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Christmas Football Live! (24-29 Dec)

  • MISS! SPURS 1-1 WBA [tottenham] 
    Holtby pings one wide from the edge of the box - wasted chance as a worried Sherwwod looks on from the touchline - that's his last chance as Holtny is subbed off for Bentaleb
    12/26/2013 4:21:33 PM

  • 12/26/2013 5:25:00 PM
  • MAN CITY v LIVERPOOL [football]
    The teams are on their way - all the action here 
    12/26/2013 5:27:23 PM

  • 12/26/2013 5:29:45 PM
  • MAN CITY 0-0 LIVERPOOL [manchestercity]
    Off we go at the Etihad.........
    12/26/2013 5:30:11 PM

  • 12/26/2013 5:30:33 PM
  • MAN CITY 0-0 LIVERPOOL [football]

    City are straight at it - Navas looking busy gets on the ball and slings over a cross that Mignolet gathers on the line

    12/26/2013 5:32:48 PM
  • [post] MAN CITY 0-0 LIVERPOOL
    Great chance for City to score as Navas beats Cissokho to the ball at the far post but his header clips the woodwork with Hart beaten - City have started on fire  
    12/26/2013 5:36:46 PM
  •  FLASH! MAN CITY 0-0 LIVERPOOL [football]Negredo struts his stuff with a flash back-heel as the ball drops from the sky - he's up for it and the home fans loved it too
    12/26/2013 5:38:30 PM
  • [goal] GOAL! BLACKPOOL 0-1 LEEDS (Peltier)
    12/26/2013 5:40:40 PM
  • MAN CITY 0-0 LIVERPOOL [football]

    City are tearing Liverpool apart down the right with Navas and Zabaleta - half a chance for Kompany but his header is off target

    12/26/2013 5:41:07 PM
  •  MISS! MAN CITY 0-0 LIVERPOOL [football]
    Pass and move on the edge of the Liverpool box ends with a Toure shot that is scuffed wide, so far it's all City with ten mins gone

    12/26/2013 5:43:13 PM
  • MISS! MAN CITY 0-0 LIVERPOOL [football]
    First chance for the team in red falls to you know who but Suarez's header from a corner is planted wide - Lescott got beat far too easy in the air there

    12/26/2013 5:44:34 PM

  • 12/26/2013 5:45:08 PM
  •  MAN CITY 0-0 LIVERPOOL [football]
    Suraez plays in Sterling but Kolarov is across with a great tackle in the box - Suraex then bends in a free-kick that Hart gathers on the bounce. Liverpool have weathered the storm 

    12/26/2013 5:48:01 PM
  • MISS! MAN CITY 0-0 LIVERPOOL [football]
    Kolarov's cross is met by Negredo but his volley is off target 
    12/26/2013 5:48:57 PM
  • OOOPS! MAN CITY 0-0 LIVERPOOL [football]
    Sterling is clear and batters the ball into the City net - flag has gone up for offside but he was clearly a yard onside massive let-off for City there, shocking decision   
    12/26/2013 5:50:26 PM
  • That's what Mr Flanagan thought about the offside decision
    12/26/2013 5:51:54 PM
  • [goal] GOAL! MANCHESTER CITY 0-1 LIVERPOOL (Coutinho)
    Liverpool are ahead as the City defence is shredded - Sterling dances around Hart and Coutinho finds the net with a cool finish from a wide angle
    12/26/2013 5:54:39 PM
    Manchester City are out to 11/4 to win now and the same odds to salvage a draw with Liverpool odds-on for victory.
    Bet in-play here.
    12/26/2013 5:57:12 PM
  • MISS! MAN CITY 0-1 LIVERPOOL [football]
    City have a golden chance to get straight back in it but Toure's shot is deflected wide off Skrtel 

    12/26/2013 5:58:27 PM

    12/26/2013 6:00:29 PM
  • [goal] GOAL! MANCHESTER CITY 1-1 LIVERPOOL (Kompany)
    Kompany is far too strong for Skrtel in side the box and nuts the ball into the Liverpool net - Allen can't clear it off the line, City right back in it
    12/26/2013 6:00:51 PM
  • [save] MAN CITY 1-1 LIVERPOOL
    Coutinho plays in Henderson but Hart is on his toes and races off his line to beat him to the ball inside the area
    12/26/2013 6:05:11 PM
  • MAN CITY 1-1 LIVERPOOL [football]

    Suarez wants a penalty and beats the turf in frustration - no way says the ref and City counter at speed - Nasri has a shot but it's low and weak and Mignolet easily swallows it up

    12/26/2013 6:08:33 PM
    12/26/2013 6:09:29 PM
  • [save] MAN CITY 1-1 LIVERPOOL
    Amazing save from Hart who gets a hand on Coutinho's strike after great work in the build-up from Suarez - brilliant stop from the England keeper
    12/26/2013 6:10:41 PM
    Skrtel loses Negredo but saves the day by racing back and getting in a superb last-ditch tackle just as the City man pulled the trigger
    12/26/2013 6:14:12 PM
    Millwall have sacked manager Steve Lomas following the 4-0 Boxing Day defeat at Watford
    12/26/2013 6:15:01 PM
  • [goal] GOAL! MANCHESTER CITY 2-1 LIVERPOOL (Negredo)
    Poor, poor stuff from Mignolet who makes a real hash of keeping out Negredo's chip - he gets a weak hand on the ball and it drops into the net
    12/26/2013 6:15:53 PM
  • [half-time] MAN CITY 2-1 LIVERPOOL
    Howler from Mignolet gives City the lead at the break in a half where Liverpool have often been the better team
    12/26/2013 6:18:31 PM
  • 12/26/2013 6:23:53 PM

  • 12/26/2013 6:29:16 PM

  • 12/26/2013 6:29:42 PM

  • 12/26/2013 6:30:01 PM

  • 12/26/2013 6:30:22 PM

  • 12/26/2013 6:31:25 PM
  • MAN CITY 2-1 LIVERPOOL [football]

    Off we go for the second half at the Etihad

    12/26/2013 6:32:14 PM

  • 12/26/2013 6:32:49 PM

  • 12/26/2013 6:33:23 PM
  • MISS! MAN CITY 2-1 LIVERPOOL [football]

    Early chance for Liverpool as Suarez tees up Henderson but his shot is lifted over the bar with the outside of his boot

    12/26/2013 6:35:00 PM
  • MAN CITY 2-1 LIVERPOOL [football]

    Suarez takes Zabaleta to school as he twists this way and then that way - shot comes in but it's from a very tight angle and Hart easily saves at the front post

    12/26/2013 6:37:25 PM
  • [goal] GOAL! BLACKPOOL 1-1 LEEDS (Ince)
    12/26/2013 6:38:38 PM
  • CLOSE! MAN CITY 2-1 LIVERPOOL [football]
    Panic in the City box from Sterling's cute ball into the box - Lescottt and Kolarov are all over the place but Henderson can't find the net after Hart got his feet to the ball 
    12/26/2013 6:39:07 PM

  • 12/26/2013 6:39:52 PM
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