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The F365 Transfer Blog - Friday August 1

  • Rafael van der Vaart has rubbished reports suggesting he has been contacted by Queens Park Rangers.

    The 31-year-old midfielder told BILD: “Harry Redknapp has not been in touch with me. He has not phoned me.

    “In football you never know, but so far we have not been in touch.

    “Harry Redknapp and I enjoyed a really great relationship back at Tottenham. He is a top-quality manager."

    Does he not mean 'top, top'?
    8/1/2014 9:38:21 AM
  • Di Maria is so wasted on Ligue 1. Such a shame.
    8/1/2014 9:38:34 AM
  • Have to say PSG have been disappointing in the CL. Always seem to bottle it against the big teams as if they feel like interlopers.
    8/1/2014 9:40:01 AM
  • There's a lot of talk of Alvaro Arbeloa to Arsenal. How many right-backs do they need?
    8/1/2014 9:41:22 AM
  • Still a week away and Blackpool don't have a keeper, are they planning a False 1 formation?
    8/1/2014 9:41:25 AM
  • I read that Arbeloa was being lined up as a replacement for Vermaelen. Lulz.
    8/1/2014 9:44:11 AM
  • Id have Arbeloa back at Liverpool in a second, excellent defender and under rated going forward. If Brendan appreciates versatility and thinks Moreno isnt quite worth £20m its a no brainer to go for him.
    8/1/2014 9:44:26 AM
  • Will Blackpool be allowedp play last man back
    8/1/2014 9:44:27 AM
  • Who doesn't like a right back? Arsenal don't have enough if you ask me
    8/1/2014 9:46:30 AM
  • Goalkeepers are overrated. All you gotta do is catch the ball.
    8/1/2014 9:46:37 AM
  • Everything about your name and avatar brings joy to my heart, One Track Lover. This blog is like a candle in the wind... unreliable.
    8/1/2014 9:46:46 AM
  • Southampton manager Ronald Koeman says he's close to signing two or three new players.
    8/1/2014 9:48:00 AM
  • when are liverpool going to sell players? they have about 50 first teamers
    8/1/2014 9:48:17 AM
  • Out of contract 'keepers (according to the PFA) who Blackpool could sign: Tomasz Kuszczak, Carlo Nash and Henrique Hilario. And those are just the ones I've heard of. Mason Springthorpe of Everton is also available. Surely one of those is worth a punt?
    8/1/2014 9:49:06 AM
  • Mason Springthorpe is a quite brilliant name
    8/1/2014 9:50:32 AM
  • So, Ilori to Dortmund on a loan? If only there were a Dortmund player that Liverpool had been strongly linked with that could come the other way! Just saying...
    8/1/2014 9:50:41 AM
  • Borini should be off, but he doesn't want to leave. The youngsters might go out on loan. Lucas should also be leaving.
    8/1/2014 9:50:44 AM
  • To be fair I would probably sell Lucas if we could get a midfield destroyer in, also Agger could go if the money is right as we have a load of centre backs now, Borini will probably go, that should be it for outs.
    8/1/2014 9:50:48 AM
  • Hannover admit to being in the market for a new midfielder but deny that Chelsea's Marko Marin is a target. Bloody hell, Marko Marin, eh?
    8/1/2014 9:52:12 AM
  • Think people are being a bit harsh on Lucas, he is a cracking holding midfielder, just has been very unlucky with injuries. Gerrard isn't going to be around much longer so I reckon it would be worth holding onto him.
    8/1/2014 9:52:34 AM
  • The only time I have ever watched Lucas was a show on Liverpool TV and he was in the treatment room. The whole show.
    8/1/2014 9:52:54 AM
  • Presumable Assaidi, Coates, Borini, Reina and maybe Agger are on the way out. I want us to keep Lucas. He deserves a chance when he's fully fit. Joe Allen can do one
    8/1/2014 9:53:37 AM
  • According to my sauces, Eintracht Frankfurt and Besiktas are in contact with Chelsea about a price for Marin.
    8/1/2014 9:53:45 AM
  • This is the Daily MIrror's headline on those quotes from AN agent: 'Arturo Vidal WILL leave Juventus claims agent handing Manchester United transfer boost'. Wow. Just wow.
    8/1/2014 9:55:41 AM
  • James McCarthy's odd of joining United have been slashed to 1/3 - make of that what you want
    8/1/2014 9:56:01 AM
  • If you liked that Metro 'agent' story, you'll love this from Marca: they've spotted Fabio Coentrao at Madrid Barajas Airport "with no explanation" and leave that hanging for a few paragraphs, before using the last sentence to say that his wife is expecting to give birth any day now so he's probably just popped home from the US tour for that.
    8/1/2014 9:58:06 AM
  • Actually, there is a snippet in the Daily Vidal about the big man - they report on British papers talking about the transfer, and mention that some are even calling it a Done Dealio - well, where on earth could they have got that idea?!
    8/1/2014 9:58:19 AM
  • If you're convinced Vidal isn't moving, you can now get 13/5 on him staying at Juve with one bookie
    8/1/2014 9:59:53 AM
  • That's a great bet for a United fan; the definition of a win/win
    8/1/2014 10:03:32 AM
  • Any insight into just how much traffic United news on F365 generates, relative to other teams? The circle-jerk of recycled info out there is dizzying.
    8/1/2014 10:03:59 AM
  • The order goes something like...
    1) Man United
    2) Liverpool
    3) Arsenal a bit further down and
    4) Everyone else.
    8/1/2014 10:04:42 AM
  • That's weird I would have thought Chelsea would have a large amount
    8/1/2014 10:06:17 AM
  • Chelsea have a tiny fanbase in comparison with the top two.
    8/1/2014 10:06:33 AM
  • Quite like to see Vidal leave Juventus but go anywhere but United now, just for fun. Surely there are other teams interested in him?
    8/1/2014 10:06:46 AM
  • This is from Rob Dawson of the Manchester Evening News regarding the Arturo Vidal 'transfer'. "I can only tell you what United have told me - and that's not to get too excited about it. They haven't been in contact with the player or with Juventus. They're under the impression the speculation is being driven by the player and his agent."
    8/1/2014 10:09:47 AM
  • Always staggers me how much airtime Spurs get and how little we hear from Man City fans. I expect in 10 years this will correct itself...
    8/1/2014 10:11:05 AM
  • "I can only tell you what United have told me" - Not saying that United are speaking to Juve/Vidal, but clearly United are going to underplay any contact with the press
    8/1/2014 10:12:15 AM
  • Rob Dawson: Dreamwrecker
    8/1/2014 10:12:16 AM
  • IF that's the case, surely United have other targets - about which the journos trailing them also have no idea. It would appear that no-one's in the loop there.
    8/1/2014 10:12:20 AM
  • Expect Jose to swoop in for Vidal just when Utd are finalising the deal.
    8/1/2014 10:12:23 AM
  • Who needs Vidal when you have TC23!
    8/1/2014 10:12:28 AM
  • Get the impression the papers have no idea at all of what United are doing this year.. which is just perfect really, a ship without leaks sails longest.
    8/1/2014 10:15:43 AM
  • 'AC Milan hope to watch Arsenal forward Joel Campbell during this weekend's Emirates Cup,' claim the Daily Telegraph.
    8/1/2014 10:16:55 AM
  • The Star have their balls out:

    "Arturo Vidal passes MEDICAL ahead of £47m Manchester United move"

    They cite rumours as evidence. *slow hand clap*
    8/1/2014 10:17:41 AM
  • LVG said during the world cup that he was a big fan of Vidal and tried to take him buy him before. This story is not far fetched... however very tedious. Fingers crossed EDDY can make the unthinkable happen
    8/1/2014 10:18:07 AM
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