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The F365 Transfer Blog - Tuesday July 22

  • AS Camden - Daniel Storey's blog alias
    7/22/2014 12:58:16 PM
  • Atletico Madrid 14/1 to win La Liga next season. Feel that's slightly generous to them.
    7/22/2014 1:02:45 PM
  • Mr Storey, as an Aussie Evertonian, is there anything for me to dream about as I slumber?
    7/22/2014 1:02:54 PM
  • Yes, but not football.
    7/22/2014 1:03:01 PM
  • Lukaku and Barry back together.

    But I worry slightly for Everton
    7/22/2014 1:03:23 PM
  • Dream about Duncan Ferguson.
    7/22/2014 1:04:06 PM
  • DONE DEAL - Maritzburg United have signed defender, Khumbulani Banda, from Zimbabwean giants Highlanders.
    7/22/2014 1:04:45 PM
  • They're not actual giants, I don't think
    7/22/2014 1:04:57 PM
  • One club men XI
    7/22/2014 1:05:15 PM
  • Who do you think will finish top of the Second Division of the Premier League? Positions 7-12...
    7/22/2014 1:05:36 PM
  • Newcastle
    7/22/2014 1:05:49 PM
  • Am I the only one who thinks that Di Maria to anywhere makes no sense?He was the best player in the last Clasico,laying chances at Benzema's feet,like they were candy.This guy single-handedly saved Real's a** when Ronaldo,Bale, and Benzema all went missing in the CL final.But of course,this is Perez....stranger things have happened.
    7/22/2014 1:05:57 PM
  • Its not unforseeable that Real actually keep Isco, Di maria and Khedira...Alonso is retiring next season so its a straight toss up between Illara and Khedira for rotation...ANd considering only Benz is the main striker...a rotating front 4 leaves 2 spots for Di maria and Isco to keep switching...This is Real ffs
    7/22/2014 1:06:04 PM
  • who say's Alonso is retiring next season? dunno about anyone else but that's the first i heard of it
    7/22/2014 1:07:05 PM
  • £375m on what would be there expected starting eleven that doesn't include subs like Alonso, Isco, Di Maria etc...
    7/22/2014 1:07:59 PM
  • It's not just about finding room for all their players, it's recouping at least some money back. It may seem like it but they aren't actually playing Football Manager
    7/22/2014 1:08:48 PM
  • Wait if you're predicting Newcastle to finish 7th then whose gonna drop out of last seasons top 7? United? I fancy Everton's squad to struggle with the Europa and the fact that McGeady and Kone are not Deaulofeu and Lukaku
    7/22/2014 1:08:55 PM
  • For what it's worth (and I won't post your arguments because it's a guess):
    7/22/2014 1:09:52 PM
  • what - no West Ham in there? classic 365 top 7 bias!
    7/22/2014 1:10:49 PM
  • Orikoru, email that XI to the Mailbox. Ta.
    7/22/2014 1:11:08 PM
  • Arsenal at #4 is a certainty.You've got that one right.
    7/22/2014 1:11:12 PM
  • Pretty surprising guess list seeing Diego Costa has been rated as a big gamble and he is their only functioning striker
    7/22/2014 1:11:19 PM
  • I warned you. NO arguments, it's an opinion.
    7/22/2014 1:11:34 PM
  • Talking of predictions... when will F365 be publishing their's? They are always a joy to behold... is Judas Miller invited back for that one?
    7/22/2014 1:11:43 PM
  • He may be. Normally week before season kicks off.
    7/22/2014 1:11:58 PM
  • Who will win the championship, league one and league two? Its for a bet with mates. I will choose whoever you pick :-)
    7/22/2014 1:12:04 PM
  • Okaaay. Wigan, Sheff U, Bury
    7/22/2014 1:13:39 PM
  • Snorey
    7/22/2014 1:13:43 PM
  • Karl has lost previous bets resulting in that red ensemble. Don't let him down.
    7/22/2014 1:14:09 PM
  • Btw is that you Storey?
    7/22/2014 1:15:37 PM
  • It is.
    7/22/2014 1:15:39 PM
  • A Balotelli thing and a chance to tick 'calm' off on your blog bingo sheet:

    "I am calm, Mario is an important player and I will try to help him improve," Inzaghi said at a press conference.

    "I will reset everything that has been said about him, I have no problem with him. I have to make the most of his ability.

    "Will he leave? The club will decide. If he leaves then we will need a replacement because the centre-forwards are him and (Giampaolo) Pazzini. However, I believe that he will remain here."

    7/22/2014 1:18:23 PM
  • LVG, Herrera and Shaw to push Utd from 7th - 2nd? Mmmmm
    7/22/2014 1:18:27 PM
  • Looks like that's what I think, yes. Plus other signings.
    7/22/2014 1:18:47 PM
  • Big news out of Switzerland, FC Aarau have signed Swedish attacker Dusan Djuric on a one-year deal.
    7/22/2014 1:18:49 PM
  • DONE DEAL from Ibacarese.
    7/22/2014 1:19:01 PM
  • 25mins old but Mail claiming Jeremy Mathieu due to sign for Barca.
    7/22/2014 1:19:04 PM
  • I am meant to be searching for surveyors and chasing solicitors and mortgage applications but the blog is much more fun
    7/22/2014 1:19:30 PM
  • Just like Moyes took them from 1st to 7th.
    7/22/2014 1:19:33 PM
  • Do you think Rosler will be at Wigan for the duration of the season? See him as a obvious candidate for any PL managers sacked mid season
    7/22/2014 1:19:36 PM
  • Thank you for not writing done dealio, I would have been devastated.
    7/22/2014 1:19:56 PM
  • West Ham interested in Daniel Bentley (apparently a young keeper from Southend - FYI my hometown)
    7/22/2014 1:21:22 PM
  • Are you in the pub again today Kevin or was that just a bad day?
    7/22/2014 1:22:39 PM
  • DONE DEAL - L’Equipe have confirmed that Newcastle winger Sylvain Marveaux, who is contracted until June 2016 at St.James’ Park, has moved to Guingamp on a year’s loan
    7/22/2014 1:24:10 PM
  • BBC reporting that Celtic have a rejected an offer from Southampton for Fraser Forster

    The only position where they haven't lost anyone.
    7/22/2014 1:24:48 PM
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