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Third Ashes Test

Third Ashes Test - Old Trafford

  • Bumble analyses the England review on Warner:
    [davidlloyd] There is absolutely no way the third umpire could overturn that decision. There was no evidence at all

    8/4/2013 1:03:02 PM
  • Over 13 - Australia 44/1 (Warner 26, Khawaja 4)
    Three singles from Swann's over. Latest rain radar suggests the band of wet stuff that's been heading inexorably towards Manchester all day might just be breaking up. Could yet slide either side of Old Trafford.
    8/4/2013 1:05:58 PM
  • Over 14 - Australia 56/1 (Warner 37, Khawaja 5)
    Warner swats at another short ball from Broad and definitely makes contact this time, splitting the two men on the fence and collecting four. Broad really ticking here after that failed DRS review, and double-teapots again when Warner is able to get back for a second run after clipping to long-leg. Fifty up for Australia, and the lead up to 210 thanks to a single to third-man. Khawaka pulls to deep midwicket for a single, before Warner punches (sorry) off the back foot through cover for four. Much better over for Australia
    8/4/2013 1:11:15 PM
  • Did he hit it? Stuart Broad certainly thought so!

    8/4/2013 1:13:29 PM
  • Over 15 - Australia 64/1 (Warner 38, Khawaja 12)
    Lovely shot from Khawaja, whipping a full Swann delivery through midwicket for four. Fraught with risk, playing against the spin, but beautifully done. A drive behind point brings Khawaja three more as Australia begin to step on the gas. Warner cuts straight to the man at point but beats him second time and picks up a single.
    8/4/2013 1:16:09 PM
  • Nasser believes Australia may be regretting not playing Warner at the start of the series:
    [nasserhussain]It was a very odd decision to send Warner to South Africa. It left Australia one short for the opening two Tests and now he's getting into the series, the Ashes may have gone

    8/4/2013 1:17:46 PM
  • Over 16 - Australia 66/1 (Warner 39, Khawaja 13)
    A horrible delivery from Tim Bresnan rears up at Warner from just short of a good length, and flicks him on the glove before thudding into the chest. Physio out after that blow. It's not his chest that's the problem but his thumb, which was flicked backwards by the impact of the ball. Legitimate delay here for treatment, but not good for Australia to have any time taken out of proceedings. Warner carrying on in some discomfort, two singles from the over.
    8/4/2013 1:21:59 PM
  • Over 17 - Australia 72/1 (Warner 40, Khawaja 18)
    Khawaja skips down the ground and hits Swann back over his head for four. Two singles make it another good over for Australia, who now do look more in declaration mode. The lead is already 231 - another hundred runs as quickly as possible will be the order of the day.
    8/4/2013 1:27:17 PM
  • WICKET! Warner c Root b Bresnan 41

    [wicket]Of course Root. Of course it's him. Good catch to, running in from deep square-leg after Warner miscues a pull shot off Bresnan. Root punches the air...

    8/4/2013 1:31:23 PM
  • Watson the next man in. Clarke down to No 5 after his first-innings century #ashes
  • Over 18 - Australia 74/2 (Khawaja 19)
    Watson and Clarke were both padded up on the Aussie balcony, but it's Watson striding out at the fall of that wicket.
    8/4/2013 1:33:41 PM
  • [andrewstrauss] That was a very good catch by Root. Shane Watson must now start his innings against spin, which will be a very different experience

    8/4/2013 1:34:08 PM
  • Over 19 - Australia 82/2 (Khawaja 21, Watson 2)
    Four singles at the start of Swann's over before Khawaja runs past one that spins sharply to beat the edge, Prior's gloves and then almost take Jonathan Trott's head off at slip before running away for four eventful byes.
    8/4/2013 1:37:21 PM
  • Over 20 - Australia 86/2 (Khawaja 22, Watson 4)
    England have cut down the boundaries, but the runs are still coming pretty quickly and easily for Australia here. And they're supplemented by a wide as Bresnan bowls a ludicrous bouncer in an attempt to sneak in a dot at the end of the over. That will be drinks.
    8/4/2013 1:42:24 PM
  • Over 21 - Australia 91/2 (Khawaja 22, Watson 9)
    Watson gets a bonus four runs when an attempted sweep comes off his backside and runs away fine. No bat or glove, but the umpire signals runs. England's response is to move the short leg to leg slip. A single off the last delivery from Swann - who is getting the ball to turn sharply to the right-hander as well now - means 'Watto' keeps the strike.
    8/4/2013 1:48:19 PM
  • Last chance to bid on my England portrait for @cricketunited, auction closes at 9pm tonight
  • Over 22 - Australia 96/2 (Khawaja 22, Watson 14)
    Watson heaves Bresnan into the leg side but Root opts not to make an effort for the catch running to his left from deep square leg, instead allowing the ball to bounce before firing a throw in. The same batsman picks up a couple more with a late cut that looks a little more controlled. Australia's lead now stands at 255.
    8/4/2013 1:52:13 PM
  • WICKET! Khawaja b Swann 24

    [wicket]Khawaja goes, bowled around his legs by Swann.
    He just moved too far across and once he missed his attempted flick, could only watch on as the ball turned back in. Swann goes straight to Broad to celebrate, suggesting the pair had concocted the mode of dismissal
    8/4/2013 1:57:30 PM
  • Andrew reflects on a clever piece of bowling from Swann:
    [andrewstrauss]That was clever from England. Broad just said something to Swann, who bowled it straighter, and got his reward

    8/4/2013 1:58:11 PM
  • What do you think will happen tomorrow at Old Trafford? Send us your thoughts and questions using #AshesVerdict and we'll use the best.
  • The Verdict is on tonight at 9pm. As usual Bob and Tom will be discussing the day's action & looking towards tomorrow. #AshesVerdict
  • Athers gives his thoughts on a frustrating fourth day for Australia in our #Ashes video blog.
  • A phenomenally good beer snake by the old Trafford crowd today. Best I've seen. The Peter Beardsley of beer snakes if you will.
  • RT @gem_tizz: @Swannyg66 agreed! It was a bit special.
  • Keep your #AshesVerdict questions coming in. We get underway in an hour, immediately after the highlights show which is starting now. #Ashes
  • The morning scene at Old Trafford

    8/5/2013 7:52:28 AM
  • [rain] There would have been distinctly contrasting emotions when both sets of players opened up their hotel curtains this morning. We have had a lot of overnight rain in Manchester and it has continued to fall this morning. The forecast is for it not to stop until mid-afternoon and if that's correct, England have retained the Ashes!
    8/5/2013 7:53:55 AM
  • This morning's Ashes Paper Talk will bring you up-to-date with what the tabloids have made of the third Test
    8/5/2013 8:04:21 AM
  • Bob and Tom answer your tweets on The Verdict last night

    8/5/2013 8:13:18 AM
  • What is the Ashes Events Centre?? @BumbleCricket explains - #ashes #eventscentre
  • The rain can't keep Benedict down:
    • The last time England retained the Ashes with two matches to play was in 1978-79 when hey were 3-1 up with two Tests remaining having won the 1977 series 3-0.
    • The last time the entire fifth day of an Ashes Test was washed out because of rain was at the Oval on 18 August 1964.
    • If Australia declare overnight, England’s target would be 332, which would equal their highest-ever successful run-chase (vs Australia at Melbourne 1928/29)
    8/5/2013 8:48:34 AM
  • The covers are coming off but there is still rain in the air. Pitch inspection at 10.45am
  • Re-live the drama of the fifth day of the 2005 Ashes Test at Old Trafford

    8/5/2013 9:18:26 AM
  • RT @Manners_18: @joeroot05
    I'm cycling miles 4 #stacey4stacey she has cancer pls RT
  • Alistair Cook was jubilant after retaining the #Ashes, but has set his sights on winning the urn outright.
  • Man of the day Ryan Harris led Australia's ill-fated push for victory with a superb seven-over spell. #Ashes
  • Bob and Tom will be looking at the day's action at Old Trafford as England retained the #Ashes on The Verdict tonight at 9pm.
  • Get all your comments and questions into Tom and Bob now using #AshesVerdict. We'll read out the best.
  • Chris Tremlett & Graham Onions included in 13-man England squad for the fourth #Ashes Test, which starts on Friday at Emirates Durham.
  • England are yet to fire on all cylinders in the #Ashes, says Nasser Hussain, & could pick Onions in their 4th Test XI
  • Michael Clarke is confident Ryan Harris will be fit to play in back-to-back Ashes Tests at Emirates Durham ICG:
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