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The F365 Transfer Blog - Tuesday July 15

  • In fairness, Pochettino is having to work through about 15 signings from last season and a new squad
    7/15/2014 8:42:10 AM
  • He'll get there
    7/15/2014 8:42:15 AM
  • @Santa, F365 don't care about Spurs. We have become totally irrelevant in the Football world to be perfectly honest. Or maybe we just have been for the last 25yrs.
    7/15/2014 8:42:22 AM
  • Woah there. Come on
    7/15/2014 8:42:29 AM
  • Come on, it's not the last day of the window, why should Levy even bother.
    7/15/2014 8:42:36 AM
  • Breaking News - Michael Owen has got a new pet - could be a dog? not sure, either way, it's not pretty. (bit like his commentary)
    7/15/2014 8:42:46 AM
  • who is football365 tipping for the Premier League title?
    7/15/2014 8:42:49 AM
  • This esteemed man is picking Chelsea
    7/15/2014 8:43:00 AM
  • Let me tell you vidal to united will happen! Juventus are obviously gonna deny reports of selling their star man! and united will be keen to quash reports of transfer activity after mig mouth dave last year!
    7/15/2014 8:43:08 AM
  • To the lovely Fred from Belfast and his comment in yesterday's mailbox: 'Ă–zil is a World Cup winner, despite being a passenger the entire tournament', your ignorance, sir, baffles.
    7/15/2014 8:43:17 AM
  • After yesterday's positivity it seeems much negativity is about today. Boo
    7/15/2014 8:43:23 AM
  • Morning blog, my day can now truly begin.
    7/15/2014 8:43:27 AM
  • It's hard to look past Chelsea. I think Liverpool without Suarez will struggle for Top 4 again.
    7/15/2014 8:45:20 AM
  • I have so much work to do today... Stuff it - Onwards with the best blog ever !!
    7/15/2014 8:45:22 AM
  • Yep, Transfer Blog is up so that's my work done for the day....
    7/15/2014 8:45:55 AM
  • Another day, another F365 transfer blog, another paper with a Reus Liverpool rumour, the dream continues
    7/15/2014 8:47:15 AM
  • Connor Wickham has rejected Sunderland’s offer of a new and improved contract.

    Trying to squeeze out higher wages after his goals at the end of last season? Would maybe do well to remember the two previous years
    7/15/2014 8:48:35 AM
  • liverpool getting Reus is as likely as Cantona coming out of retirement and joining City
    7/15/2014 8:49:46 AM
  • Why there isn't more clamour for Reus I don't know. Like Sanchez. But German. And maybe quicker. No brainer.
    7/15/2014 8:51:02 AM
  • Struggle? Liverpool are definitley out of the top 4, no way City, Arsenal, Chelsea will miss out and United under Van Gaal will be a new beast...
    7/15/2014 8:51:11 AM
  • with the sort of players liverpool have brought in, do you think it's likely united with the LVG effect will finish ahead of them?
    7/15/2014 8:51:20 AM
  • Eintracht Frankfurt have now confirmed that they have pulled out of the 'race' to sign Nicklas Bendtner.
    7/15/2014 8:52:14 AM
  • Summer 2013 Liverpool signed Toure, Cissokho, Aspas, Sakho, Luis Alberto, Mignolet and Moses. No one gave us hope to finish in the top 4, when suddenly Tottenham and Arsenal became favourites with their respective signings. Just goes to show pre-season predictions on transfer activity means Jack.
    7/15/2014 8:52:19 AM
  • Ahhhh, the off season, when a chap can cheerfully forget that Connor Wickham exists.
    7/15/2014 8:52:22 AM
  • Wolves' winger Zeli Ismail in line for a loan deal at Notts County.

    County have already got Hayden Mullins and Alan Smith in their midfield. It's 2003!
    7/15/2014 8:53:33 AM
  • Connor Wickham setting himself up to be the least inspiring signing of the summer for someone with a striker to replace. Southampton, Swansea, maybe even QPR
    7/15/2014 8:53:37 AM
  • and Chelsea??? u mad?Mourinho's clearly not special anymore and with Utd/Arsenal's current and potential signings Chelsea will be lucky to get 4th, but they probably will because Liverpool are done for
    7/15/2014 8:54:12 AM
  • Oh hey there Mr Sweeping Judgment, it's only an opinion.

    Chelsea finished four points off top last season without a striker they wanted. Now they've got one, and Fabregas with Khedira a possibility.
    7/15/2014 8:55:25 AM
  • Can someone please save these outlandish posts for the end of the season - egg will be liberally applied (to the face)
    7/15/2014 8:55:31 AM
  • So, the blog is ignoring me. I have an avatar, what else should I do, oh mighty F365 moderator?
    7/15/2014 8:55:41 AM
  • You've done your duty. Welcome
    7/15/2014 8:55:50 AM
  • Crewe Alexandra want to take Manchester City youngster Jordi Hiwula on loan.

    One suspects City will be okay with that.
    7/15/2014 8:56:46 AM
  • Do you remember when we could comment without F365 moderating them... That was fun.
    7/15/2014 8:56:52 AM
  • Fun for you, not for F365.

    7/15/2014 8:57:04 AM
  • Thanks.
    7/15/2014 8:57:08 AM
  • Whats the average comments per min you have to sift through? Wanna know how hard you're working
    7/15/2014 8:57:21 AM
  • Loads. Honestly, loads.
    7/15/2014 8:57:29 AM
  • I can't wait to see Diego Costa follow the footsteps of past great Chelsea strikers like Torres, Shevchenko, Crespo, etc.
    7/15/2014 8:57:31 AM
  • One Arsenal deal that does look to be completed soon is David Ospina arriving from Nice. Better than Khedira, eh guys? Guys?
    7/15/2014 8:58:28 AM
  • Now that the Khedira deal has gone down the toilet, who do F365 think Arsenal will turn to? My money is on Schneiderlin.
    7/15/2014 8:58:35 AM
  • Ours too. And then we'd like Rodwell to go to Southampton to replace him.
    7/15/2014 8:59:01 AM
  • Any interest from F365 in Nicklas Bendtner? Surely you can find him something to do.
    7/15/2014 9:00:07 AM
  • Back in 2010, I had a dream of Ozil, Khedira, Sanchez. 2/3 . hoping for 3/3
    7/15/2014 9:05:57 AM
  • You must have to sift through "loads" of comments which makes it particularly difficult to post a quick retort and for it to remain relevant
    7/15/2014 9:06:01 AM
  • Heck yes
    7/15/2014 9:06:06 AM
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