    8/1/2013 3:50:14 PM
  • You get quite a view up there!

    8/1/2013 3:50:48 PM

    Richard Graves is reporting live from the tunnel at the KC Stadium, where the Hull players celebrated promotion to the Premier League. He's with chief exec Nick Thompson, who can't wait to see the team back in the top flight. "It's a mouth-watering prospect, it's the culmination of our dreams. We've got the chance to play in the biggest league in the world and show what we're capable of."  
    8/1/2013 3:56:39 PM

  • The KC Stadium tunnel - the site of their famous celebrations at the end of last season 
    by Martin Tyler on Aug 1, 2013 at 3:57 PM

    8/1/2013 3:57:37 PM
  • We're entering the home stretch now and it's not long before you'll see Jim White at Liverpool. Plus we've got visits coming up to Newcastle, Chelsea, Portsmouth, Coventry, Carlisle and Tottenham.
    8/1/2013 3:59:16 PM

    And here's Jim now! The helicopter is parked and Jim's pitchside at Anfield with Ian Ayre. 
    8/1/2013 4:02:14 PM

  • Jim gets ready to interview Liverpool MD Ian Ayre 
    by Martin Tyler on Aug 1, 2013 at 4:03 PM

    8/1/2013 4:03:43 PM
  • We've got Luis Suarez in our team and in our squad. He would have trained today, he's working hard in training and Brendan commented on that yesterday. We've not had an intention of selling Luis, we've never said we want to sell Luis and he continues to work hard for Liverpool. I'll expect him to be there at the start of the season. We had two bids from Arsenal but it wasn't something we were interested in. The player's not for sale.

    Ian Ayre has the latest on Luis Suarez's future.
    8/1/2013 4:05:58 PM

    We're back to the North East for a final stop with David Craig, who is with Newcastle players Tim Krul, Davide Santon and Vurnon Anita, who performed a special strip show for us... as they showed us the new Newcastle kit for the first time EVER! Krul also told us he is back in training after injury and is looking forward to the opening game against Man City.
    8/1/2013 4:12:56 PM
  • It's another 92Live exclusive... the Newcastle home kit is seen for the first time. The players seem to like it.

    8/1/2013 4:14:12 PM

    Bryan Swanson is at White Hart Lane with Ledley King who has been with the team in Hong Kong.. He's an ambassador for the club now and he had his say on potential new signing Roberto Soldado: "I've seen him play a few times and he's a goal scorer. Hopefully he can come to the Premier League and do the same. It's a good fit. He's a target man and likes to link up and get himself in the box. We want to finish in the top four. That was the target last season and we want to do the same this year."
    by SkySport on Aug 1, 2013 at 4:25 PM

    by SkySport on Aug 1, 2013 at 4:27 PM

    8/1/2013 4:22:37 PM
  • We have 10 clubs left to visit and if you've missed anything then here's a quick recap for you:

    8/1/2013 4:24:05 PM

    Let's head back to the South Coast where Gary Cotterill is inside Fratton Park to look at the old honours board, which was found on eBay by a fan and given back to the club. It was remounted in the trophy room live for us on Sky Sports News. We also discovered that many of the club's old trophies have been held onto by fans and are now being returned. A nice story for a club who have been through a lot in recent years!
    8/1/2013 4:30:51 PM
  • Gary even donated his 92Live tie to Portsmouth!

    8/1/2013 4:33:33 PM

    Rob Dorsett and the East Midlands 92Live team bring us their final report from Mansfield where they have been proudly showing off the Football Conference Trophy.
    by SkySport on Aug 1, 2013 at 4:40 PM

    8/1/2013 4:40:04 PM
  • We also got to meet Quinn the dog, apparently Mansfield's biggest fan. He'll be at their first game back in the Football League - against Scunthorpe - this weekend.

    8/1/2013 4:42:00 PM
  • Want to see some pictures from #92live and what we got up to at your football club? CLICK HERE
  • We have got EIGHT clubs to go. We are still to call at Bolton, Barnsley, Carlisle, Chelsea, Coventry, Crystal Palace, Norwich and finally… Jim White will be at Premier League champions Manchester United.
    8/1/2013 4:57:13 PM

    Let's head over to East Anglia, where Paul Gilmour is chatting to manager Chris Hughton. He says he's excited by his summer signings and he's glad he got a lot of work done early.

    The backing that I've received from the board, the chairman and the chief executive has been excellent. They want to put money into the team and give supporters the opportunity to see new and exciting players coming here. It's now my responsibility to blend them into the team.

    by SkySport on Aug 1, 2013 at 5:47 PM

    8/1/2013 5:03:28 PM
  • Paul Gilmour sent us this nice snap as 92Live comes towards its conclusion and the shadows descend

    8/1/2013 5:06:51 PM
  • CLUB 86 - BOLTON

    Next stop: Bolton. Peter Stevenson is outside the Reebok Stadium with club chaplain Phil Mason on Nat Lofthouse Way. The club are set to unveil a new statue of the great Nat Lofthouse at the end of August. You can see the plinth below:

    by SkySport on Aug 1, 2013 at 5:09 PM

    8/1/2013 5:09:27 PM
  • Jim White has made his final stop in the 92Live helicopter. He's arrived at Old Trafford. You'll see more from him shortly.

    8/1/2013 5:13:28 PM

    It's been a tough time for Coventry, but Mark McAdam reports from their training ground and discovers it's business as usual for academy manager Gregor Rioch. As they have a transfer embargo, Coventry have become reliant on their youth players.He's seen graduates make debuts in each of the last three seasons and is hoping for the same this year.
    8/1/2013 5:18:18 PM

    Let's make one more trip to Yorkshire, where we find Ian Bolton at Oakwell. Here we catch up with poet Ian McMillan - the Bard of Barnsley.  He reads us a special verse, his Ode To The New Season...

    It's the best time of year to be a Barnsley fan
    Alphabetically we are top of the league
    The season might not go exactly to plan
    With the twists and the turns and the intrigue.
    But it's the best time of year to be a Barnsley fan
    Well we've not lost a game... not yet
    And we all know that Flitcroft's the man
    And he'll give us nine months we'll never forget.
    So it's the best time of year to be a Barnsley fan
    With the home game first against Wigan
    And the whole of the crowd, every woman and man
    Will hope the opening win will be a big 'un
    It's the best time of year to be a Barnsley fan
    So happy Yorkshire Day to you all
    Eat a Yorkshire pudding, chuck away your flan
    Make your football ambitions enormous, not small
    And I swear by the neb on my flat cap
    We don't need another relegation scrap
    And I swear by the smile on our Frank's ferret
    A relegation scrap for us? Forget it.
    Football's a thing on which we all thrive
    With the drama and excitement... like the 92Live!

    by SkySport on Aug 1, 2013 at 5:45 PM

    8/1/2013 5:23:40 PM

    Time to call in at Stamford Bridge, where Dharmesh Sheth is reporting from the Chelsea dugout where Jose Mourinho will make his Second Coming later this month. The players are over in America preparing to face Inter Milan, so our man gave you a quick look at Jose's seat - which is under wraps awaiting the arrival of the
    Special One.

    by SkySport on Aug 1, 2013 at 5:32 PM

    8/1/2013 5:31:01 PM

    Were any of you worried about Alan Irwin making it all the way to Carlisle United, the most northern outpost in the Football League? Well you shouldn't have because he's made it in time and grabbed a chat with a very busy man... the team bus driver Andy Horn. Alan gets a quick tour of the team bus - with a microwave, a kettle and Sky Sports News on the box, these boys can't complain.

    Travelling to Preston will be a real luxury. But our longest trip this year will be Gillingham - we'll get back about midnight. I was certainly pleased to see Yeovil promoted!

    8/1/2013 5:35:06 PM

    We have arrived at our penultimate club and Jamie Weir is pitchside at Selhurst Park as co-chairman Steve Parish makes final arrangements at the end of the busiest closed season in the club’s history. They've had to do a lot of work to get ready for life in the Premier League! 

    8/1/2013 5:41:09 PM
  • Just one live report to go... and this man will deliver it live from Old Trafford.

    8/1/2013 5:49:39 PM

    We've made it! Jim White delivers the 92nd live report of the day in the company of the Premier League trophy as our journey comes to an end. The final word comes from Manchester United manager David Moyes:
    It's a great achievement. I hope you are enjoying Old Trafford and the hospitality there. I know we're the last club you're visiting so congratulations to everybody.

    8/1/2013 5:56:03 PM
  • "92Live has been an unforgettable blast."

    8/1/2013 5:59:21 PM
  • So that's it. We've reported live from 92 clubs in 12 hours. Only a channel like Sky Sports News could attempt and pull off a day like this. Thanks to everyone behind the scenes at Sky Sports News and to all The 92 - everyone at the clubs has been magnificent. Remember, if you've missed any of the coverage you can catch up on our Interactive Map. Goodnight!
    8/1/2013 6:01:33 PM
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