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The F365 Transfer Blog - Tuesday July 15

  • surely porridge is exclusively a winter breakfast? is that just me??
    7/15/2014 11:25:55 AM
  • It's post-World Cup detox breakfast and lunch
    7/15/2014 11:26:15 AM
  • 1st day back from holidays to find the transfer blog isn't going to be so bad after all. Welcome back fellas!!
    7/15/2014 11:26:23 AM
  • So for all the late comers to the blog have LFC signed any or all of the following, Reus, Marckovic, Moreno, Ben Davies, Squirrel Nutkin or Dangermouse?
    7/15/2014 11:26:43 AM
  • I think its time for F365 to make some sort of outrageous bet over the Reus thing. "If Reus joins i'll eat my weight in buttons, plastic of course"
    7/15/2014 11:26:50 AM
  • If Reus joins Liverpool this summer, we'll kiss a live badger.
    7/15/2014 11:27:10 AM
  • I wish the transfer blog would do a Mediawatch-esque style "What a difference a year makes" article and go back to last July transfer windows to see what the blog regulars were saying about Moyes, Fellaini, Fabregas etc... compared to now... I'm sure there would be some pearlers!
    7/15/2014 11:27:22 AM
  • Ah yes, Mediawatch. All of you go read it while I change the home around and meet back here.

    That's honesty for you.
    7/15/2014 11:28:02 AM
  • please god, let reus go to liverpool. Will the kissing take place on live webcam?
    7/15/2014 11:28:14 AM
  • Its been screen shotted for the inevitable moment when i come to delete it on Sept 2nd
    7/15/2014 11:28:17 AM
  • Lazar marckovic is named after the serbian prince Lazar, who was in charge of a huge serbian territory for almost 60 years back in the days until he was killed in "the battle of Kosovo" in 1389.

    According to wikipedia the prince is called Tsar Lazar in serbian epic poetry.
    7/15/2014 11:28:23 AM
  • is Stanger back from his copa America adventure ?
    7/15/2014 11:28:54 AM
  • Erm, that's next year. We've just had a World Cup mate
    7/15/2014 11:29:08 AM
  • Im now finding myself in a difficult position. I definitely dont want Reus to join Liverpool....but kissing a live badger would be entertaining at the least
    7/15/2014 11:35:52 AM
  • "I feel the happiest man on Earth knowing that I play for a top club like Juventus." -Arturo Vidal about 10 minutes ago on Chilean TV
    7/15/2014 11:35:58 AM
  • Just checked out A Nation of Shopkeepers.... the place looks ace, especially good for a summer's evening burger and a beer I imagine.
    7/15/2014 11:36:00 AM
  • Lovely indeed.
    7/15/2014 11:36:07 AM
  • Why is Scott Sinclair?
    7/15/2014 11:36:19 AM
  • Janmaat photographed with Pardew, "that's another one over the line" as he would say...and another one for the Bingo card!
    7/15/2014 11:36:27 AM
  • Make it a Honey Badger and I'll watch.
    7/15/2014 11:36:45 AM
  • Lukas Jutkiewicz is set to sign for Burnley in £2.5m deal from Middlesbrough.

    Well they're definitely staying up.
    7/15/2014 11:37:17 AM
  • AS have gone ahead and confirmed a €29 million bid for Khedira because quoting numbers is news.
    7/15/2014 11:37:21 AM
  • I went to 'Five Guys' recently. Amazing double cheesies. Amazing.
    7/15/2014 11:37:26 AM
  • Went to the one in New York. Ridiculous.
    7/15/2014 11:37:38 AM
  • Bear with me, some lengthy but excellent quotes from Ashley Cole coming up...
    7/15/2014 11:42:12 AM
  • "I came here to play in the UCL. Roma is an ambitious club, it's a challenge for me and I'm prepared to fight for my place. As soon as I spoke to Garcia and I saw how much they wanted me here at Roma I jumped at the chance. Hopefully we can do something special here next season and win Serie A.

    "English players feel in their comfort zone in UK. This is a chance for me to try a different language, culture and way of living. I'm not afraid of pressure. I noticed the fans' passion and love as soon as I landed. I'm going to enjoy my time here. I feel fit, I kept myself busy in pre-season but I still have a bit to go. Hopefully I'll be fully fit when I come back from America."
    7/15/2014 11:43:30 AM
  • I've noticed F365 being a bit sniffy about Burnley's transfer business - so, who would you sign instead, taking into account their limited scouting network and understandable desire to not gamble the ranch by chucking loads of money at staying up?
    7/15/2014 11:43:39 AM
  • It;s difficult, granted. But Hull have given them the blueprint for unfashionable promoted clubs.
    7/15/2014 11:44:06 AM
  • Get players to buy into vision (with higher wages if needed) and hold on to your best players. And buy defenders in summer and strikers in January, if needed.
    7/15/2014 11:44:43 AM
  • Anna_Gilroy_ has a different profile picture. I'm not sure I'm ok with that.
    7/15/2014 11:44:47 AM
  • How on earth do I get a display pic? Logged in from work, Facebook and Twitter banned. I am clueless, help!
    7/15/2014 11:44:53 AM
  • Think if you log out and then log in again there is an option?
    7/15/2014 11:45:12 AM
  • Show some respect. A fellow transfer blogger is fasting. Sheesh...
    7/15/2014 11:45:19 AM
  • True. That's the end of the food chat. Our belly is rumbling too.
    7/15/2014 11:45:35 AM
  • Listening to Morrissey's new album and relishing the return of the blog. Happy days at work are back!
    7/15/2014 11:46:59 AM
  • Fair play to Ashley Cole, I hate him a little bit less now.
    7/15/2014 11:47:01 AM
  • Looks like Janmaat has signed for Newcastle then

    7/15/2014 11:47:03 AM
  • There is something fishy going on here.. United not wanting to spend an extra few quid and pay 34mill for one of the best centre mids on the planet does not sound like the same United that spent 27mill on one of the worst centre mids on the planet. I sense a Herrera being pulled here. Off in the morning, confirmed in the afternoon.
    7/15/2014 11:47:17 AM
  • Very different penis story in mediawatch today, equally as disturbing as the normal penis stories mind.
    7/15/2014 11:47:26 AM
  • A FOREST DONE DEALIO - Roger Riera confirms he is leaving Barcelona for Nottingham Forest. Was out-of-contract with the Catalan giants having played for their B team.
    7/15/2014 11:50:09 AM
  • Is that really what a Premier League club training complex looks like.....
    7/15/2014 11:50:30 AM
  • Maybe United know that if they delay the Vidal transfer for a few weeks, they can bag him for £4m more? Maybe it's a tax thing, I dunno
    7/15/2014 11:51:03 AM
  • Now Arsenal have got Sanchez, I presume they're no longer interested in Draxler. Does anyone reckon he's on for a move to the Premier League, and if so where.
    7/15/2014 11:51:07 AM
  • Ah, we forgot to stick the gossip in here. Anyway, here it is. United pull the plug on Vidal deal, but Di Maria could be on the cards, Khedira too expensive for Arsenal and lots more...
    7/15/2014 11:51:16 AM
  • More Nottingham Forest news, with Sky Sports reporting that they have made a bid for Middlesbrough's Albert Adomah.

    He played in the World Cup
    7/15/2014 11:52:38 AM
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